tHe aRtiSt'S cORneR

Bat and Brenda have the good fortune to meet many artists from all fields during the course of their journeys. Here are a few of their artist friends, and a little bit about what they do.

HOW CooL is THIS??
Here is the Heart-Shaped Labyrinth in Tonkawa, Oklahoma.

On Wednesday, October 12, Bat  performed a "Moonlight Labyrinth Walk" Concert in the evening after sunset for the good people of Tonkawa in Centennial Park. 
The event was part of a 4-day Homecoming celebration in one of the finest towns in America. 

Bat also played at the Homecoming Parade, Performed for the NOC Alumni Dinner, and taught a Master Class at the College on improvisation and music theory. 
The Heart was designed by Audrey Schmitz and the photo was shot by Ken Crowder.
You can find out more about it here:
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