Winston & Wesley - Tale of Two Whippets by Darren M. Grine


~ Whippet Poems & Tales ~

Even though they are from the sighthound family, whippets have often been called and mistakened for miniature greyhounds. While their appearance can be deceiving, whippets are quite sturdy and resilient, the sleekness and elegance they exhibit summon a history of regality and royalty. Whippets are devoted companions and radiate an unbelievable intelligence. They are associated with racing, lure coursing, show dog competitions, and best of all, being great companions and becoming a family pet. All this being said, the whippet also emanates a side of theatrics, comic relief, and whimsical behavior. 

Tales have long been told and many stories have been said about the whippet, my take on their side has been chronicled in my poetry. I've been a whippet owner for many years, I've witnessed the winsome and whimsical behavior firsthand and became forever addicted. I was so enthralled by their loopy and zany antics, I decided to chronicle their moments by becoming a whippet writer, hence, I became the Whip-poet. Some of the poems here are just a few from my site, The Whip-poet. My name is Darren M. Grine and I would like to present some of my whippet poetry to you.  



Elegant amongst canine

Green fields of open spaces

 Chasing the distant goal

Copyright ©2005 Darren M Grine

~ My Whippets ~

Here are my two whippets of my poetic inspiration.

This is Wesley, he's owned me since 1998. 
Sadly, Wesley crossed over to The Whippet Bridge.
April 1998 - June 2012
He will never be forgotten.

This is Winston, he owned me for many memorable years.
January 1982 - February 1998
He will never be forgotten.


Traits of child-like play

Darting at will for the thrill

Whimsical becomes the whippet

Copyright ©2005 Darren M Grine

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