My Condit Family
In my search for family information, the Condit family has been the easiest to find.
 There are so many family trees with the Condit family already listed..
 However I wanted to add our family info to history as well.
I won't add all the Condits to this site due to there so much info already out there,
 but I will add how we descend in the Condit Family Tree.
The first Condit was actually Cundict. There are many different spellings listed in history.
John Cundict (Condit) was the first in America. 
Born 1653  in Wales or England and died 1713 in Newark,  New Jersery.
His unknown wife died appx 1676/1677 in Great Brittain.
John & his first wife had one son named Peter.
John and Peter came to America around 1678.
John's second wife was Deborah.  Unknown DOB, died 10 Dec 1761 in New Jersey.
John & Deborah had one son named John who died as a minor.
John Condit (Condict) is buried at First Presbyterian Churchyard in Morristown, New Jersery
His tombstone is inscripted
"John Condict... of Norman descent, from
Wales to America in 1678 - died Neward in 1713, leaving one son Peter who died in 1714. His sons were Samuel, Peter, John, Nath., Philip, and Isaac. Peter 2nd. died in Morristown in 1768. His sons were Jospeh, Nathaniel, Ebenezer, Silas & Peter.  Peter 3rd died in July 1774 and left 3 sons Edward, Byram and Lewis. His widow Anna Byram died July 8, 1826."

Because of the many sites, I will start on this page with Cephas Condit.
If you would like to have your info added to this page,
please email me the info and I'll create a link with your family infomation.  
However,  here is a listing of my forefarthers for those wanting to know my Condit connections. 

 1.    John Condit    b. 1653    d. 1713

 2.    Peter Condit    b. 1670    d. 1714
                                m.    Mary Harrison    b. 1673    d. 10 Dec 1761
 3.    Philip Condit    b.  Apr 1709    d. 23 Dec 1801
                                m.    Mary Day    b. 1713    d. 30 Sep 1785
 4.    Jabez Condit    b. 8 Feb 1739    d. 22 Nov 1804
                                m.    Phebe Smith    b. 1736    d. 6 Mar 1813
 5.    Jonas Condit    b. 14 Jan 1769    d. 14 Jul 1850
                                m.    Hannah Dodd    b. 3 Jan 1782    d. 27 Jun 1857
 6.    Stephan Dodd Condit    b. 12 May1811    d. 18 Oct 1896
                                m.    Rachel Tuttle        b. 5 Mar 1812    d. 27 Feb 1879
 7.    Josephus "Cephas" Condit    b. 24 Dec 1836    d. 24 Sep 1910
                                m.    Sarah Jane Truman    b. 7 May 1841    d. 1923
 8.    William Hayworth Condit    b. 17 Jan 1869    d. 15 Jul 1930 
                                m.    Cathryn E. Ross    b. 7 Jan 1878    d. 16 Nov 1944    
 9.    Hurchel Stephen Condit    b. 1 Mar 1903    d. 2 Sep 1954
                                m.    Zona Robbins    b. 25 Dec 1903    d. 23 Nov 1967
10.   Hurchel Eugene Condit    b. 24 Sep 1924    d. 1 May 2001  
                                m.    Nolia Davis    b. 23 May 1922    d.
11.    Brinda Jo Condit    b. 22 Sep 1953    d.
                                m.    Reaford Dennis Charlson    b. 4 Dec 1952    d.
12.    Tina Renea Charlson    b. 4 Jul 1974    d.
                                m.    Steven Lewis Collins    b.  1 Jan 1973    d. 

