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Welcome to the home of the Whetten Family Histories.  We have created this site to specifically house the biographies and family data of John Amasa Whetten and his ancestors.  Also included are some of the histories related to the families that married into the Whetten line, and the children of John A. Whetten and John T. Whetten. 


On the left, you will find a list of the Whetten ancestors who have biographical information at this point.  Click on a name to go to that page and read their biography. We also have several histories on each of John A. Whetten's 3 wives, all of their children, and some of their ancestors.  To view the ancestry and biographies of these wives, click on their name in the sidebar to the left, or use the pedigrees below to view information and histories on their ancestors. To view the biographies of the children of John A. Whetten or John T. Whetten, visit their parent's pages, and click on the child's name.
The Lester and Kate Whetten estate was established to do genealogy research and has focused on the Whetten direct line.  Lester was the oldest son of John Amasa Whetten.  When Lester, Kate and David came to pick up their son, John, from his mission in Central Britain (1963), they all visited Nottingham, England, where they saw the parish record recording of John Whetten, born in 1835 to John Whetton and Elizabeth Cook.  This was the last genealogical record that anyone had on the Whetten line.  It was Lester’s great desire to see this Whetten research establish links to previous generations.

Since that time, their estate has funded professional  genealogical research and has been able to go back to Mathew Whitton, born in Averham, Nottingham, England in 1536—a total of 11 generations on the Whetten ancestry, starting with Lester.

A stumbling block that has frustrated many genealogists and family historians was John Whetton, born 1804 in Southwell, Nottingham, England to Mary Whitton (spelling is different), who later married Thomas Morley when John was 8 years old.  We do not believe Thomas Morley was John's biological father, so the Family Group Record for John Whetton shows him with an unknown father.  A separate Family Group Record shows Thomas Morley and Mary Whitton and their posterity.  The Thomas Morley genealogy has been separately researched and is availalable in the genealogy research index.


These records have been verified for accuracy of the direct line, spouse of the direct line and the children of the direct line, and to insure all temple ordinances have been completed (temple ordinance verification is still underway) through the 11th generation.  (During the John Amasa Whetten reunion held in Colonia Juarez, Mexico in 2004, there were 56 endowments and sealings done in that Temple by their descendents.) 


You can also visit the PAF, PDF and DOC files page to download a GEDCOM file containing all of the known ancestry of the Whetten family.
Please be aware that we are still in the process of adding the life stories of the Jesperson ancestry to this website.  We decided to launch what we had as people were inquiring about the genealogy. 
To read the histories of the ancestors of Ida Elizabeth Jesperson and Martha Elizabeth Carling, click on their names to the left, or the names in the pedigrees at the bottom of this page.


We are indebted to family genealogy enthusiasts including Jessie Larson, Ruthie Skousen, Ida Nunley, Karen Reed and Pam Whetten.  They have shared accurate information from their records including the John Amasa Whetten family group records of 23 children. Ida has especially done extensive Whetten research.

We are grateful to Jessie Larson and Viva Whetten for their verification of the sealing of John Amasa and Martha on 22 February 1903 by Alexander F. Macdonald, who had been given the sealing power in the Mexican Colonies.

We also want to thank Tom Peterson who was the author of the John A. Whetten Life Story, who retyped many of the histories, and who did extensive research on the book, The Whetten Book of Ours (the history of the children of John A. Whetten).  Likewise, we express our appreciation to Carl Whetten (Lester’s younger brother) and his wife, Viva, who have written extensively on the lives of many of these family members.


There may be those who would like to read the hard copy of two of these life stories contained in this website.  Carl and Viva Whetten have written the books: The John Thomas Whetten Family and John Henry Carling and Mary Elizabeth Lovell Family and Ancestors. These two books are available in hard copy for $35 each, which includes postage, by writing to them: Carl and Viva Whetten, 557 West Del Oro Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210.


If you have information that you feel should be added to this web site or to the genealogical record, please contact John D. Whetten, Lester’s son, at or Jessie Larson  We will continue to add to this website as verifiable information is obtained. This information will also be shared with the John T. Whetten family organization.  It will also be put on and

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