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Comments from YOU

Here is some of the feedback from shows 
All Over the Place!

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Nena Ugarte- Myrtle Beach NC

We love Bat! Nobody does it Better!!


Mike Smith- Corrales NM

Always enjoy you Bat. Nice to see & talk to Brenda.


Mike James-Corrales NM

Love Bat & Brenda!!!


Warren Eden- Pagosa Springs, CO

Mind Boggling Guitar. Jaw dropping, astonishing guitar. Bat-Ass!


Peg McMahon- Pagosa Springs CO

Love Bat


Kari Eden- Pagosa Springs CO



Janet Montoya- Pagosa Springs CO

You Rock! Bat Kicks Ass! Come back to Pagosa!


Art Ruth- Durango CO

Great- just great. Enjoyed you.


Cha Cha & Tim- Durango CO

Fantastic and simply amazing. We are believers!


Amber Lancing- Durango, CO



Noel Martin- Denver Co

I want you in Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m the bartender from Sweeney’s. I would love to see you there.


Helen Fitzgerald- Bernalillo, NM

I truly enjoy singing along with you. Maybe someday you’ll play a song I DON’T know! LOL


Edward Bernco- Santa Fe NM

Your voice is just amazing. The way you change it is incredible.


Jackie Allen- Sun City AZ

Good Music. Love when you come to town.


Pam Gray- Amarillo TX

Love ya!!!


Wanda Kite- Amarillo TX



Rob Tully-Bend OR

Keep it up, Man!! Amazing how you do that!


Katie Gus- Canyon TX

Great Songs, Great fun. Thanks for coming to Texas.


Terri Mann- Amarillo



Jerri Mann- Amarillo TX

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!


Bam Diaz- Amarillo TX

Bad ass all request show. Unreal!


Beth Cherry- Jarales NM

Enjoyed seeing you!! Love you and miss you. Loved your music; first time I have seen you work alone.


Linda Rag- Albuquerque NM

 YOU’RE THE MAN!!!!!!!!


Theresa Murray- Denver CO

Awesome- the best I’ve ever seen. Totally!!!


Irene Byars- Los Ranchos NM

Enjoyed very much the entertainment!


W. Greg Crow- Chama NM

Great Tom T. Hall songs! I can’t believe that you knew that stuff.


Todd Overton- Surprise AZ

You are incredible. . .always look forward to seeing your show. What an amazing talent.


Zed- Chama NM

Killer Show, bud. Your bartender, Zedski.


Michael Beevers- Bloomfield NM

Great set! Thanks!


Harry Popiel- Durango CO

Would love to see you again- really enjoyed it!


Steve Berwick-Durango CO

Come on Back!!!!!!!!


Midge- Durango CO



Erik Johnson -Chicago Il

Fascinating and amazing knowledge of music. I couldn’t leave.


Dee Bradley- Taos NM

Sooooo Talented. Really enjoyed seeing the 12 –string.


Tracy Meza-Artesia NM

You rockJ


Domingo-Artesia  NM

Keep up the good work- both of you.


Sam Sanchez-Artesia NM

You guys effen ROCK!!!


Suzanne Carlsen-Carlsbad NM

I LOVE IT ALL!!! You’re the greatest.


Jeff Gordon-Carlsbad NM

You rock Bat. Let me know what you want me to sing, and I’ll know it when you get here. (Jeff is Exalted Ruler at BPOE 1558 in Carlsbad)


Isaiah Detloyos-Artesia NM

Best Live music in Artesia!!!


Kate Detloyos-Artesia NM



Danielle Brady- Artesia NM

Awesome! Had soooo much fun!! Soooo much talent!Great!


Gary & Peggy Culp-Amarillo TX

Best entertainment we’ve had in a looooooong time! Come back to Amarillo soon- you don’t find variety like this in this area- wonderful!!!!!


Beverly Williams-Amarillo TX

You’re fabulous!!


Thom & Jane Pritz-Amarillo TX

Fabulous- Love the song choices.


Michael Vick- Port Acres, TX

 Fu%#@ rocked it!!! Come back and see us- Port Acres loves you!


Danielle Blair- Port Acres Tx

I heard about you- you are everything they said you were- just amazing!!


Connie Patterson- Des Moines IA

 You are great!!


Kelli Droddy-Groves TX

Great entertainment! ***


Robert Whitman- Beaumont TX

Kick Ass- You Rock. . .Bad ass.


Cindy Bailey- Port Arthur TX

Love your style!!! Come back to the American Legion!!!


Spud Brown-Groves TX

Enjoyed your show—very talented!


