Competitors Guidelines

WHFTA World HFT Championships 2018
Competitors Guidance Notes

Please note that why some of the timings below may seem harsh we are trying to ensure the event runs smoothly & doesn’t over run.


Access to the site

        Access to the site will be available from 7am each morning.

        You will require a valid ticket to enter the site each day.


Gun Safety

        All rifles must be cased when transported to the zero range & the courses, once on the course your rifles may be uncased.

     There is no secure location to store your cases so you are advised to take them round the course with you.


Booking in

        1st session shooters & Marshals - 07:30 to 08:30 each day

        2nd session shooters - 09:30 to 11:00 each day

        Booking in outside of these times will not be allowed.


Zeroing Range

        A 140ft wide covered zero range will be available to competitors only

        The zero range will only be open on the Sunday & Monday of competition.

        Due to the limited space the following zeroing times will apply.

●   1st session shooters will have priority between 07.00 and 08.30

        Zeroing will be open from 07:00- 14.15.

        At all other times the zero range will be closed.


Course Exclusions

        Access to the courses are strictly limited to course setters & organisers only on the Friday & Saturday before the competition.

        Competitors are only allowed on the course whilst shooting their allotted slot, competitor spectating is not allowed.

        Any competitor found on the course when not shooting will be disqualified from the competition, the only exceptions are WHFTA officials & marshals currently on duty.


1st Session shooters

        The safety Briefing for the 1st session will take place by the zero range at 08:45 prompt.

        All 1st session shooters must attend this briefing or they cannot shoot.

        The first session will start at 9am.


2nd Session shooters

        2nd session shooters must attend the second session safety briefing or they will not be allowed to shoot, the safety briefing will not wait for shooters.

        At the end of the 1st session the claxon will be sounded three times.

        30 mins after the finish of the 1st session, 2nd session shooters should make their way to the zero range in preparation for the 2nd session briefing.



        Any target disputes will be covered by the head marshal on that course.

        There will also be a number of roving marshals per course.

        Each session will be covered by a Chief Marshal who will have final say in any disputes.

        Any problems not covered by the Chief Marshal or the rules will be decided by a  panel of judges, these will be, Pete Sparkes, Jane Sparkes & Gary Chillingworth, if any of these have a vested interest in the decision then a replacement judge will be chosen.



Prize Raffle

        The raffle draw will take place on Sunday afternoon approx 30 mins after the 2nd session finishes.

        You must attend the raffle to win.



Target Checking Procedure

        Any targets called by a competitor will be checked using the UKAHFT target checker.

        When checked, if the target falls it is deemed to be working.

        If the target fails to fall when it is checked, the competitor & only that competitor will be awarded the target, the target will then either be repaired or immediately replaced.



Score cards

        All score cards should be handed in as you leave the course.

        Unfortunately shooters not handing their cards in at the close of shooting on the Monday may miss any shoot offs.


Shoot offs

        All 1st – 3rd placings will be decided by shoot off, 4th-12th in the open class will be decided by countbacks of Mondays Scores.

        The shoot offs will take place approximately 30mins after the close of the second session Monday.


Trophy Presentation

        The Trophy presentation for the World Champion & all the class winners will take place immediately after the end of the shoot offs.

        Nathan White from Countryman Fairs will be presenting the trophies.

        Trophy presentations will take place near the booking in area.