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Hurchel Condit

Hurchel Stephen Condit
 with grandchildren
Johnnie, Mary, Sandi & June

Hurchel Stephen Condit
b.    1 Mar 1903                       Woodford, Carter, Oklahoma
d.    2 Sep 1954                        Stephens County, Oklahoma
Hurchel married Zona ROBBINS (b. 1903    d. 1967) on Sep. 28, 1921 in Garvin County, Oklahoma.  She is the daughter of Alonzo ROBBINS and Nancy Jane FIELDS.  They later divorced and Hurchel remarried Idabel "Ida" HOLT  (b. 1905    d. 1999) on Jan. 19, 1934 in Stephens County, Oklahoma.  She is the daughter of Albert Galiton HOLT and Amandy Florence MANGERS.
children of Hurchel & Zona:
        Lon Eudell Condit                            b.    1921        d.    1945
        Hurchel Eugene Condit                   b.    1924        d.    2001
        Clara Condit                                      b.    1926        d.    1976
children of Hurchel & Ida:
        Baby Condit                                    bornstill date unknown

  2nd Generation of Hurchel Condit
 Lon Eudell "Dell" Condit
 b.    1921                    Hope, Oklahoma
d.    20 Apr 1945        Lost at sea
Lon married Nolia Eveyln DAVIS (b. 23 May 1922    d.  10 May  2014   ) on Feb 27, 1943 in Grady County, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of James "Jim" Franklin DAVIS and Tinnie REDMON.  He was soon deported with the U.S. Navy Army Gaurd where he was sent to San Fransico, California arriving on Nov. 15, 1943. 
On April 20, 1945,  Seaman First Class, Lon Condit was amoung the USS John Straub that went missing at sea.
Lon & Nolia never had children. After his death, his widow married his younger brother, Hurchel.
Hurchel Eugene "Gene" Condit
b.    25 Sep 1924                                    Oklahoma
d.     1 May 2001                Lewisville, Texas
Gene married his brother's widow, Nolia Evelyn Condit (b. 23 May 1922  d.  10 May 2014  )  She is the daughter of James Franklin DAVIS and Tinnie REDMON. Gene later divorced Nolia appx 1958, leaving her behind to raise their children alone. Thankfully the Condit's still considered her family and kept a close relationship with her & the family.  Gene left for Texas where he married Alice Nell RICKMAN (b.    d.    )  in Texas & had two more children.  Gene & Nell lived in TX until his death.
children of Gene & Nolia:
         Donald Gene Condit                        b.    24 Sept 1945                                                                           d.    24 Sept 1945 bornstill 
        Johnnie Ray Condit                         b.    1947
        Mary Evelyn Condit                        b.    1949
        Sandra Jean Condit                         b.    1950
        Lanora June Condit                         b.    1951
        Arnold Gene Condit                         b.    1952
        Brinda Jo Condit                               b.    1953 
        Trechia Ann Condit                          b.    1955
children of Gene & Nell:
        Steven Eugene Condit                    b.    1963
        Stacy Deann Condit                        b.    1964 
Nell, Gene's 2nd wife with                    
great granddaughters, Kiersten & McKenna
Clara Condit
b.    1926                    Oklahoma
d.    1976                    Oklahoma
Clara and Moody Williams had a illegitimate daughter that they gave up for adoption.