Karl & Kim Heilig- Roanoke TX

You are a tribute to all the men & women in a military uniform!! Awesome show; Brenda also does an amazing Managing, Promoting, and Networking job.


Sassy G.- Nederland TX

Thanks! Awesome- had a ball!


James V- Port Arthur TX

Great Music. Bad ass guitar.


Janece Vaughn- Port Arthur TX

Great Music, Great People. Come back soon!

 Barbara Perez Deppman HI Bat! My husband and I really enjoyed your show - I'm the one that kept on requesting Toby Keith. Let me know when you are ever in Miami - we'd love to hear you again. In the meantime, I'll keep tabs of your calendar. Say hello to your wife as well. All the best...Barb

Ted Gabriel Williams Saw you on Wed. Great show man. Maybe we can get together next time I am in New Mexico, maybe a few weeks out. Next time you are in Colorado let me know

Riverside Bar Can't wait to see you here at the Riverside tomorrow night here in Pueblo!!

Tammy Westfall Hey Bat!! Good to meet you! You guys were awesome, we loved having you here! –Morden, Manitoba Canada

Brian Thiessen Hey!!! Awesome job in Morden... glad we met! You killed that bass man, it was wicked! –Morden, Manitoba Canada

Debbie Sullivan Wulf Hey Bat and Brenda! Many thanks for the awesome evening at the St. James in Cimarron on 8/14. My friends and I will never forget it. Hope to get you to Dallas in the near future- Plano, Tx

Leigh Anne LeBlanc Hi Bat and Brenda. I second that! We enjoyed you so much! Thanks for making our night!-Dallas, Tx

Tom Rivera You the man or Bat whatever. Tell the Del Castillo boys we sure wish they would come back this way. Tell Brenda Sue and I say hi. Albuquerque, NM

Chris Fry Bat and Brenda. Thanks for a wonderful night out at Ojos in Jemez Springs last Wednesday. Eva and I so enjoyed your performance and visiting with you. Hope to see you in Austin sometime. Let us know if you are ever performing here. Chris-Austin, Tx

Toni Yasger I just saw you on youtube for the first time! You amaze me. Have u ever seen the rain is my fave CCR song! & I love the way you sing these eyes- Nashville, TN

Patti March You put on a great show in Red River!


Ginny Edmund It will be fun keeping up with you guys

Julie Bennett Can't wait to see you both on Saturday!

David Brake Now you are making me puke in cyberspace...LOL

Jim Bennett Yep he's my son, and PROUD of it

Helen Bailey Welcome back to the U.S., Bat and Brenda! :) I just got back from Creede, Colorado, where I spent an absolutely wonderful week! Off to Vegas soon for a business trip. Whew!

Rudy Oso  F#$k dude! You F&*k’in play the F^%k out of that guitar!

Scott Jagers Wow! All these years I've known you, and your name isn't really Batman??????

Steve Boyce (Manager of the St. James Hotel) You’re a weird bastard- but you’ve grown on us.

Charles Wickersham Awesome time Wed and Thurs here in Big D

Debbie Sullivan Wulf Definitely rocked Dallas and Frisco. Stay safe out there and have fun. Let us know when you know the December date range - we'll get the word out and I'll work on the school master class idea we spoke about. That will be great for the kids. Take care! 

Isabel Sinclair Bat rocked TX for sure!!! See u in a blink! ;) 

WARNING-We are not responsible for individuals' comments!

 Martha Kalas- ArtesiaNM

It is refreshing to be entertained in such a great way. I love the audience participation because we become part of the music.


Kay Roark-Lake Arthur, NM

You are great! The best acoustical guitarist I have ever heard. Bar None. Enjoyed too much! One day of practice did you good!


Eric Herring- ArtesiaNM

It was great having you come and entertain us. Your style and personality really made the night very fun. I hope to get you back. Also, being a Veteran, thanks for your service to our vets.


David Thurman/Desiree Collins- ArtesiaNM

You did an awesome job! Thank you for traveling and showing us a good time. Hope to see you soon.


Arnold- Port Acres, TX

Where’s Bat? In the pisser! That’s where I met him.


Nicole Herring- ArtesiaNM

Thank you for taking the time out to visit us! You’re an AWESOME guitar player and singer! Hope to see you and your beautiful wife soon!


Brandyn Herring- ArtesiaNM

I truly appreciate the entertainment, and hope I get to hear you again sometime.


Mike & Pam Thurman- ArtesiaNM

Enjoyed it very much-had a great time! AWESOME!!


Todd & Linda Jones- CarlsbadNM

We LOVED it!! Come play at our Elk’s Lodge J

“We are taking care of business” – Got your cardJ


Michelle Harman- ArtesiaNM

Enjoyed it!