7.    Josephus "Cephas" Condit   
b. 24 Dec 1836  in Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA        
d. 24 Sep 1910  Yale, Payne County, Oklahoma, USA
Cephas left Pennsylvania and went to Indiana where he married Sarah Jane TRUMAN (b. 7 May 1841  Rockville, Indiana    d. 1923  Yale, Oklahoma)  She is the daughter of Stephen Dodd TRUMAN & Rachel TUTTLE.
Sarah was married to William Hayworth prior to Cephas Condit. They had one son, Samuel Hayworth.  Sarah and Cephas choose the name of their second son, William "Shorty" Hayworth to carried on the name of her late husband.
Cephas and Sarah later moved to Edgar County, Illinois.  Then in 1876 he moved the family to Cowley County, Kansas and settled on almost unbroken prairie. In 1896 they moved to Oklahoma when both Cephas & Sarah lived the remainder of their lives.
        13.    Samuel Hayworth                    b. 1857     Stepson
        14.    Stephen D. Condit                    b. 1867    d. 1932
        15.    William Hayworth Condit        b. 1869    d.1930
        16.    Edward Beathel Condit            b. 1870    d. 1910
        17.    Leroy J Condit                           b. 1873    d. 1916
8. William Hayworth Condit    
b. 17 Jan 1869 in Indiana, USA            
d. 15 Jul 1930 in Doyle, Stephens County, Oklahoma, USA
buried: Purdy Cemetery  in Oklahoma
William was known as "Shorty" Condit.  He married Cathryn "Kate" Elizabeth ROSS (b. 7 Jan 1878     d. 16 Nov 1944)  on March 15, 1895. She is the daughter of  Thomas Stark ROSS & Elizabeth WASHBURN.
William Hayworth Condit's mother was married to William Hayworth prior to Cephas. They had one son named Sam Hayworth. William was named after his mother's first husband.
    Cephas was moving west from Pennsylvanie, had met Sarah in Indiana. They had Stephen Dodd, the twins William and Edward, and Leroy during there union.  From Indiana, the family started moving south, ending up in Cowley County, Kansas. The family soon became cattle drivers, which brought them to Oklahoma.
    Cathryn "Kate" Ross and her family moved northward from Texas into Indian Territory appx 1894 or 1895.  It was in Ardmore, Oklahoma where she met and married William Condit. At the time of their marriage, William "Shorty" was a cattle rancher. They moved to Stephens County, Oklahoma where Shorty drove the cattle over some 14, 000 acres of land. When Oklahoma was granted statehood, the Condits were granted a 160 acre allotment around where Highway 29 meets Highway 76, known to most people in the area as the "Lindsey Y."
    William ran a community store around Doyle, Oklahoma, as well as ran a wagontrain through Rhine, Lindsay etc. to various country stores. William died in what was known at the time as Conditville, Oklahoma. The community that was named after him. Kate preceeded him in death as a result of breast cancer. Both Shorty & Kate where buried in Purdy, Oklahoma at Purdy Cemetery.
    William and Kate had 9 children whom they named after several family members:  Agnes who moved to California during the dustbowl; Whit was named for Kate's brother John "Whit" Ross; Hurchel Stephen was named for William's oldest brother; Taylor Edward was named for William's twin brother, Edward; Martha Florence was named for kate's youngest sister, Martha; Tom Sam was named for Kate's father; Willie Ray was named after his father; Forrest was killed at the age of 26; and Anna Tucker was named for Kate's oldest sister.
        Agnes Condit                        b. 1897    d. 1969
        Whitie Condit                       b. 1898    d. 1975
        Hurchel Stephen Condit     b. 1903    d. 1954
        Taylor Edward Condit        b. 1905    d. 1981
        Tom Sam Condit (T)           b. 1911    d. 1990
        Martha Florence (T)           b. 1911    d. 2002
        Willie Ray Condit                 b. 1913    d. 1991
        Forrest R Condit                  b. 1915    d. 1942
        Anna Condit                          b. 1917    d. 2005
Kate Condit with 8 of her children:
Taylor, Whit, Agnes, Hurchel, Martha, Willie, Tom & Forrest
 Martha, Kate, Forrest & Annie

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Also a thank you to all those that have provided me with info. 
I couldn't of done this without you!
Tina Collins