3rd Generation of Hurchel S. Condit
 Tish, Brinda, Arnold, June, Sandi, Mary, Nolia bk: Johnnie
Donald Gene Condit
b.    24 Sep 1945                    Bornstill
d.    24 Sep 1945    
Johnnie Ray Condit                        
b.    8 Mar 1947        Wynnewood, Oklahoma
Johnnie married Barbara O'FIELD (b.    d.    ) on April 26, 1968 in Creek County, Oklahoma.
Johnnie married Dixie CHAPLIN (b.    d.    )
Johnnie stayed in the Doyle area.
children of Johnnie & Barbara
        Richard Eugene Condit            b.    1969
        Sherri Donyell Condit              b.    1975
children of Johnnie & Dixie
        Tamara Deann Condit                b.    1981
      Kimberly Nicole Condit              b.    1992    
Mary Evelyn Condit                        
b.    3 Apr 1949                Wynnewood, Oklahoma
Mary married Richard Truitt "Buzz" BAUGHMAN (b. 1947     d. 2007) on Aug. 16, 1968 in Garvin County, Oklahoma. 
Mary married Donald UNDERWOOD.
After living the military life, Mary moved back to the Doyle area where she became a LPN.
children of Mary & Buzz:
        Evelyn Deloris Marie Baughman                b.    1970
        Traci Laura June Baughman                       b.    1973
children of Mary & Don:
        April Dawn Underwood                                b.    1977
        Jake Henry Underwood                                b.   1978
Sandra "Sandi" Jean Condit                         
b.    23 May 1950                Wynnewood, Oklahoma
Sandi married Larry ZOSKI (b.    d.    ) in 1970.
Sandi married Dublin "Dub" PEARSON (b. 1944    d.    ) in Oklahoma.
Sandi married Gary Wayne DEATON (b. 1951    d. 2008) in Oklahoma.
children of Sandi & Larry:
        Michelle Ann Zoski                            b.    1971
        Sarah LuElla Zoski                             b.    1977
        Valerie Rae Zoski                               b.    1980
Lanora "June" Condit                        
b.    21 June 1951                Wynnewood, Oklahoma
June married James "Rudy" TOWNSEND (b.     d.    ) in 1969.
children of June & Rudy
        Jeremy Shane Townsend                b.    1970
        Haley Dawn Townsend                    b.    1974
        Jamie Dan Townsend                       b.    1975
        Tabitha June Townsend                  b.    1981
Arnold Gene Condit
b.    14 Sep 1952                     Wynnewood, Oklahoma
Arnold married Patsy UNKNOWN
Arnold married Brenda L. MORRIS (b. 1957    d.    )    in  May 18,  1978 in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Arnold remained in the Doyle area. 
children of Arnold & Brenda:
        Amanda Christy Condit                b.    1979
        Misty Lynn Condit                        b.    1981
Brinda Jo Condit                              
b.    22 Sep 1953                 Wynnewood, Oklahoma
Brinda married Reaford "Dennis" CHARLSON (b. 1952    d.    ) on June 25, 1972 in Doyle, Oklahoma. They where divorced in 1999. Brinda remarried John Williams BUTTS (b. 1958    d.    ) on Nov. 5, 2003 in Wichita Falls, Texas. 
children of Brinda & Dennis:
        Tina Renea Charlson                        b.    1974
        Kevin Duane Charlson                      b.    1978
        Melissa Jeanette Charlson               b.    1981  
Trechia "Tish" Ann Condit                         
b.    6 Jul 1955                Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
Tish married John Thomas "Tommy" ADAMS (b. 1955    d.    ) on Oct. 16, 1974 in Stephens County, Oklahoma.
Tish married Kenneth WORDEN (b. 1950    d. 2004)   Ken passed away from cancer.
Tish married Alan WALKER (b.     d.    ) 
children of Tish & Tommy :
        Teri Elaine Adams                            b.    1977
        Tony Curtis Adams                           b.    1979  
Steven Eugene Condit                    
b.    22 Feb 1963                Dallas, Oklahoma
Steve married Phyllis Ann ROGERS (b.    d.    )
Steve married Marion L ATWOOD (b. 1958    d.    )
Steve married  Linda Sue Mitchell   (b. 9 Sep 1966    d.    )  in 1 Aug 2010 and divorce April 2011.
children of Steve & Phyllis:
        Landon Eugene Condit                    b.    1984        d. 2000
children of Steve & Marion:
        Tanis Earl Condit                              b.    1988
        Michael Aaron Condit                      b.    1990
Stacy Deann Condit                        
b.    8 Sep 1964                        Tarrant, Texas
Stacy married Stanley Ray CRAWFORD (b.    d.    ) on May 16, 1987 in Denton, Texas.
Stacy married Gentry STRICKLAND (b.    d.    ) on Nov. 18, 1995 in Collin County, Texas.
children of Stacy & Stanley:
        Clayton Ray Crawford                        b.    1989
      Colby Ryan Crawford                          b.    1991

