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2017 Entry List


The event is now fully Booked, anyone wishing to be added to the reserve list should contact Pete Sparkes

Aaron Friend England Open Steyr
Abigail Maw England Junior Air Arms
Adam Horricks England Open Weihrauch
Adam Longhurst England Open Air Arms
Alan Measures England Veteran Impact
Alex Bird Scotland Open Air Arms
Alex Cruickshank Scotland Open Steyr
Alex Larkin England Open Steyr
Alex Vogt Belgium Open Air Arms
Alexander Platt England Open BSA
Andrew Burgess Wales Open TBC
Andrew Watkins England Recoil Weihrauch
Andy Clarke England Open Air Arms
Andy Dickson England Open Air Arms
Andy Hope England Open Weihrauch
Andy Ireland England Open Daystate
Andy Jones Wales Open Steyr
Andy Sexton England Recoil Air Arms
Andy Simpson England Open ISP
Angus Williams Wales Open Air Arms
Ash Bailey England Open Air Arms
Bailey Danvers England Recoil Weihrauch
Barbara Pearce England Ladies Air Arms
Becky Rawlings England Ladies Theoben
Ben Sawrey England Open Daystate
Bert Tate England Veteran Air Arms
Bevan Quinn Scotland Open RAW (TM1000)
Bill Birch England Open Air Arms
Bill Jones England Open Air Arms
Bill Kerr Scotland Veteran Air Arms
Bob Clay England Recoil TBC
Brian Attfield England Open Air Arms
Brian Franklin England Veteran Steyr
Brian Shepherd England Open RAW (TM1000)
Brigitte Vant England Ladies Weihrauch
Casey Handby England Recoil Air Arms
Charles Peal England Open Air Arms
Charlie Harman England Open Daystate
Charlotte Edmondson England Ladies TBC
Chloe Watson England Ladies Air Arms
Chris Allum England Open Steyr
Chris Cheyne England Open Daystate
Chris Cundey England Open Steyr
Chris Guy England Open Steyr
Chris Pantling England Open Steyr
Chris Tyhurst England Recoil Air Arms
Christopher Hall England Open Weihrauch
Clive Evans England Open Air Arms
Clive Madley England Open Weihrauch
Colin Medway England Open Steyr
Colin Wilson England Open Steyr
Connor McSherry Scotland Junior TBC
Craig Innes Scotland Open Steyr
Dale Allcroft Netherlands Open BSA
Damian Orzof Poland Open Steyr
Dan Hawes England Recoil Air Arms
Dan Horricks Wales .22" Air Arms
Dan McMahon Wales Open Air Arms
Dan O'Donnell Scotland Junior Steyr
Daniel attfield England Open Air Arms
Daniel Ferraro England Recoil Air Arms
Daniel Measures England Open Daystate
Daniel Smith England Open Daystate
Danny Roff England Open Air Arms
Danuta Markisz Poland Ladies Steyr
Darren Crofts England Open Steyr
Darren Taylor England Open Steyr
Daryl Bell England Recoil Weihrauch
Dave Benyon England Open Air Arms
Dave Brayford England Open SCR
Dave George England Veteran Air Arms
Dave Hunter England Open Walther
Dave Ramshead England Open Steyr
Dave Taylor England Open Steyr
Dave Welham England Veteran Air Arms
Dave Wheeler England Open Daystate
David Freeman England Open Daystate
David Henderson Scotland Veteran Steyr
David Nicholls Australia Veteran TBC
David Rock England Open BSA
David Smith England Open Steyr
Davy Thomas England Recoil Air Arms
Des Morris England .22" TBC
Dylan Farr Wales Junior TBC
Elliott Compton Wales Open Steyr
Elliott Reed England Open Walther
Ellis Thomassen Netherlands Ladies BSA
