• John A. Whetten: Pioneer, Patriarch
  • The Whetten Book of Ours
  • The John Thomas Whetten Family
  • John Henry Carling & Mary Elizabeth Lovell
  • David Leonard Savage
  • William Atkin Handcart Experience
Descriptions and contents of these books are listed below

John A. Whetten: Pioneer, Patriarch
This book contains a great narrative autobiography by John A. Whetten, and also supplementary biographical material.  In addition to the biographical information about John, it includes great biographies of each of his three spouses.  Unfotunately, most of the material used in the spouse's biographies are word-for-word duplications of the information from the John A. Whetten section, but there is enough unique material to make it a worthwhile read nonetheless.  The book contains interesting pictures that add much to the story, but could not be included here.  BYU Library has a PDF of this book available online as part of its Family History Collection. 
Table of Contents
John A. Whetten
     1. Childhood
     3. Young Married Life
     4. The Exodus
     6. Exiles
     7. Logging
     9. Logging Continued
     10. The Mormon Colonies
     11. Mountain Colonies
     13. Transition
     14. Colonia Juarez
     16. Cattle Drives
     18. Mesa, Arizona
     19. Drusilla
Ida Elizabeth Jesperson
     1. Beginnings
     2. Mexico
     3. Exiles
     4. Return
     5. Garcia
     6. Chuichupa
     7. Colonia Juarez
     8. Transitions
Martha Elizabeth Carling
     1. Her Life Story
     2. Letters & Tribute
     4. My Dream
Drusilla Hale Sorensen
     2. Drusilla Hale

 The Whetten Book of Ours
A compilation of life sketches of the John A. Whetten children, mostly autobiographical, published in 1992 by the John A. Whetten Committee.  The sketches are arranged in order of their birth, the children of Ida and Martha being mixed.  Children who died young are not included, but are sometimes mentioned in the other sketches.  Many events are told multiple times from different points of view, which provides a unique perspective.
Table of Contents
The John Thomas Whetten Family
This book contains biographical sketches of John Thomas Whetten, each of his four wives, and each child who lived to adulthood.  The narratives are accompanied by many, many photographs, which could not all be transferred to this site, but which are available in the PDF version of the text, available on this site.  The book also contains a family group sheet for each biography - a valuable resource at the least.  The book combines the efforts of Rea B.Schmidt and Carl & Viva Whetten.  It was printed in 1996.   
Table of Contents 
John Henry Carling
Mary Elizabeth Lovell
Their Family and Ancestors
This biographical work contains biographies of each of the ancestors in the first four generations from Martha Elizabeth Carling, and also information on Martha's siblings.  The biographies are arranged by couple, so the stories of a married couple, or a man and all his spouses, are all included together as one.  The histories are rich and narrative, and provide great depth to the ancestry.   
Table of Contents 
Great Grandparents of Martha Elizabeth Carling
Grandparents of Martha Elizabeth Carling
Parents of Martha Elizabeth Carling
Martha and her siblings  
     13. Sylvia Ann Carling
     17. Alice Carling
Additional Family Histories
     19. Hugo Freer

David Leonard Savage
This is a small booklet, spiral bound, compiled by Viva C. Whetten.  It is more of a compilation of various documents which relate to the David Leonard Savage family than it is a cohesive narrative comibining all available data.  These individual documents are interspersed with editor's notes, and other supporting data.  Source notes accompany the first several sections.
Table of Contents 

William Atkin Handcart Experience
This small spiral bound book details William Atkin's journey to the Salt Lake Valley.  This uncle of John T. Whetten (brother of Sophia Atkin) endured unimaginable hardships, and also experienced incredible miracles.  The story is taken directly from the writings of William Atkin, and is expressed in his own voice and words.
Table of Contents