4th Generation of Hurchel Condit
Richard "Rick" Eugene Condit
b.    26 Jun 1969                Oklahoma
Rick, son of Johnnie and Barbara,  married Mona Shellisse "Shelli" BENSON (b.    d.    ) in Oklahoma.
children of Rick & Shelli:
        Jaderick Shawn Clayton Condit                b.    2005
children of Rick & Kathrine "Katie" Triplett:
        Cutter Jaxon Condit                                   b.    2008
        Gentry Dawn Condit                                  b.    2010
Rick adopted Katie's children:
        Allie Grace Woods Condit                          b.  19 Jul 2004
        James Emerson Woods Condit                 b.  27 Dec 2005        
Jeremy Shane Townsend
b.    6 Oct 1970                    Oklahoma
Jermery, son of June & Rudy, married Jennifer Ann KURIGAR (b.    d.    ) in Dec. 18 1996, they divorced in 1998.
children of Jeremy & Jennifer:
        Cecily Townsend                    b.     1997
Evelyn Deloris Marie Baughman
b.    29 Nov 1970
Evelyn, daughter of Mary & Buzz, married Grant COTANNY (b.    d.    ) in 1991 in Doyle, Oklahoma. They divorced in 1996.
Evelyn married Donald FOWLER (b. 1968    d.    )
children of Evelyn & Grant:
        Dakota Kashion Cotanny                    b.    1991
        Valentina Marie Evelyn                      b.    1993
Michelle Ann Zoski
b.    10 Nov 1971
Michelle, daughter of Sandi & Larry, married Timothy MOREHOUSE (b.    d.    ) Feb 24, 1996 in Grady County, Oklahoma.
children of Michelle and Tim:
        Taylor Allen Morehouse                      b.    1996
        Madison Ashley Morehouse                b.    2000


Traci Laura June Baughman
b. 20 Apr 1973                Bell County, Texas
Traci, daughter of Mary & Buzz, married David SODERSTROM (b. 1955    d.    ) on Dec. 22, 1995 in Ada, Oklahoma.
children of Traci & David:
        Lily Elizabeth Soderstrom                            b.     2005
Haley Dawn Townsend
b.    9 Jan 1974                Oklahoma
Haley, daughter of June & Rudy, married Jason CAMP (b. 1973    d.    ) Mar 1993 in Oklahoma.
Haley married Thomas "Tom" Richard ESQUIBEL (b. 1963    d.    ) in Sept. 2000 in Oklahoma.
children of Haley & Jason:
        Brittany Nicole Townsend                  b.    1992
        Matthew James Townsend                b.    1994
children of Haley & Tom:
        Victoria Hope Esquibel                        b.    2001        d.    2001
        Iasiah Thomas Esquibel                    b.    2002
        Seth Richard Esquibel                       b.    2003        d.    2003
        David Michael Esquibel                     b.    2006
Tina Renea Charlson
b.    4 Jul 1974                    Duncan, Oklahoma
Tina, daughter of Brinda & Dennis, married Steven Lewis COLLINS (b. 1 Jan 1973    d.    ) on July 1, 1995 in Wichita Falls, Texas.
children of Tina & Steven:
        McKenna Paige Collins                        b.    1997
        Kiersten Ashley Collins                       b.    2001 
Jamie Dan Townsend
b.    9 Jul 1975                    Oklahoma
Jamie, son of June & Rudy, married Cara Ann ROBBINS (b.    d.    ) in July 1999. They later divorced.
children of Jamie & Cara:
        Samantha                                     b.
        Brannam                                       b.
Jamie & girlfriend                    
Sherri Donyell Condit
b.    19 Nov 1975
Sherri, daughter of Johnnie & Barbara,  married Levi John Humphrey (b.    d.    ) Aug 1995 in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma. 
Sherri married Shannon Blake BROWN (b. 1972    d.    ) on Jan 6, 2001.
children of Sherri & Shannon:
        Jacob Brown                                b.
        Michaela Brown                           b.
Teri Elaine Adams
b.    31 Jan 1977                        Oklahoma
Teri, daughter of Tish & Tommy,  married Zachariah Dale CHANDLER (b.     d.    )  in Oct. 1997. They divorced in 2004.
Teri married Fred L. BAUCH (b.     d.    )  in Feb. 2007 in Lawton, Oklahoma. 
children of Teri & Zack:        
        Loryn Paige Chandler                        b.    2000
           Marissa Leighann Chandler              b.    2003    
        Ashlie Nicole Chandler                       b.    2004            


