These are all the people who make this website happen - from finding/reporting racks to working on possible future website upgrades/improvements beyond what I am capable of as a user of the Internet.  While I can't pay you in dollars (at least right now - once the website has it's first IPO, I'll shower you with large gifts of cash), I hope my honest "thank-you's" will serve as an IOU.  

Mike = Your's truly - me
Tim "A" = Local Peoria cycling advocate & first inspiration for the website
Neil = Friend from work, and loyal finder of racks in the Peoria "suburb" of Chillicothe
Keith = New friend who is looking into future possible upgrades with the Google maps.  Never know who you might meet at a Starbucks
Tim "B" = Tim is working on a possible "app" for Where's the Rack.....stay tuned!

A couple of years ago, I had an informal discussion with Tim "A" over Facebook chat about the current status of bicycle racks in Peoria.  We wanted to approach city leaders about the state of bike racks in Peoria, but had no way of showing them how few there actually were in existance.  In addition, we also talked about rack installation standards, and how it seemed like every rack in Peoria was installed a different way.  Unfortunately, those discussions ended that night, and I never really heard anything else up until a couple of months ago.  In November of 2012, Tim "A" posted some information on his Average Joe Bicycle Club page regarding a project someone had started to take pictures of every location in a town of where a bicycle rack *should* be located.  I saw this posting, and figured if someone was going to take the time to photograph pictures of of where racks should be located, they might as well take pictures of ones already there!  Over the next couple days, I proceeded to start a Facebook page, Google Map, and Gmail account to support the project, and began mapping out the racks as I saw them in town.  As a last step in the process, I also bought my first domain name to give a "home" to the page so the information would be easier for people to find! 

This brings us to present day......racks are currently being mapped as as we find them in town, and informal discussions have began on how the website can be improved.  

Be on the lookout for "blitz" rides to be scheduled this coming spring/summer 2013 for the purpose of finding as many new rack locations as possible in one day!