House Concerts with BAT

What are House Concerts and who can attend?

Once upon a time it was easier to find Superior Musicians performing their works works live in excellent settings. Now, it is very difficult to find an outstanding musician performing anywhere, much less performing music that is interesting to listen to or has not been played to death by every bar-stool hack in the country. Bars are not nice places to LISTEN to music, particularly if you want to listen to something enthralling or that  demands a higher level of concentration from both the artist and the listener. There are noisy patrons, sporting events and walls full of televisions that distract all present from any artistic activity.
The landscape of the music business has changed forever, and music lovers around the world have taken it upon themselves to ensure that fine music, performed live, does not die the way radio music has. The answer is HOUSE CONCERTS.
House concerts are events that feature an artist for an entire performance in a LISTENING ENVIRONMENT; none of those in attendance talk or move around during the performance, and the result is a splendid and enjoyable evening of fine, uninterrupted entertainment for all. Some House Concerts will also have food served in the form of Pot-Luck or snacks either before or after the event, some will allow the patrons to bring their own bottle of wine to be enjoyed before or after the show- but NEVER during. All shows facilitate the meeting of the artist and the patron, with discussion, CD signing, and merchandise in a close face to face atmosphere and friendly, comfortable environment.
The concerts are attended by invitation only. There is a suggested donation by the host (which will procure for you the invitation!) and any proceeds raised usually go to the artist, who is most likely touring.

Bat's first house concert takes place in Surprise AZ on Dec 6th!
The coming year will be a veritable showcase of House Concerts for Bat as he tours in support of the New CD
"Tone Poems" performing the old favorites as well.
If you wish to  host a House Concert featuring Bat, write to Brenda at