""Amazing. Phenomenal. Unbelievable"
My Texas Music, http://www.mytexasmusic.com/bat/ 

“Bat "joins a very limited company in his wizardy of the 12-string guitar"”
" . . .completely original. . . crosses all borders with heavy influence on melody, vocal strength and amazing guitar passages."

“. . .mastering the 12- String Guitar to the extent that few have. . . .”
- Ed Harper, State Port Pilot (Jun 25, 2014)

"This skillful guitarist uses . . . acoustic wizardry and melodic strengths . . with flare & style to deliver a stellar show"


                                 ~~~~~Never the same show twice~~~~~~
The Amazing Guitarsist and Singer is embarking  on a Bigger than ever tour this year, with LOTS of surprises.

The 2014 tour covers 29 states, more cities than you can count, and is pure magic!!

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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!
A very fine article appeared in last months editions of
Southport, North Carolina's Newspaper "The State Port Pilot"

And now last week, a new article has popped up in the Edge Magazine,
from Dover & Portsmouth New Hampshire

And the very latest news article from Lititz, Pennsylvania is here at this link:

This one turned up in Alexandria Minnesota on September 10th 

Bat Shows 2015 (So far)        

This section is completely subject to change hourly. These dates are being filled  in by the minute, and just because a day is not listed does not mean that it is available.
You can reach Brenda with Stellar Entertainment at wheresbat@gmail.com for booking dates.


Jan 7, Pickle's BBQ & Icehouse, Watauga, TX

Jan 9, Centennial Club, McAllen, TX

Jan 19, Florabama, Perdido Key, FL

Jan 20, Lulu's Homeport, Gulf Shores, AL

Jan 22, Felix's Fish Camp, Spanish Fort, AL

Jan 23, Tin Cow, Pensacola, FL

Jan 27, Our Cigar Bar, Orange Beach, AL

Jan 28, Bella Terra Resort, Foley AL PRIVATE EVENT

Jan 30, Pensacola Beach Elk's Lodge 497, Gulf Breeze, FL

Jan 31, American Legion Post 186, Brooksville FL

Feb 3, Snook Inn, Marco Island, FL

Feb 5, Sea Hag's, St Pete's Beach, FL

Feb 8, Nervous Nellie's, Ft Myers Beach, FL

Feb 10, Caddy's On The Beach, Sunset Beach, FL

Feb 12, Sea Hag's, St Pete's Beach, FL

Feb 13, Caddy's On The Beach, Sunset Beach, FL

Feb 14, Stan's Idle Hour, Goodland, FL

Feb 15, Snook Inn, Marco Island, FL

Feb 17, Snook Inn, Marco Island, FL

Feb 18, Caddy's On The Beach, Sunset Beach, FL

Feb 20, Stan's Idle Hour, Goodland FL

Feb 21, Tiki 52, Jupiter, FL

Feb 22, Nervous Nellie's, Ft Myers Beach, FL

Feb 27, Caddy's On The Beach, Sunset Beach, FL

Feb 28, Vine & Barley, Port St Lucie, FL

Mar 1, Snook Inn, Marco Is, FL

Mar 3, Snook Inn, Marco Is, FL

Mar 4, Caddy's On The Beach, Sunset Beach, FL

Mar 6-8, Eddie Teach's Raw Bar, St George Island, FL

Mar 13, Tin Cow, Pensacola, FL

Mar 18th, Bella Terra RV Resort, Foley, AL PRIVATE SHOW

Mar 19, Felix's Fish Camp, Spanish Fort, AL

Mar 20, Pensacola Beach Elk's Lodge 497, Gulf Breeze, FL

Mar 24, Caddy's On The Beach, Sunset Beach, FL

Mar 26, River City Brewing Co, Jacksonville, FL

April 5, K-Rae's Waterway Bar & Grille, Murrel's Inlet, SC

April 10, Fishy Fishy Cafe, Southport NC

April 17, Folly Beach Crab Shack, Folly Beach SC

Apr 29, Howler's Coyote Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

May 1- 5, Delta Blue, Lake Placid, NY

May 20-21, Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale, Alexandria, MN