Oscar Nicholson- ArtesiaNM

You are great!!


Carol Comeaux- FannettTX

Loved you at “The Place”


Pam Walker- NederlandTX

You were really great! Enjoyed you very much.


Debbie Leever- Port Acres, TX

Love Ya, it was awesome. Come back please!


David Peco- Port Acres, TX

Write the song “Gimme head til I’m dead.” Thanks for a good time

Melissa Wilson- Port Arthur, TX

Awesome! I love the audience participation.

Mindy & Scott Hart- FannettTX

You’re Great!!

 Joel & Tamy Jones- Port AurthurTX

You are the greatest- don’t stop on the road you’re on. We love you and your music.

WARNING-We are not responsible for other individuals' comments!

 Caboose- Port Acres, TX

You are GREAT!!

 Rose Devlon- Port Acres, TX


 Mavis Sullivan-Conroe, TX

Thanks for the "Malaguena"

Arnold & Benny- Port Acres, TX

Ya’ll are the bomb!! Too much talent!!

Gayle- Manchester U.K. (Grapevine, TX)

We all love you! You made us feel like we had been newly born :)

The best night we have had out for as long as I can remember!!!

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! XOXOX We are Brits from England; you made our vacation!  XOXOXOX

Debbie Wulf- PlanoTx

Always the very best! I love hearing you play! Looking forward to the next opportunity to see you both again. Take Care

Darien Wulf- PlanoTx

Play ZZTOP again!

Amber Peters- Mt. Vernon TX

You did wonderful! Thanks for the entertainment!

Don Campbell- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Great Playing with you in Grapevine TX! Dec. 27 2010

Bryan Todd- Amarillo Tx

Y’all kick ass! Love the Folk Music. Can’t wait to see you again.

Mandi Gordon- Washington D.C.

Awesome! Unbelievable!

Cody Lewis-Amarillo, TX


Kristin Stair Hey Bat! We had a great time seeing you perform last night at Los Ojos. Let me know if you come play in Cruces.


Pamela Reynolds It's been fun running around to see you... just wish I could have gone to more places. Maybe this year...


Janice Silveira Hamilton Hello from Montegut, LA~~~ Mark & I met you in Denton, TX~~~ Hope your travels are safe & wonderful! We spent New Year's Eve @ Fountainbleu State Park & enjoyed the Alligator trails. Take care!


Tonya Eldridge Wilkinson Hey Bat and Mrs. Bat. Met you at the Porch in Grapevine. Man, your music was rocking and I believe your talent is given diretly to you by God. Talked to the Commanders wife at the V...going to follow up as well so we can get you scheduled at the VFW in May when you are here next. I want to hear you play again....it is easy to find music to move your body, but not many times does music move your soul....and your acoustic playing DID. Love you you both. Looking forward to see you. Tonya


Rudy DeHoyos please keep posting glad u 2 are giving people a good time smile and laughs in peoples heart u make people happy keep up good work brenda glad to know u are doing great and happy happy for u both enjoy life


Toby R Heredia Guitar skills are off the wall my man. Thank you it was awesome and a privilege to hear you and listen to you play


Kerri Randolph Hardiman We had a great time listening to you in Artesia!! Thanks for making a boring Thursday night alot of fun. You are awesome!!


Crystal Garcia Your Artesia show...was AMAZING! Hope to hear ya again soon!


 Fred & Donna Harper- Albuquerque, NM

Happy New Year!!! Thank YOU!!—Awesome. See you in Corrales

 Katie Holland- Albuquerque, NM

 Happy New Year! Thanks for a fantastic night!! See you in Corrales!

Lance M. – Hollywood, CA

Rock on Mutha F*%#er!

Flora Duarte- Pagosa Springs, CO

You & Brenda are the BEST!! <3 Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Dianna Welles- Pagosa Springs, CO

I am SOOOO glad to have met you guys; you are truly amazing. (And your music too) God Bless You

Chris Wilson- Pagosa Springs, CO


Fannie- Port Acres, TX

I’m 76, and you’re the best singer and guit-tar picker I’ve ever seen!

David Shephard- Amarillo, TX

Very Nice! Let me know when you’re in town at Butler’s

Michael Strickland- Hoboken, NJ

Holy Cow! Incredible guitar playing!

Cheryl Slaughter- Mesquite, TX

Versatile and OUTSTANDING PERFORMER!! Enjoyed it very much. . . hope to see & hear you again. City Tavern 12/25/10

Ruth Hardesty- Lakewood, TX

Awesome!!!! Thanks!

