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PLEASE NOTE:  This is a "bare bones" web site used solely for listing web sites of the bands I play in and the bands that I follow, along with upcoming performance dates.   If you are having issues accessing this site, please let me know by sending me an email here: wbryanharris@wbryanharris.com

Last update 5/8/2024 - current as of that date.

PLEASE NOTE:  The final two performances of the John Trapani Big Band will be held in July.

See the events page for details.

Bands I regularly play with and links to their sites (check the events link above also):

Canton Concert Band

The CCB's web site has been updated with all 

2024 concerts. at:


....and on the events page on this web site.

Savoy Big Band

The Savoy Big Band's web site has been updated with all the 2024 events at:


...and on the events page on this site.

Dj's Rock and Roll Big Band

DJ's web site has been updated with all the 2024 events at:


....and on the events page on this site.

Alliance Symphony Big Band (ASO Big Band)


(There's very little info on their site, but I listed it anyway.)

Jazz Society Big Band (JSBB)

The Jazz Society Big Band is an 18 piece big band with a passion for bebop as well as classics.

Events to follow shortly

Our current web site is located here: 


Last Updated - 4/10/2024


Hi Everyone,

Over the years, many people have asked for

 information regarding the various groups

 I play in.  It can sometimes be difficult to

 get the information out to everyone in

 a timely manner, so I created this 'one stop shop' 

to make things easier.

The site is nothing fancy.  It is just a list of

 upcoming events with a link to the web site

 of the event, if there is one. 

Also, be sure to check out the "Of Interest" page

 for events of my friends and colleagues

 and the "Links" page for links to their

 web sites and social media.


Bryan Harris

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