Eric Von Der Warth Belgium Open Air Arms
Ethan Pantling England Junior Air Arms
Ewan Hobbs England Open Air Arms
Ewan Pantling England Junior Air Arms
Filip Wynants Belgium Open Steyr
Finn Cochrane England Veteran Impact
Fiona Flemming Scotland Ladies Walther
Frank Meynckens Belgium Open Air Arms
Frederik Lemmens Belgium Open Daystate
Gabriel Hobbs England Junior Air Arms
Gary Chillingworth England Open Steyr
Gary King England Open Daystate
Gary Morrison England Open Air Arms
Gavyn Jones Wales Open Air Arms
Geoff Jones England Veteran Ripley
Geoff Ryder England Veteran Walther
Geoffrey Watkinson England Open TBC
George Danvers England Junior Walther
George Titley England Veteran Daystate
Gert Spoelstra South Africa Open Steyr
Glen Breadmore Scotland Open Daystate
Glen Pickard England Open Walther
Gordon Burns Scotland Open Steyr
Gordon Smith England Open Air Arms
Graeme Cargan England Open Air Arms
Graham Cole England Veteran Steyr
Graham Cooper England Open Weihrauch
Graham Livingstone Scotland Veteran TBC
Graham Webster Scotland Open Steyr
Grant Thomson Scotland Open TBC
Greg Hensman England Open TBC
Greg Morss Scotland Open Walther
Grego Hensman England Open Walther
Harry Compton Wales Open SCR
Harry Kalaydjian England Recoil Weihrauch
Helen Kelly England Ladies Air Arms
Hendrik Jan Mok Netherlands Recoil Walther
Henk Rijneveld Netherlands Open TBC
Howard Kalisch England Open Air Arms
Iain Spicer England Open BSA
Ian Clark England Open Steyr
Ian Howarh England Open Air Arms
Ian Hunter England Veteran TBC
Ian Millward England Open TBC
Ian Roberts Wales Open Air Arms
Ian Stoddart England Open Air Arms
Ian Unsworth England Open Air Arms
Ian Whiteside England Recoil Walther
Ingrid Van Gemert Netherlands Ladies BSA
Ivan Woodcock England Junior Air Arms
Jack Hoggan Scotland Open Walther
Jacob Pantling England Junior Steyr
James Farmer Scotland Open TBC
James Graham Scotland Open Walther
James Hesson Scotland Open Walther
James McLachlan England Open Steyr
Jamie Bennett England Open Air Arms
Jan Rijneveld Netherlands Open TBC
Jason Bressington Wales Open Walther
Jason Danvers England Recoil Weihrauch
Jason Ellis England Open Air Arms
Jean Greatrex England Veteran Air Arms
Jennie Stone England Open Anschutz
Jennifer Allan Scotland Ladies Steyr
Jess Ellis England Junior Air Arms
Jill Cochrane England Ladies Air Arms
Jim Harney England Open Steyr
Jo Sanders Netherlands Recoil Weihrauch
Joanne Cogger England Ladies Weihrauch
Joff Haigh England Open Daystate
John Cooper England Open Weihrauch
John Ferrier England Open BSA
John Flemming Scotland Open Air Arms
John Kelly Scotland Open Air Arms
John Morgan England Open Daystate
John Mortlock Wales Open TBC
John Oldroyd NO SAE England Open ISP
John Sawrey England Open Air Arms
John Spadafora England Open Air Arms
John Wuz-Lacy England .22" Weihrauch
Jon Kelly England Open Air Arms
Jonathan Bartrum England Recoil Weihrauch
Joost Broere Netherlands Open Air Arms
Joshua Hillman England Open BSA
Justin Grice England Open Steyr
Justin Parrott England Open Air Arms
Justin Raynor England Open ISP
Justin Rhone England Recoil Air Arms
Karina Pajek NO SAE England Junior Daystate
Karl Guest England Open Steyr
Karl Pott England Recoil Weihrauch
