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Freedom Star vs Skana

The Credence, a 3500-ton twin hull research vessel was returning to Trinity Bay.  The team of scientists on board and the crew were brimming with excitement.  They knew they had found something really special.  The ship’s captain called ahead for high security to assure that the off-load would go smoothly. 

In the cargo hold, a huge saltwater tank contained a piece of carved crystalline rock with intricate designs of unknown origin. A lost culture perhaps, or a forgotten race.   At times, it flashed with an incandescent light from it’s core, making the scientists both mystified and giddy.   

Giddy.  That is until the Credence vibrated with a loud BOOM! from the starboard side!   A security crew-person drew her .45 and opened a hatch to peer out onto the deck.  She watched in awe as a massive black and white lizard-man-thing slammed one of her crew mates into the bulkhead with frightening ease!   “Full Alert!!” she yelled, squeezing off several shots at the beast.

[Shooting 8 (full attack) vs 15 scaly toughness]  The bullets deflected harmlessly off the creature’s hide as it steadily closed in. 
[Water blast 23 vs 6] The creature motioned with it’s clawed right hand and an enormous jet of water smashed her into unconsciousness, blasted the hatch open and knocked down 3 people inside!

A nearby Coast Guard helicopter noticed the disturbance on deck and reported that the Credence was under attack, full alert.   Agent Raines of the secret government agency known as Sector 9, lifted his handheld radio to his ear and signaled for the Talon response team to take-off!  (The Talon Response Team is a unit of special commandos that often work directly with superheroes in dealing with high-level threats.).   Raines muttered, “That should buy us some time, but we need some super powered backup.”  Just as he finished that thought, Freedom Star sprinted across the landing pad and leapt into the lifting aircraft!  

Back on the Credence, the lizard beast smashed its way through the interior of the ship and any crew that resisted.  “Show me the relic you pulled from the sea!” it roared!

By the time the Talon response team arrived, they could see the creature busting the saltwater tank and flooding the cargo hold.  One of the commandos pulled down his binoculars and turned to Freedom Star, “It’s Skana.  No question.”  

“Talons, we’re going in!” shouted Freedom Star as he pulled the door open.  The team quickly rappelled to the deck and advanced to the cargo hold.  Freedom Star split them into a crossfire positions as Skana hoisted the massive stone from the broken tank.  That thing must weigh 15-20 tons! thought Freedom Star and he gave the command, “Fire!”

[Commandos 4d+3d competency dice, 26 vs 30 Fortitude] A hailstorm of bullets enveloped Skana and the relic!  He ignored the assault and put the heavy stone back down.   uh-oh…

[Initiative: Skana 21 (+9 wild die), Talon Commandos 12, Freedom Star 7]

[Skana: Super STR 16 vs 12 Commandos] The great lizard threw chunks of the busted water tank at the Talons, taking-out one of them and forcing others to dive for cover. 

[Commandos: 3d+1d competency 16 vs 12 Armor]  “Concentrate fire!” yelled Freedom Star as he moved into position.  Bullets pelted Skana’s head from above as he reached the bottom of a ladder.  [Damage 1 Fortitude]

[Freedom Star: Energy blast 15 vs 13 Water Control]  “Priorities Skana!  Your big problem is right here!” shouted Freedom Star, his hands crackling with celestial energy.  “Just an irritant, Freedom Star” Skana growled as he faced him in the flooded cargo hold.  Freedom Star’s energy bolt cut through an aqua-kinetic wall pulled up by Skana, knocking him backwards into the bulkhead. [-1 Will]

[Initiative: Freedom Star 19, Skana 16, Commandos 11]

[Freedom Star: Presence +1 competency die (his last!) 14 vs 10 Presence]  Your dinosaur brain didn’t think this through!   Skana roared with rage as he launched off the wall (-1 Composure)

[Skana: Super-Strength 29 vs 14 Energy shield]  Skana charged, tackling Freedom Star and slamming him into steel support beam with enough force to buckle it!  [OUCH!  -1 Will, -1 Comp, -1 Fort]

[Commandos 12 vs 12 Armor] Automatic fire popped and ricocheted off the lizard-man’s broad back, drawing his attention! [-1 Fort]

[new round: Freedom Star: Fighting 15 vs 20 Super-Strength]  Freedom Star pulled himself up and charged with a flying sidekick, but Skana easily swatted him away. 

“Enough of you!” he roars!  [Skana: Claws 21 vs 20 Energy Shield]  Skana slashed and tore at Freedom Star as he tried to hold him off with a star shield!  [-1 Wil]

[Commandos: 18 (+5 wild) vs 13 Water Control]  The highly-trained Talon marksmen came to Freedom Star’s aid with another hale storm of concentrated fire! [-1 Fort]

[new round: Freedom Star: (full-attack, split-action) Energy Control 12 vs 12 Armor & Energy Control 13 vs 25 Super-Strength]  In a desperate all-out flurry, Freedom Star threw a volley of energy bolts!  At first, Skana was driven back, but then he picked up a large piece of the busted water tank and used it as shield. [-1 Fort]

[Skana: Water Control 6 (awful roll!) vs 15 Commandos]  Skana tried to create a wave of  water to sweep some commandos overboard, but the veterans cling to the ship’s railing.

[Commandos: 14 (+1 wild) vs 6 Armor (another awful roll!)]  More effective fire from above!  Holy smokes!  Skana twitched in pain and roared at the sky in frustration!

[new round: Freedom Star: Fighting 11 vs 20 Armor] Skana was unfazed by a dropkick to the chest!  oh crud….

[Skana: Super Strength 34 (+7 wild) vs Energy Shield 21]  Skana grabbed Freedom Star by the legs and smashed him like a rag doll against the steel bulkhead!!  [-1 Comp, Reac, Fort]

[Commandos: 14 vs 25 (+2 wild) Water Control] The rocking of the ship enabled Skana to use a surge of water to push glass and metal debris in front of him as cover. 

[new round: Initiative 9 Skana, 7 Freedom Star, 7 Commandos ] 
[Skana: Super-Strength 22 vs 13 Commandos]  Skana jumped up to the main deck and brought a crane arm crashing down on the Talon Commandos! [damage -2d, only one commando remains]  

[Freedom Star: Energy Blast 18 vs 12 Armor]  Freedom Star staggered to his feet in ankle-deep water and threw a celestial bolt. It curved past the railing and hit Skana in the chest knocking him backward on his tail!  The big lizard got up wearily… [-1Wil]

[Commando 5 vs Water Control  17]  The last commando leveled his assault rifle at Skana, but before he could get the shot off a wave crashed onto the deck, knocking him down again!

[new round, Skana: Super Strength 26 (+1 wild) vs 24 (+8 wild)] Grabbing the loose crane arm, Skana raised it overhead, slamming it down into the cargo hold!  Freedom Star’s shield energy absorbed the worst, but he was knocked to the floor beneath the twisted metal. [-1 Comp]

[Freedom Star: Presence 15 vs 15 Presence]  Freedom Star crawled back to his feet again and looked up at the beast, “Your precious treasure is still down here with me!  You clearly don’t want it bad enough!”  [-1 Composure, reduced to zero!]   “It will be mine in time!”, Skana bellows in rage.  Then he turned and leapt into the ocean.

Wow.  Just WOW!  That was a great scene.   All competency dice were spent.  The Talon Commandos were an effective unit and clearly Freedom Star would not have prevailed without them.  At the end, Freedom Star’s Resistances were Fort 1, Reac 2, Will 2, Comp 1.