Raymond Rosales- Amarillo, TX

Best F&%*ing guitarist I’ve ever seen!! No Sh$t!

Jen Jones- (Bartender- City Tavern) Dallas, TX


Kush- (Bartender, City Tavern) Dallas, TX

You Guys are RAD! Come back soon

Vicky Martin-Roanoke, TX

You’re AWESOME! So happy to see a couple spending life together! Call us on your way back through!

Tonya Wilkenson- Grapevine, TX

God Bless You. Your talent is amazing! Your music moved me. Wish you all the luck and blessings you deserve. Keep Rocking! Keep blessing people with your talent.

Deborah Fiffeik- Grapevine, TX

Love your music! I like “Yellow Rose of Texas”

Penny Robinette- Grapevine, TX

You have awesome talent!

Spencer- Pagosa Springs, CO

Bat-iful sounds!

Marcella King- Yatahey, NM

Delicious food, nice atmosphere, WONDERFUL entertainment!

Aaron Ben- Gallup, NM

Awesome entertainment!! Happy New Year!

 George Arthur- Yatahey, NM

Blessings from within the 4 Sacred Mountains of the great Navajo Nation!

 Janelle Brown- Durango, CO

Brenda & Bat? LOL. Thank you for playing 2011’s beginning with me & my sweetheart!!!

 John Mann- Cincinatti, OH

Very Impressed. 12- String AMAZING! Voice impressive! A 12 out of 10! Best Live show I’ve seen!

Lyndsay Harper- Albuquerque, NM

QUEEN= AWESOME!! You have a very versatile and amazing voice! Will see you again.

Marcus- Amarillo, TX (Guitarist- House band at Butler’s Martini lounge)

I can’t believe what I’m seeing. As a guitarist for 30 years, I’ve never seen anyone play NOTHING BUT REQUESTS for an ENTIRE show. You’ve got some balls, brother! Your voice is amazing! Even the GIRL songs blew me away.

Kim Newton- Grapevine TX (Owner, The Back Porch Tavern)Awesome! YOU ARE AMAZING! You are welcome to play here ANYTIME you come through Texas.

 Unsigned Drawing- Flagstaff AZ

Great cover of Led Zeppelin. Far out Maaaaaaann!

Barbara- Albuquerque, NM

You & Brenda Rock!!! Very impressed with your portfolio & repertoire. Keep up the awesome work for Vets. May God Bless. 

Michael & Karla- Jemez Springs, NM

Wonderful!! We love this stuff! 

Jim McCombs- Jemez Pueblo, NM

Your heart is in Jemez Springs, but for the love of music, you can’t come home yet. 

Kristin Stair- Las Cruces, NM

Come back to Las Cruces!

Jessie Dodington- Portales, NM 

Very impressed with your vocal range & wide variety of songs. Thanks for rocking out and really giving here. It’d be nice to hear you again sometime.

WARNING-We are not responsible for individuals' comments!

Ms. Pamela- Santa Fe, NM 
Never gets old- love it every time! You are the best!! 

Becky- Santa Fe, NM 
Always entertaining— 

Sally Hales- Los Alamos, NM 
Chuck & I always look forward to your visits- you rock! We have such a great time. Your talent is amazing (what an understatement!) Love you both so much!! 

Dee McCoy- Los Alamos, NM 

Bat, You’re Amazing! You make me laugh, cry & dance for Sally on the wings! Love, Dee 

Louis Rosocha- Los Alamos, NM 
Killer entertainment, Dude! 

Dan Gandee- White Rock, NM 
You Rock! 

Da Thing- Los Alamos, NM 

You’re a brother to the Legion Riders. See you in Florida. 

Scott Wilkinson- Los Alamos, NM 
All excellent- truly an awesome talent. 

Ma Demello- Los Alamos 
Absolutely love you. You can stay with us in Florida. Can pick up & delivery you & Brenda to Tampa Airport! 

Shaunessy Nadeau- Los Alamos, NM 
I LOVE all the Billy Joel you sing for me! 

Chuck Hales- Los Alamos, NM 
Bat, we have come to think of you & Brenda as good friends. 

Robyn Peterson- Los Alamos, NM 
You do a great job! Always enjoy your show. Brenda is AWESOME. 

Julie Bennett- Los Alamos, NM I’ve followed you for a long time- it just keeps getting better. Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Love you both.

Shannon Fragus- Jemez Pueblo NM

Bat, you are very talented. I greatly appreciate you & Brenda coming to Entertain us at Los Ojos. Keep up the outstanding performance that you do. . .I enjoy seeing you & Brenda. You’re a wonderful couple- I’m glad to be a friend. J God Bless


Russ & Anne Elliot- Durango, Co

Thanks for making Russ’ 45th birthday special. Best of luck for the New Year. Thanks for the Jim Croce & Gordon Lightfoot.