Karyn Macfarlane England Ladies Steyr
Kathy Thompson England Ladies Weihrauch
Katy Ellis England Ladies Air Arms
Keith Warburton England Open Air Arms
Ken Pothecary Wales Open Walther
Kenneth Swift England Open Steyr
Kenny Bird Scotland Open Steyr
Kev Gaunt Wales Open FWB
Kevin Brookes England Open Steyr
Kevin Catt England Open Weihrauch
Kevin Clarke Wales Open Air Arms
Kevin Hills England Open TBC
Kevin Maw England Open Air Arms
Kevin Scott England Open Steyr
Kevin Turner England .22" Daystate
Kevin Wickson England Open Air Arms
Kieran Turner  England Open Air Arms
Krzysztof Kowalczyk Poland Open FWB
Lara Jones England Junior BSA
Laura Dickson England Junior Steyr
Lee Colvin England Open Air Arms
Lee McNab Scotland Open Daystate
Lee O'Keefe England Open Air Arms
Leon Kill England Open Weihrauch
Leon Peute Netherlands Open Air Arms
Leonard Smith England Open Air Arms
Lewis Hodges England Open Air Arms
Lisa Bowell England Ladies Daystate
Liz Osman England Ladies Air Arms
Lorraine Madley England Ladies Daystate
Luke Wells England Recoil Weihrauch
Maciej Pajek NO SAE England Open Walther
Marcin Markisz Poland Open Steyr
Marco Hebing Netherlands Recoil Weihrauch
Mariusz Morzuch NO SAE England Open Anschutz
Mark Bassett Wales Open Steyr
Mark Camoccio England Open Air Arms
Mark Carter England Open Daystate
Mark Crossland England Open Air Arms
Mark Kirby Wales Open BSA
Mark McCathy England Open Air Arms
Mark Ramsey England Open Daystate
Mark Smith England Open Steyr
Mark Thompson England Open BSA
Mark Wilson England Open Air Arms
Martin Donnelly Scotland Open Weihrauch
Matt Furlong England Open Walther
Matt Goodson England Open Daystate
Matt Rawlings England Recoil Air Arms
Matthew Brookes England Open Daystate
Matthew Maneu Wales Open RAW (TM1000)
Matthew Mousley England .22" Air Arms
Matthew Smith England Open Steyr
Michael Barkus England Open Daystate
Michael Carney England Open Daystate
Michael Dakin England Open Weihrauch
Michael Elliott England Open Steyr
Michael Isaac England Veteran Air Arms
Michelle Parsons England Ladies BSA
Michiel Bodewes Netherlands Recoil Weihrauch
Mick Boswell England Open Steyr
Mick Fern England Open TBC
Mick McTighe England Open Steyr
Mik Monaghan England Open Weihrauch
Mike Burgess England Veteran Air Arms
Mike Everson England Veteran Air Arms
Mike Turner England Veteran Air Arms
Mirjam Stark Netherlands Ladies Air Arms
Neil Parrott England Open Weihrauch
Neil Tatton England Veteran Air Arms
Neil Wakelin England Recoil Weihrauch
Nev Baguley England Veteran Air Arms
Nic Hoskins England Open Daystate
Nick Aldridge England Open BSA
Nick Hopkinson Scotland Open Steyr
Nick Parker England Open Air Arms
Nick Stanhope England Recoil Air Arms
Nick Yates England Veteran BSA
Nigel Buchan England Open ISP
Nigel Grigsby England Open Brocock
Nigel Jones Wales Recoil Air Arms
Nigel Smith England Open Steyr
Paul Brittain England Open TBC
Paul Hargreaves England Open Air Arms
Paul Kelly England Open Air Arms
Paul Somerville England Open Air Arms
Paul Wetton England Open Air Arms
Penny Holland England Ladies Air Arms
Perry Broad England Recoil Air Arms
Pete Dutton England Open Walther
Pete Muir England .22" Weihrauch
Pete Sparkes Wales Open TBC