May 22, Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center, Alexandria MN

May 23- 24, Carlos Creek Winery, Alexandria, MN

May 27, The Ivy, Wheaton IL

May 28-29 Reefpoint Brewhouse, Racine, WI

May 30, Premier Steel, Anderson IN PRIVATE EVENT

June 2, Falls Creek Golf Club, Pendleton, IN

June 4, Venice Island Performing Arts Center, Philadelphia PA

June 5 & 6, Fred's Tavern, Stone Harbor, NJ

June 12-14, Abbey Road Pub & Eatery, Virginia Beach, VA

June 18, Fishy Fishy Cafe, Southport, NC

June 21, Fishy Fishy Cafe, Southport, NC

June 25, Fishy Fishy Cafe, Southport, NC

Elks Lodge BPOE 528, Wilmington, NC

June 27,  Fishy Fishy Cafe, Southport, NC

July 2, Fishy Fishy Cafe, Southport, NC

July 8, Bone Island Grillehouse, Eatonton GA

July 1-12, Abbey Road Pub & Eatery, Virginia Beach, VA

Jul 17-18, Fred's Tavern, Stone Harbor, NJ

July 23, The Wharf, Hallowell, ME

July 24, Blaze, Bangor, ME

July 25, Finback Alehouse, Bar Harbor, ME


Aug 5, The Wharf, Hallowell, ME

Aug 6, Finback Alehouse, Bar Harbor, ME

Aug 7, Blaze, Bangor, ME

Aug 9-11, Delta Blues, Lake Placid, NY

Aug 13, Hanscom AFB, Revere, MA

Aug 14-16 (4 shows) Casino Wharf FX, Falmouth MA

Aug 28-29, Fred's Tavern, Stone Harbor, NJ

Sept 3, Branch and Bourbon, Philadelphia PA
This is a Philadelphia Folksong Society Event

Sept 4, White Swan, Lititz, PA

Schaeffer Annual Horseshoe Tournament, Lititz PA PRIVATE EVENT

Sept 10 & 11, The Ivy, Wheaton IL

Sept 16-17, Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale, Alexandria, MN