Tim Wise- Durango, Co

 Very Good-really informative.


Dane Hovey- Durango, CO(Bartender, Sweeney’s)

So Inspriring!! I play guitar & drums, and you make me want to expand my repertoire and skills. LOVED IT!! Sooooooooo fun. Share some secrets. . . .please. . .


Toby Doub-Pueblo, Co

Phenomenal Talent!! Loved Every minute of it!


Stephanie Smith- Pueblo, Co

So glad you were playing here, and we had a great time! You are so talelnted & fun to hear & watch!


Derek Sams-Leadville CO

Thanks for the “Cracklin’ Rosie,” don’t hear that often enough. Also visit Portland, ME and Parkersburg, WV!!


Josh Samuels- Payson, AZ

Unbelievable. You absolutely transcend being a “musician.” By far the best entertainer I’ve seen. Your ability with people is amazing. That’s where it’s at, Brother.


Kevin T- Gilbert, AZ

You guys are great!!


Kelly Sterling (Owner, Kelly’s Saloon)- Payson, AZ



Steve Jones-Payson, AZ

Love the 12-string! The book is a great idea- very original!


Waylon Kue-P Town, AZ

You got talent! Much love & respect.


Wayne- Star Valley, AZ

 The “Wreck” (…of the Edmund Fitzgerald…) was great!!


Flint & Debbie- Payson & Star Valley, AZ

Debbie sang Rocky Racoon with you.


Mike- Payson, Az

Pink Floyd!


Maia & Jackie P- Star Valley, AZ

Rock on! Enjoyed you very much. Thanks- come back to Kelly’s soon!


Amy Beas- Star Valley, AZ

<3 <3<3 Love Love Love you!


 Joe- Star Valley

Wow! Amazing guitar & vocals. Very good- things coming for you.


James Dawkins- Star Valley

Rite on! First  I ever seen to play Rush on Acoustic!


Becka & Ricky- Los Alamos, NM

Bat- we’ve followed you for ten years & you continue to grow & only get better. We love you & the music in your soul. Forever your fans. Rock on brother in life and Music!

Brenda, you are surely an inspiration to Tom’s  creativity in Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deni Bleggi, Principal Bethany Elementary School-Plano, Texas

Dear Mr. & Mrs Bennett, this letter is to share with you how much your visit to Bethany Elementary School in Plano, Texas impacted our school community. Thank you for taking the time out or your busy schedule in December to donate the gift of music and time that you did with our students and staff, and thank you for providing our students with the opportunity to listen to your great Art & Music. Your talent and performance skills inspired our young students’ minds. 

Jim & Donna- Wickenburg, AZ 
Very, Very Enjoyable! 

Jim Adams- Surprise, AZ 
Good Job! 

Cj Otto- Missoula, Montana 

John McCartan- Hobbs, NM 
You Rock!! 

Kerry Arney- Surprise, AZ 
Amazing, Incredible, Oh Wow!! 

Theresa Estes- Tempe, AZ 
Loved Your Music 

Peggy Arthur- Scottsdale, AZ 
Please come back! 

Myra Schroot- Scottsdale, AZ 
Great-Come Back Soon! 

Beverly Sweatt- Artesia, NM 

Toby Heredna- Artesia, NM 
Speechless!!! Guitar skills made me speechless!!! Come back soon. 

Larry & Kerri Gardiner- Artesia, NM 

Such a GREAT SHOW! We had a great night- Thanks! 

Anthony Trevino- Artesia, NM 
F#^^*%ng Awesome Bro!!! 

Raul Lugo- Artesia, NM 
U Rock, good to hear U 

Shana Griffith- Artesia, NM 

You are a refreshing, delightful, awesome entertainer!! So glad I had the opportunity to be in your audience! Thank you. 

Judi Golden- Artesia, NM

Lea Ramsey- Artesia, NM 
Outstanding performance. Can’t wait to hear more!!! 

Vicki Thurman- Artesia, NM 

Enjoyed the show-Great fun!! 

Cindy Hazelbaker- Artesia, NM 
You are awesome, wholesome, refreshing. . .keep up the good job. You rocked the Elks Lodge!!!!! 

Nick Cheney- Artesia Elks Lodge Very cool picker, man. . . Thanks for the good time. PS. . .not only talent, but an excellent showman! I pick & grin a little. . .I’m jealous! Thanks.

WARNING-We are not responsible for individual's comments! All comments are posted  as submitted, whether good or bad.

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