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Research Report - 4 Aug 2000

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4 August 2000


            Efforts during this research session were directed toward locating the baptism for William Whitton (4:2) (Whitten, Whetton, Witton, or Wetton) who married Rebeccah Gowen (4:3) on 27 September 1738 at Newark upon Trent, Nottingham, England.  The time period, 1690-1720, was searched in parishes lying within a ten-mile radius of Southwell and Newark upon Trent.  This report is brief, due to the nature of the project, although considerable time was spent.

            This effort was very time consuming and extensive, yet very important, since no other ancestral candidate was located and in fact in the twenty-two parishes searched absolutely no additional Whitton/Whetton entries were located.  Thus, there were no family group sheets to compile.  Many of the church records searched were of very poor quality or had substantial gaps and will require our agent in Nottinghamshire to search the actual parish registers, which for the most part are not available at the Family History Library.

At this point it is recommended that our agent search these parish registers to more thoroughly confirm the entry for William Whitton/Whetton (4:2), baptized 30 October 1686 at Newark, is ancestral, as well as to see if there are any more Whitton/Whetton entries that can be extracted.

            Our agent also searched for the baptism of William Whitton/Whitton’s (4:2) wife, Rebeccah Gowen (4:3), but this time successfully:


Rebeckah  dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Gowen

Bapt. 2 Sep 1706 Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire


The parentage that was previously proposed for Rebeccah Gowen has not been confirmed.

            Further efforts are recommended to confirm that William Whitton, baptized in 1686, is ancestral.  This can be done by a continued search of church records within a ten-mile radius of Southwell and Newark.

            This is rather a tedious effort to prove as much as possible the correct ancestral candidate, but the thoroughness of such a search will provide substantial support for the proposed ancestral entry above.

            During this research session thirty-two parishes were searched for Whitton, Whetton, Witton, Witten, etc. entries and we feel that much continued strength has been added to the acceptance of William Whitton, 1686, as ancestral.

We were able to compile a few new collateral families from the correspondence from the parishes searched.  All possible names not previously done will be submitted for temple work.

            It has been a pleasure to assist you with your genealogical endeavors.



Robyn Gygi

Trevor Burborough