Sept 18, Alexandria Golf Club, Alexandria, MN PRIVATE EVENT

Sept 19 -20, Carlos Creek Winery, Alexandria MN

Sept 23, Mort's Cigar Bar, Wichita KS

Sept 24, The Candle Club, Wichita, KS

Sept 25 & 26, PRIVATE EVENT, Omaha NE

Sept 29, Butler's Martini & Cigar Lounge, Amarillo TX

Oct 2 & 3 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta PRIVATE EVENT

Oct 4
, American Legion Post 75, Jemez Springs, NM

Oct 10, Elk's Lodge BPOE 1717, Artesia, NM

Oct 15, Bathtub Row Beer Co-op, Los Alamos, NM

Oct 16, St James Hotel, Cimarron, NM

Oct 17, American Legion Post 90, Los Alamos NM

Oct 20, Irish Wolfhound Pub, Surprise AZ

Oct 21, Sun City Hiker's Club, Sun City AZ , PRIVATE EVENT

Oct 22, High Desert Brewing Co, Las Cruces NM

Oct 24, PRIVATE EVENT, Ruidoso NM

Oct 27, Irish Wolfhound, Surprise AZ

Oct 28, Sunset Bistro At The Lakes, Peoria AZ

Oct 30, Irish Wolfhound, Surprise AZ

Oct 31. Surprise AZ, PRIVATE EVENT

Nov 5. Gracie's, Salt Lake City UT

Nov 6 & 7, Boise ID PRIVATE EVENT

Nov 10, The Sandbar, Capitola CA

Nov 13, Salt Creek Grille, Valencia, CA

Nov 14th, Motor Coach Country Club, Indio CA  PRIVATE EVENT

Nov 20, McP's Irish Pub, Coronado CA

Nov 21, Hooley's Irish Pub, El Cajon, CA

Nov 27, Hooley's Irish Pub, La Mesa CA

Nov 28, McP's Irish Pub, Coronado CA

Dec 11, Hooley's Irish Pub, La Mesa CA

Dec 1, Irish Wolfhound, Surprise, AZ

Dec 4, Irish Wolfhound, Surprise, AZ

Dec 5, Western Trails Ranch, Morristown AZ

Dec 8, Irish Wolfhound, Surprise, AZ

Dec 9, Sunset Bistro At The Lakes, Peoria AZ

Dec 11, Hooley's Irish Pub, La Mesa CA

Dec 12, Salt Creek Grille, Valencia CA

Dec 15, Desert Trails RV Park, Tucson AZ

Dec 16, Sunset Bistro At The Lakes, Peoria AZ

Dec 17, Cellar Door, Kingman AZ

Dec 18, Western Trails Ranch, Morristown AZ


Bat is now and then featured on a special "Stump the Bat " series on 94 Rock, a popular Clear Channel Rock & Roll Station (both Classic & Current) in Albuquerque, NM.
Callers are invited to call in their requests, the only limitation being that it had to be a song that the station would typically play within their format.  Calls come in, not only from Albuquerque, but from Las Cruces NM, St. Paul Minnesota, Austin TX, and Chattanooga, TN. Prizes are awarded to callers that were able to name a song that Bat could not play.   The show was as fun as it could be, with lots of humor, lots of guitar picking, and just plain fun! Future editions will be announced here.
The PodCasts can be found here:http://www.94rock.com/main.html
Bat,Skyler,Swami Rob & Rainman                    
Look for Bat to be a Headliner at the "Twilight Tunes" songwriter/ Folk Festival in Cape Girardeau, MO!! 
 Other folk festival appearances to be announced as the Festival Season moves on.
Twice at the Carlos Creek Winery Festivals
this year in Alexandria, MN.

June 5 at Howler's In Pittsburgh PA!
Here is the Reverbnation Music Player
Listen to Bat's songs FREE!!

Bat returns to the BAT-CAVE on October 18th!!
Good Grief, watch out Bricktown!!

Bat will again take over Oklahoma City 

on May 1-3, Sept 25- 27 and Dec 27- Jan 1

Join the  Fun

at Nonna's Euro Bistro & Painted Door.

New Year's Eve 2014 will also be at the Purple Bar
The World Famous Purple Bar at Nonna's
All shows start at 8pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We love our Vets!~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
ou Can Also find us here!!!!
Calendar Dates Subject to change without notice.

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Listen to Bat's Songs right here!!!

Text Box

   Amazing. Phenomenal. Unbelievable. These are the adjectives most commonly used to describe the Singer/Guitarist from New Mexico, whether they are talking about his voice, or his guitar playing. Now in his fourth year as a Solo Performer on the National stage, Bat leaves quite an impression wherever he plays.


   Bat grew up in Zion, IL, a little North of Chicago on Lake Michigan’s shore where Illinois becomes Wisconsin. His brother Steve and he started playing bluegrass tunes on banjo & guitar when Bat was eight years old. Singing around the campfire & entertaining at family parties was a typical occurrence for the boys.

   The family moved to New Mexico around the time Bat was in High School, and meeting other musicians with largely different styles gave him a whole new world of influences to practice on and draw from. A musical sponge, Bat soaked up every note of these new sounds and began applying them to his music. Bat wrote his first compositions as a teenager, one of which, ‘Playground’ has been recognized Internationally and is currently used in rotation on Jazz radio stations in the USA.

    In addition to guitar & banjo, Bat learned to play drums, piano, and bass. After high school he easily found enough work as a Bass player to keep him employed (as well as simultaneously doubling on the Keyboards) for the next 20 years.

