Tone Poems Liner Notes

Produced by Bat

Engineered by David McRae & Dana Sampson

Executive Producer: Thomas Gowen


It's all for Brenda. . . .All of it.


All pieces written, arranged and performed by Bat. Published by Brenda's Private Collection (C) 2015. All photos (C) 2015 by Stella's Cheap Shots, and used by permission.


Personal observations & notes


"Frogs" is dedicated to my daughters Echo & Lenny

"Vacancy" is dedicated to Stacia Gushel

"Brooklyn Song" was composed sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge, on the same day I shot the back cover photo for the last CD "Digital Sculpture" That was a pretty lucky spot.

"Los Dos Gitanos" or, "The Two Gypsies"- why, that's us. Homeless & happy.

"Indian Summer" is dedicated to the late Michael Hedges, a guitarist without peer.

The "Sagamore Bridge" is located between Boston & Cape Cod, and can become quite tangled at times, especially Friday afternoons. It has a twin about 25 miles down the river; the Bourne Bridge. The story would be the same on either.

The "Spaghetti Western" (in my imagination) is the conglomeration of Clint Eastwood's "Nameless Drifter" movies all rolled into one. You know- the ones where he's wearing the Pancho and smoking the little cigars. And no, that's not really an Angel guiding him, that's Brenda.

"Thirty" was written exactly 20 years ago. Guess what?

It cannot conclusively be proven that the "Happy Manatee" is truly happy. An elementary knowledge of Psycho-analysis would suggest that using the term "Happy" in conjunction with a large water-dwelling mammal is an anthropomorphization, and would constitute projection on the part of the author, who would be using his own feelings of well-being to describe the state of this creature's psyche. On the other hand, the composer may have been communicating telepathically with the entity, here called 'manatee,' and known exactly what he was talking about. We make no claim to the validity of either.

"Pocket Tango" is a story of lust, passion, sex, betrayal, intrigue, and even features a slap in the face. It is a two-minute mystery.

"All Grooved Out On Pills" was written when I was 18. The original version of this song was one of the first recordings I ever made. I was totally into being spacey, folksy, androgynous, intellectual, a hippie, introspective, and Pink Floyd.

"Mathematics" I consider my masterpiece. It took its sweet time being revealed to me, but was born on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In the universe, everything occurs naturally; there is an order and logic to everything from the curve of the earth, the orbits, and how the water makes its way through the Redwood Tree or Grand Canyon. But it sure takes we humans quite a while to figure anything out and see the patterns or formulae behind it. Grand design or coincidence? That is for your mind. In a Cosmos constructed from Pi to Parallax, Triangulation and Matrices to the Square Roots of Negative numbers, I'm still stuck with "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally," or the 'order of operations!"



Guitars used on this recording:


Maton Overlander EM 720C



Guild JF30 12E Jumbo 12 string (2)

"Karen" & "Helen"


La Patrie Concert CW Classical



Oscar Schmidt Auto Harp



These pieces were recorded in their entirety in Tijeras, New Mexico at Third Eye Studios by the outstanding engineers David McRae and Dana Sampson. They were subsequently edited all over North America in every conceivable place- from hotel rooms & rest areas to the snug and beautiful homes of our dearest friends. We had a LOT of support from YOU- the "Gypsies-Who-Stay-In-The-Same-Place" or in other words, folks who own a house.


All the love in the world: Ms Pamela, Steve Bennett, Julie Bennett, Nena Ugarte, Tom & Carolann Van Wyen, Jim & Lauren Bennett, Stacia Gushel, Aunt Dottie Williams & Uncle Bob Ross, Doug & Sandra Warwick, Joe & Lynn Roxey, Woody Peterson & Reagan,  Jim & Bridget Chirico, Marci & George Phillips, Damon Matson, Ms Pat Booth, Ed Harper, Mike & Julie Grimes, Dick Mishinski & Debbie Cargile in Sun City, Morgan Harper, Steve & Sandy Vermillion and all the friends at the Cactus Ranch, Dave & Aimee Monoghan, Phil & Avis Scaramouch, Tom & Jan Scearcy, Tonia Cook at the Painted Door in OKC, Justyn & Jessica Van Wyen, Debbie Sullivan, Tim Miller, Rick & Faith Del Castillo, Isaac Guerra, Albert Bestiero, Joy Barr & the Hotel Artesia Staff, Bill & Glenda Collins, Shirley Dale, Tim & Tracy Luber, Steve & Tracy Boyce, Dennis & Jana Nazelrod, Doug & Trish Murphy, Jim & Pam Peterson, Steve & Petey Casstevens, Gary & Kathy Smith, Nadine & Bruce Churchill, Garrick & Tracey Smith, David Lamb, Karen Myers, Billy & Gaye Ennis, Francisco Jimenez, Bruce & Kasey Zimmerman, Conrad & Dana, Melanie & Bruce Nelson, Connie Burnett, Tom & Sassie Grodotzke, Earl Miller & Kathy , Jim & Vicky at Eddy Teach's, Julie & Shawn Chalker,  Steve & Trish at Stan's in Goodland, Paul Gaines, Joe McGuinness, Steve & Rhonda Grant, Joe & Bill Brining, Sheriff Robert & Jan Hinshaw, Bob & Janet Shanks, Skip & Eileen, Tom & Sassie Grodotzke and to our fabulous children Levi & Echo & Lenny.

A shout out to Justin & Haley at the Philadelphia Folk Society! Great people doing BIG things!


Hats off to Karl Mayforth who is the guitar guru. We ship these guitars to him from all over; he fills them with concrete and sends them back out to us.