Sarah LuElla Zoski
b.    14 Mar 1977
Sarah, daughter of Sandi & Larry, married Philip Gerald HARRINGTON (b.     d.    )   Jun 1999, in McClain County, Oklahoma. Philip adopted Sarah's daughter.
children from Sarah:
        Jacqueline Brooke Harrington            b.    1996      
children from Sarah & Philip:
        Logan Blake Harrington                       b.    1998        
April Dawn Underwood
b.    3 Oct 1977
April, daughter of Mary & Don, married Damon Lawrence BROWN (b. 1972    d.    ) in May 2001 in Doyle, Oklahoma at the home of Nolia Condit, April's grandmother.  Damon adopted April's two older children.
children of April:
          Samantha Dawn Brown                            b.    1995
        Mazie Nicole Brown                                   b.    2000
children of April & Damon:  
        Lauran Danielle Brown                            b.    2002
        Emily Jane Brown                                    b.    2004
Kevin Duane Charlson
b.    8 Mar 1978                    Duncan, Oklahoma
Kevin is the son of Brinda & Dennis. On May 8, 1982, the age of four, Kevin ran our in front of a motorcycle driven by his father. As a result of the accident, Kevin received severe brain trama (TBI), paralyzed vocal cords, no equilibrium, and declared mentally retarted. As an adult, Kevin still remains in the home with his mother and step-father. He will never marry nor have children.  Kevin has a heart of gold, loved by everyone, and he has the patience of Jobe. 
Jake Henry Underwood
b.    7 Dec 1978
Jake, son of Mary & Don, married Elizabeth "Lain" WIGLEY (b. 1983    d.    ) in 1999.
Jake married Jamie Michelle BOWER (b.    d.    ) in Oct 2002,  Jake filed for divorce in Feb 2003.
Jake remarried Lain in Aug. 2006.
children of Jake & Lain:
        Lola Elizabeth Underwood            b.    2006
        Jett Henry Underwood                  b.    2009
Tony Curtis Adams
b.    2 Feb 1979                    Oklahoma
Tony, son of Tish & Tommy, married Cari Lynn BOILES  (b.    d.    ) July 2000 in Oklahoma.
children of Tony & Cari
        Ciera Christine Adams                    b.     1999
        Chanda Lynne Adams                     b.     2000
Amanda Christy Condit
b.    2 Mar 1979                    Oklahoma
Christy, daughter of Arnold & Brenda, married Gayle WINDHAM (b.    d.    ) on Aug 4, 2006 in Elmore city, Oklahoma.
Valerie Rae Zoski
b.     6 Mar 1980
Daughter of Sandi & Larry.
children of Valerie:
        Devaney Maye Rain Zoski                    b.    2004
children of Valerie & Terry Arnold:
        Immersun Alene Zoski                           b.  2007