Pete Thorneycroft England Open Walther
Peter Knight England Open Steyr
Peter Pacer England Veteran Daystate
Peter Richmond England Open TBC
Peter Van Gemert Netherlands Open Daystate
Peter Van Walraven Belgium Open Steyr
Peter Vidler England Open Steyr
Philip Godwin Scotland Open RAW (TM1000)
Rafel Zych Poland Recoil Weihrauch
Rebecca Barnett England Ladies Brocock
Rex Bennett England Recoil TBC
Rhian Jones Wales Ladies Air Arms
Rhyley Minney England Junior Air Arms
Richard Bailey England Open Air Arms
Richard Bainton Wales Veteran Walther
Richard Rushton England Open Steyr
Richard Woods England Open Anschutz
Rik Bowell England Open Daystate
Rob Bates England Open Air Arms
Robert Hermens Netherlands Open Air Arms
Robert Mansell England Open Air Arms
Roger Arnold England Veteran Air Arms
Roger Bentley England Open Walther
Roger Crockford England Open Weihrauch
Roger Dibbins England Open Daystate
Ron Whitney England Veteran Daystate
Ross O'Brien England Open Steyr
Roy Pearce England Recoil Weihrauch
Ruud Wolf Netherlands Open BSA
Sam Oakley England Open Weihrauch
Sander Merlijn Netherlands Recoil Weihrauch
Sarah Pantling England Ladies Air Arms
Scott Coe England Recoil Air Arms
Scott Marshall England Open Air Arms
Sean Preston England Open Daystate
Shaun Shore England Open Air Arms
Shirley Brayford England Ladies SCR
Simon Eley England Open RAW (TM1000)
Simon Gibson England Open Air Arms
Simon Harrison England .22" BSA
Simon Howarth England .22" BSA
Simon Jones England Recoil Air Arms
Simon Minney England Open Ripley
Simon Toolan England Open Air Arms
Simon Vant England Open Impact
Sophie Steele Quick England Junior BSA
Spencer Bailey England Open Air Arms
Stephanie McCall Scotland Ladies BSA
Stephanine Kirkwood England Open Steyr
Stephen Elkington England Open TBC
Stephen Handby England Open Air Arms
Stephen Isham England Open Air Arms
Stephen Kill England Recoil Air Arms
Stephen Pearson England Open ISP
Steve Edmondson England Open TBC
Steve Martin England Recoil Weihrauch
Steve Thompson England Open Air Arms
Steve Whiting England Recoil Weihrauch
Steve Willingham England Open BSA
Steve Youngs England .22" Daystate
Steven Cartledge England Veteran Air Arms
Steven Haworth England Open Steyr
Steven Kerr Scotland Open Daystate
Steven Lloyd England Open Walther
Steven Macfarlane England Open Air Arms
Steven Wild England Open RAW (TM1000)
Stuart Farr Wales Open TBC
Stuart Gordon Scotland Open Daystate
Stuart Hancock England Open Air Arms
Stuart James Wales Open Air Arms
Stuart Webb Scotland Open Steyr
Thea Batey England Ladies Air Arms
Theresa Reed England Ladies Anschutz
Thierry Welle Belgium Open Steyr
Thom van Dokkum Netherlands Open Walther
Tim Offen England Open Air Arms
Timothy Quick England Open Air Arms
Tom Croft England .22" Weihrauch
Tom Willingham England Junior BSA
Tommy Bennett England Open Air Arms
Tony Archer England Open Daystate
Tony Male England Open Steyr
Trevor Sorrell England Recoil Walther
Vince Guy England Open Steyr
Vince Holland England Open Air Arms
Wayne Marriott England Open TBC
Wayne Pearce England Open TBC
Willaim Hoggan Scotland Open Walther
Wouter Rijneveld Netherlands Open TBC
Zak Cooper England Open Air Arms