Where's Bo Peep is a project that combines the Microsoft Touch Mouse with a tangible sheep to create an interactive board game.  There is auditory output that responds when users use intuitive gestures at different locations as they use the sheep to look for Bo Peep in different "hot spot" locations on the game board.  The innovative feature is making the mouse a puppet, so natural sheep gestures such as looking left, right or inside of an object register as gestures on the Microsoft Touch Mouse.  This project was developed in approximately a month and a half.  Our team consisted of three third-year Wellesley students: Margaret Ligon, Michelle Ferreirae, and Wendy Xu.
This project was developed while we were taking the course Tangible User Interfaces at Wellesley College.  Our professor, Orit Shaer, gave us an option of accepting the challenge of creating a project for the UIST Student Innovation Contest.  She warned us that deadlines that should have been three or four weeks would be squeezed into a week, but we decided it was an experience we wanted to try!  The chairs of the contest issued the challenge by saying "The point of the contest is to give you guys cutting-edge hardware and see what you can do with it, see how innovative you can be" and that they were excited to see the "crazy, creative, innovative, cool" projects.  With that in mind we wanted to be as creative as we could possibly be and found our initial problem!