Tabitha June Townsend
b.    28 Jan 1981                    Oklahoma
Tabitha, daughter of June & Rudy, married Rev. Randall Clyde KEIZOR (b.    d.    ) in Sep 2001, in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.
children of tabitha & Randall:
        Payden Keizor                            b.    
        Piper Keizor                                b. 2007
        Baby due May 2011
Misty Lynn Condit
b.    16 Mar 1981
Misty, daughter of Arnold & Brenda, married Jonathan WHITE (b.    d.    ) in 2005 in Oklahoma. They divorced in 2007, however remarried in 2009.   Jonathan adopted Misty's daughter.
children of Misty & Ryan Grumble, adopted by Jonathan:
        Jahcee Lennon Iva
        Condit- White                    b.    2003               
Tamara Deann Condit
b.    16 Mar 1981
Tamara, daughter of Johnnie & Dixie, married Cary Blain HOWARD (b.     d.    ) in 2003
Tamara married Kaleb Stephen RICHEY  (b.    d.    ) on June 13, 2008 in Pailo, Oklahoma.
children of Tamara & Kaleb:
        Kaden Jack Richey                            b.    2007
        Jesse Ray Richey                               b.    2010 
Melissa Jeanette Charlson
b.    28 Apr 1981                    Duncan, Oklahoma
Melissa, daughter of Brinda & Dennis, married Kobly Kyle Ransom KING (b. 1983    d.    ) on Oct. 5, 2003 in Niagra Falls, Canada.
Prior to Kolby, Melissa was dating her first child's father, Dennis Wayne Ballard (b. 1981    d. 2002) Dennis was killed in a motorcycle accident.
Children of Melissa & Dennis:
        Baylee Renea Ballard-Charlson                    b. 1999
children of Melissa & Kolby:
        Kamden Kole Ryan King                  b.    2006
        Payton Charlee Noel King                b.    2008
Landon Eugene Condit
b.    1984
Landon, son of Stephen & Phyllis 
Tanis Earl Condit
b.    21 Jul 1988                            Texas
Tanis, son of Stephen & Marion.
Clayton Ray Crawford
b.    20 Feb 1989            Texas
Clayton, son of Stacy & Stanley, married Brandi Leyva.
children of Clayton & Brandi:
      Emma Crawford              b.    2009
        Haidyn Ray Crawford      b.    2010
Michael Aaron Condit
b.    22 Dec 1990            Texas
 Michale, son of Stephen & Marion.
Colby Ryan Crawford
b.    4 Feb 1991        Texas
 Colby, son of Stacy & Stanley.
Kimberly Nicole "Nicki" Condit
b.    11 Aug 1992                Oklahoma
Nicki, daughter of Johnnie & Dixie.