    He spent a period of time hitchhiking across the US and ultimately landed in San Francisco, where he began polishing his amazing ability to cover almost anything from the Rock, Folk, Country, Soul, Metal and Oldies catalogues, playing on the wharf there for tourist tips.

   1986 Bat met Brenda while in New Mexico, and they were married. They raised three children in the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area.

   Looking for a way to serve his country, Bat began a series of letters to the United States Department Of Defense, and after a year of being directed to this office and that, found himself in a traveling position as an entertainer for US Troops overseas for all branches of US Armed Forces, performing what most people know as USO shows for active duty forces in bases all over the world. Bat has performed for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Ambassadors and Statesmen not only for the US but also the Emissaries of many lands in over 50 countries. One year became nearly ten, and the touring went on without letup until 2002. Once the Second Gulf War had started, the USO schedule became too choked with Celebrities wanting to go to Iraq to be with the Troops, that Bat decided to leave that Arena to the big shots, and go home for a while.

  During all this time of travel and performing with bands, Bat had become the Lead Singer in the ensembles he was performing with and, gifted with an incredible voice range, learned to use it in every style, learning to copy with uncanny accuracy the vocal tone & style of the greatest of singers from Journey to Johnny Cash. Touring non-stop, audiences are still awed nightly by his unbelievably versatile voice.

  Returning home and performing much less, Bat found other work for a time in a number of ways, but mostly helping Brenda to run her advertising Business in Albuquerque. After a couple of decades of National and International performing, Bat felt he was done with the music business and told Brenda that he was ready to get out. Brenda, however, had other ideas.

   The children having grown up and moved away, Brenda was eager to get out on the road and see the country. She convinced Bat to pick up his old 12-string guitar again, and take a run at the music business as a solo guitarist, and she, his manager.

“What can I say?’ admits Bat. “She was right.”

    Bat returned to his guitar playing with an intensity that was unstoppable. In all the years of bass playing, Bat had always been practicing on the guitar and doing solo gigs here & there, but now turned his attention to the instrument with a vengeance.  Practicing day & night, Bat wrote & recorded the first solo CD “Waiting For Zavala” on only two instruments- 12 String Guitar and voice. The result is what he refers to as “Heavy Folk.” Most others call it acoustic music on steroids. The guitar playing is flashy and impressive, and the melodies are beautiful. Catchy tunes that stick in one’s mind immediately, while studiously avoiding the sound of typical pop radio formula songs.

  The second CD “Digital Sculpture” takes folk music to a whole new level. While still recorded strictly with acoustic guitar & voice, the production is more lavish with vocal arrangements and percussion sounds- all of which are produced from drumming on the guitar body in various ways. Digital sculpture features Bat’s Magnum Opus for acoustic guitar called “Last Stand In Texas’; a three-movement masterpiece of 12 String guitar virtuosity that leaves the audiences standing in the aisles at the shows. This is the current CD that Bat is touring in support of.

  Bat has been touring North America solo now for 3 years from Coast to coast in the USA & Canada. The CDs have been acclaimed worldwide, and have been featured on television shows in Europe. He has been awarded back-to-back songwriting grants from ASCAP for his compositions, and the performances of them.

  The next CD “Guitar Pieces” will be released in early 2015, and will be an entire volume of instrumental compositions for Solo Guitar, which will include, in addition to his world renowned 12-String playing, pieces for standard 6-string, and compositions on nylon string classical guitar.

  The songs themselves range in style from one to another. Bat uses his knack for versatility generously, covering ground from Big Band Jazz to Country, Doo Wop to Rock. He does not like to have two songs of a similar style on the same CD, and is always searching for a melody better than the one before it. The lyrics are intelligent and sometimes silly, but always poetic & thoughtful. The guitar arrangements while obviously very difficult to compose and perform flow beautifully from his fingers and paint a rich atmosphere of sound and impression.

 Amazing Guitar, Incredible Voice, Absolutely Delightful Music.