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Zavala: The Full Liner Notes

As you can probably guess, Bat had a few things to say about his very first solo-album. Beloew, you'll find all the liner notes that there just wasn't room for on the cover!

"Waiting For Zavala"

Waiting for Zavala

Produced by Bat and Rick Del Castillo

Engineered by Rick Del Castillo


Recorded at Smilin’ Castle Studios, Kyle Texas over six frantic days in November 2011.

Edited and mastered at the same Castle in April 2012.

All sounds recorded were generated either by guitar or the human body.

Bat used a Guild JF30 12E custom made in Westerly Rhode Island to record the guitar tracks. There were 5 guitar overdubs- see if you can spot them! Bat uses Martin Strings, Dunlop .88mm picks, and Kleenex Tissues.

 Bat drinks far too much coffee.

All songs written by Bat and Published ©2012 by Brenda’s Private Collection except

+ Written by Bat and Ron Crowder Published ©by Brenda’s Private Collection and Sympathetic Vibrations Publishing. www.wheresbat.com & www.roncrowdermusic.com

* Written by Bat and Brenda Bennett


The only other sounds on the recording NOT produced by Bat were produced by Edward Two-Moons Chavez, President and Tribal Leader of the Nde Chiracahua Apache Nation.

It is an honor to feature his words, traditional Apache song, and drumming on my work.


Edward Two-Moons’ recording was engineered by Ron Crowder at InCrowd Productions in Albuquerque NM.


All songs, music & lyrics, materials, recordings and photographs © 2012 by Brenda’s Private Collection.  All Photos by Stella’s Cheap Shots.


All of the lyrics can be found at www.wheresbat.com as well as the full version of the liner notes.


Jumping Jolly Jimmy John is NOT a real person. ^ Anna (the girl with the Yurt) most assuredly IS a real person, and lives near Big Bend, TX. ^ The Bounty Hunter in “Ridin’ Alone” is a yodeling cannibal. Don’t ask me why- it just turned out that way. ^ ‘The Two of Us is an entirely true story, start to finish. ^ “Turtle Island” is written for and dedicated to Chiracahua Apache Tribal President Edward “Two Moons” Chavez, who is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, and a hell of a bass player. ^ “Firefighter” is written for and dedicated to my brother Steve, my mother Sandra, and of course, my Dad the hero, Jim Bennett.  Dad was every kind of Firefighter there could be; volunteer, part-time, full-time, local Fire Chief, President of the Illinois Fire Chiefs, Fire Marshall of Bernalillo County in New Mexico, and wildfire axman in California. When he turned 60, dad said “screw this, I’m retiring.” He didn’t.  Dad now aids disaster victims for the US government.


Where do I start? This being my first album as a soloist, it is an entirely different experience than recording as an ensemble. This recording has emerged as a result of the urging of friends, fans, and venue operators all across the US. Spending a week with my dear friend Ricky DC was as fun as it could possibly be. We joked about everything, made fun of everything, and kept each other awake long past bedtime. Sitting on the couch in the Smiling Castle, Brenda, Myself, Rick and Faith Del Castillo listened to these tunes over and over, trying to fine tune every detail. When there’s only one guitar and usually one voice, there needs to be a LOT of perfection.  Hey Paul.  .  .!! 


Who do I thank? Without a doubt, first and foremost, I thank my heart, conscience and inspiration- namely Brenda. She is what drove me to . . . THIS! Brenda has been after a legitimate recording of some of these songs for two decades. I wrote the first tune that was penned for her even before we were dating exclusively. (In fact, there is a HUGE body of work that is entirely written about, and for, her- hence the name of the Production Company) she has been spearheading this project from square one, and sat through every bit of tracking, mixing, and editing-she was shooting video, photographing, writing notes, booking gigs, cooking or crocheting. HEY STELLLAAAAA!!!!!


The other most notable nod absolutely has to go to Ron Crowder, my best friend since high school. Six of the fourteen tunes on this disc were co-written by Ron, which ought to speak for itself in terms of his influence on me, and my songwriting. His melodies are stellar, and my only regret is that you can’t hear his voice- he is truly one of the best singers I have ever heard. There is enough quality material written by the Bennett/Crowder team to fill three more CDs. I love you Ron, and your songs.


The project is, and always has been, dedicated to Veterans of the US Armed Forces, both past and present. All of them, whether overseas or stateside, combat or noncombat. Without you, none of the work of democracy could be done. You are more than a photo op, or a way to get elected. You have made me proud- I hope I do the same for you someday. The stage act was designed and presented originally for the veterans of American Legions, and though it sort of spread around everywhere else, the main focus is still my Veterans. I love you with all my heart. Thank you. American Legion Members Everywhere: Brad & Mary (Mnuh-Mna) Shroenghamer, Don (Scratch)& Cathy Conger, Julie Bennett, Jemez Springs Post 75, Los Alamos Post 90, Post 4 Deming, Post 7 Port Arthur, on & on. . .