5th Generation of Hurchel Condit
Dakota Kashion Cotanny
b.    15 Nov 1991
Son of Evelyn Baughman Fowler & Grant Cotanny 
Valentina "Tina" Evelyn Marie Cotanny
b. 17 Jan 1993
Daughter of Evelyn Baughman Fowler & Grant Cotanny
children of Tina & boyfriend :
        Naomi        b.     June 2010
Brittany Nicole Townsend
b.    4 Jul 1992                        Oklahoma
Daughter of Haley & Jason Camp
Samantha Dawn Brown
b. 16 Nov 1995                        Oklahoma
 Daughter of April Underwood Brown adopted by Damion
Matthew James Townsend
b.    28 Jun 1994                    Norman, Oklahoma
 Son of Haley Esquibel & Jason Camp
Jacquline "Brook" Harrington
b.        1996                            Norman, Oklahoma
Daughter of Sarah, adopted by Philip Harrington.
Taylor Allen Morehouse
b.    Nov 1996                        Oklahoma
Son of Michelle & Tim Morehouse 
McKenna Paige Collins
b.     9 Nov 1997                    Duncan, Oklahoma
Daughter of Tina & Steve Collins 
Cecily Paige Townsend
b.    Nov 1997                        Oklahoma
daughter of Jeremy & Jennifer
Samantha Townsend
Daughter of Jamie & Cara Townsend
Logan Blake Harrington
b.    1998                                Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Son of Sarah & Phillip Harrington
Ciera Christine Adams
b.    9 Jul 1999                    Oklahoma
Daughter of Tony & Cari Adams 
Baylee Renea Ballard-Charlson
b.    14 Oct 1999                    Duncan, Oklahoma
 Daughter of Melissa King & Dennis Ballard.
Sept. 2010, Baylee legally changed her name to add her father's last name.
Madison Ashley Morehouse
b.    Jan 2000
Daughter of Michelle & Tim Morehouse 
Loryn Paige Chandler
b.    15 Jun 2000                    Oklahoma
 Daughter of Teri Adams Bauch & Zach Chandler
Mazie Nicole Brown
b.    12 Jul 2000                        Kentucky
Daughter of April Underwood Brown, adopted by Damion Brown
Chanda Lynn Adams
b.    24 July 2000                Oklahoma
Daugther of Tony & Cari Adams
Jacob Brown
Son of Sherri &
Brannam Townsend
Son of Jamie & Cara Townsend 
Victoria Hope Esquibel
b.    15 Jul 2001                Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
d.    16 Jul 2001                Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Victoria came into this world to soon at 24 weeks of pregnancy. Victoria was only with us 8 short hours.
Daughter of Haley & Tom Esquibel
Kiersten Ashley Collins
b.    14 Sep 2001                    Lawton, Oklahoma
Daughter of Tina & Steve Collins 
Iasiah Thomas Esquibel
b.    6 Aug 2002                    Norman, Oklahoma
Son of Haley & Tom Esquibel
Marissa Leighann Chandler
b.    19 Mar 2003                    Norman, Oklahoma
Daughter of Teri Adams Bauch & Zach Chandler
Jahcee Lennon Iva Condit-White
b.    7 June 2003                    Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
Jahcee, daughter of Misty Condit-White, adopted by Jonathan White.
Ashlie Nicole Chandler
b.    8 Mar 2004                Norman, Oklahoma
 Daughter of Teri Adams Bauch & Zach Chandler
Devaney Maye Rain Zoski
b.    23 May 2004                Norman, Oklahoma
Daughter of Valerie Zoski
Devany was born on both her grandmother & great-grandmother's birthday. Three generations sharing the same birthday.
Seth Richard Esquibel
b.    26 Aug 2003                Norman, Oklahoma
d.    26 Aug 2003                Norman, Oklahoma
Born too soon to Haley & Tom Esquibel
Mikayla Brown
b.    appx 2002
Daughter of Sherri &
Lauran Danielle Brown
b.    12 Sep 2002                    Germany
Daughter of April & Damon Brown.
Lauran lived in Germany until July 2010.
Emily Jane Brown
b.    9 Dec 2004                        Germany
Daughter of April & Damon Brown 
Emily lived in Germany until July 2010.
Jaderick Shawn Clayton Condit
b.    4 Aug 2005                Norman, Oklahoma
 Son of Richard & Shelley Condit
Lily Elizabeth Soderstrom
b.    12 Dec 2005               Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Daughter of Traci & David Soderstrom 
Payden Keizor
Daughter of Tabitha & Randall Keizor
David Michael Esquibel
b.    6 May 2006                    Oklahoma
Son of Haley & Tom Esquibel 
Kamden Kole Ryan King
b.     9 Nov 2006                Duncan, Oklahoma
 Son of Melissa & Kolby King
Lola Grace Underwood
b.    1 Dec 2006                    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Lola came into this world 3 months before she was due. She is a fighter and our little miracle.
Daughter of Jake & Lain Underwood
 Piper Keizor
b.    5 May 2007                    Oklahoma
Daughter of Tabitha & Randall Keizor
Immersun Alene Zoski
b.    18 Sep 2007                Norman, Oklahoma
Daughter of Valerie & Terry Arnold
Kaden Jack Richey
b.    27 Nov 2007                Norman, Oklahoma
Son of Tamara Condit Richey & Caleb Richey
Payton Charlee Noel King
b.    11 Jul 2008            Duncan, Oklahoma
Daughter of Melissa & Kolby King
Cutter Condit
b.    Dec 2008                       Norman, Oklahoma
Son of Richard & Katie
Jett Henry Underwood
b.    24 Mar 2009                Ada, Oklahoma
Son of Jake & Lain Underwood
Emma Crawford
b.    2009                Texas
Daughter of Clayton & Brandi Crawford
Jesse Ray Richey
b.    1 Mar 2010
Son of Tamara Condit Richey & Caleb Richey 
Gentry Condit
b.    June 2010
Daughter of Richard & Katie
Haidyn Ray Crawford
b.    24 Aug 2010        Texas
Son of Clayton & Brandi Crawford 
Baby Kiezor
b. due May 2011

 6th Generation of Hurchel Condit
Naomi Joyce Evelyn Jackson
b.    15 June 2010
Daughter of Valentina Cotanny & Kieth Jackson

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