Wendy and Jerry's Vegas Wedding

August 2, 2008




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Jerry and I met on Myspace!! HA, I love telling people that. We've been dating for 2 years, and he proposed to me on New Years. We have quite the funny story about our engagement. On Saturday December 30th, I went to grab my keys out of his jacket pocket. Well I went into his inside pocket, because I thought I saw him put the keys there. Well, when I put my hand inside, there was a fuzzy box. Later on that evening he went to bed, and my sneaky little self decided that I must see what was in the box. It was the ring!! Well I got VERY excited, put the ring back, and ran into the living room, in case he might have heard me. On my way, I stubbed my toe on a chair, looked down, and realized I had broke my toe. I hobbled my way into the bedroom and whispered, "Jerry I broke my toe". I scared the crap out of him, he came out and looked down, and said sure enough you broke your toe. Well of course I felt guilty, so I told me I would just go to the doctor the next day so we didn't have to bother with it that night. One of my best friends came and got me, and I told her what I was doing. She laughed and said YOU FINALLY KNOW. I've known for weeks, and I haven't been able to talk to you because I didn't think I could keep the secret. Needless to say, we spent New Years at home. When I got back from the doctor he came home with roses, champagne and fireworks. Well the clock struck 12, we went outside to light the fireworks off. It took me a little bit since I had crutches, when I got settled I looked up, and Jerry was down on one knee. I cried, and he kept telling me to look at the ring, I was like I can't see! There are too many tears in my eyes....and then I said...Well I have to tell you something. I have to tell you what I was doing when I broke my toe. I told him, he was bummed that I saw the ring already, and tells me "Karma's a bitch" Yes it is. Thats my long story.