Karl Mayforth who has maintained my guitars for 20+ years. The guitar that was used to record this album, a Jumbo Guild 12-string named “Helen” has been a bazillion times by Karl; it has had the neck completely off a couple of times, it has had a series of arched trusses built into it to keep me from smashing through the face- which has been done som 25+ times, new frets & bridges numerous times. . .etc. Karl has threatened on more than one occasion to fill it with concrete. Also for Helen Bailey, who purchased the guitar for me back in 1990 out of love, friendship and the belief that I was good for the money. Thanks Helen- I’m glad I paid you back, and hope that this recording justifies your action.


Dedicated to: The Sandia Bar Crew in Corrales, New Mexico. Folks, this is where it all came together. Night after night, week after week, song after song. My first playing at Sandia Bar was kind of a fluke, but boy, did it take off. Most of the chops, endurance, and improvisation were hammered out under the rafters of this tiny pub in the farm country north of Albuquerque. Stacia Gushel, Steve Chavez, English Bob, Tina, Monty Garner, Mike (Both James and Smith) Charles, Phil, Craig, Cheryl, Pat, Rick, Ray, Dan, Dorothy, Iggy, Scott, Stacey, Guy, Aaron, Eric, Laurie, James Sanchez, Laura, John, Jessica, Molly, Peggy, Brian, Joe Bob, Jerry Bob, Fred, Charla, Anna Marie, Wild Bill, Hal, Nena, Tom, Sue, . . . . I know there are so many more. Thank you- your generosity and support kept me going through it all. 


The folks at Quickbeam Systems also get the big tip-of-the-hat. Quickbeam provides audio, lighting and video support to all the national shows in the Southwest. They are the best in Sound Men & Lighting Directors. All my love to Gary, Kurt, Doc & Nena. The beamers in the trenches, the ones on the phones at the warehouse, and most of all, Tom Rivera, my twin, friend and compatriot. I had decided that I was absolutely finished performing for life when Tom rescued me from the incinerator.


The boys in Del Castillo; the greatest band touring in the world currently. To Alex, Rick, Albert, Mike, and the one who introduced me to the rest of the bunch, Mark. Mark & I met in Iceland, of all places, toured Europe together, and have been close friends ever since. No amount of time or distance can separate brothers. We were roommates for a year and a half while I toured with Del Castillo. He practices more than I do.


My Family: Robert Levi Hughes, Echo Cheyenne Bennett & Lenna (Singer) Sinclaire Bennett, Nichole Dauk, Doug & Sandra Warwick, Jim (The King) & Lauren Bennett, Steve, Corrine & Hannah Bennett, Lisa & Bear, Danielle & Joel, Nikki & Dustin, Barb & Dave Evans, John & Beth Cherry, Brandi & Wilbur, LeAnne & Luke, Sara & Sean, Megan, Leason, Heather, Christian & Tyler, Rob & Mindy.


Very special thanks to Ms. Pamela who is everywhere and everything.


The “Road” Crew –Joy Barr & Coulter Alcorn from the Hotel Artesia, Frank Harlan, Tim Miller, Isabel Sinclaire, Jerry Milwood, Shakey Bob & CJ, Dan Hardin, Brian & Olga Apelle, Bobby & Terry, Sue Cart, Randy & Debbie, Chuck & Sally, the Legion Riders, Dave & Amy Monaghan, The folks at “The Place” in Port Arthur, Bill & Glenda and all the fantastic members of the BPOE across America, Tom & Jan at the Press Box, Debbie Sullivan (for dragging us into Texas), Jim & Susan, Monty & Clara, The Sleeping Beauty Ranch Crew, Bob & Marsha, Larry Tarditi, Donnie Frank, Jayson Morgan, Mike Damon, Jeff & Francie Gordon, Rick & Tracy Calloway, Andrew Ferucci, Kelly Green, Doug & Trish Murphy, Gene Scanlon, Nan Roberts & all the folks from Jemez Springs, NM who watched a full year of shows while the act was developing at Los Ojos.


Thanks to : Everybody that sat through one of my shows^ Every venue owner or manger who ever took a chance on the Gypsies^ Anyone who ever put a tip in my jar; here’s what I did with your money! ^ Everyone who ever let us sleep in their house, on their couch, in their driveway, or wash our clothes at your place! ^ Every Chef that sent us away with a boxed (against their wishes; hot when they packed it, cold when we ate it) dinner. ^ People of humble and pleasant disposition across America, who have been patient, loving, and encouraging^ Any one who ever (for whatever reason) told us that we (Bat & Brenda: The Two Gypsies) were inspiring, thus requiring us to behave ourselves and never fight in public^ All of the folks who sat through the endless photo journals on social media^ All of you who have bought this CD and are reading this.


The name of “Zavala,” (as Brenda and I were told, while driving “Elk” -a Wildfire Jumper from the Jemez Pueblo-home from the venue where he used to watch me perform) was descriptive of a Mythical man who stood on the mountaintops singing to the tribe below to raise their spirits, pass the work day, and give them hope. He was a welcome friend to all with his cheerful songs. Elk started calling me “Zavala” on the first day we met, and it stuck. He would sing a song he made up throughout the drive about the Myth, and the happiness of the people. Others from the tribe agreed that I was Zavala in human form. I have searched high and low for some kind of written account of this “Zavala” but alas, the Navajo, Tewa and other Native American traditions vary from tribe to tribe, and largely has eluded documentation. Good luck finding Zavala, I suppose we’ll just have to wait a little more!