Digital Sculpture Full Liner Notes

  Digital Sculpture Credits

Produced by BAT and Rick Del Castillo at Smilin’ Castle Studios in Kyle TX

All sounds that constitute ‘music’ were generated either by the guitar or the human body.

All Songs written and recorded by Bat except:

“Slow Burn” and “Ne Maum” written by Bat & Ron Crowder, published by Brenda’s Private Collection and Sympathetic Vibrations Music.

All other songs published by Brenda’s Private Collection

All Photographs copyright © 2013 by Stella’s Cheap Shots, and used by permission.

All artwork by Tom Bennett. Lyrics at


The instruments used on this recording were: Two Guild JF3012E guitars; ‘Helen’ with six strings, and ‘Karen’ with 12.  Yamaha APX-10NA electric/acoustic Nylon-string classical guitar. Takamine Nylon String Classical was used to simulate ‘bass’.  Pedro Reyna Gran Variedad Requinto. Various odds & ends were used to bang on for percussion sounds, but mostly the box of Helen; that’s the kick drum sounds you hear. There is a Tama Snare drum used on “Long Way Home”


For the rotten kids- Levi, Echo & Lenna. A lifetime of Gratitude to: Ms Pamela who is still everywhere, and still everything. Doug & Sandra Warwick, Jim & Lauren Bennett, Steve, Corrine & Hanna, Barb & Dave, John & Beth, Jim & Becky at Smith’s Ultimate Linings for all the T-Shirts, Hats, and other fabulous Bat Stuff! Nena Ugarte- who is almost totally responsible for getting the ball rolling on the Atlantic Coast, Jim & Bridgette Chirico and all the folks from Fishy Fishy Café in Southport, NC. Marci Phillips and her husband George- who, by taking us into her life introduced us to a nationwide network of love & support, Tom Paulini & the folks at Casino Wharf in Cape Cod, Debbie Sullivan- who is the one who got us to venture beyond the borders of New Mexico,  Monte & Linda Garner, English Bob, Tina, Mike James, Mike Smith, Stacia Gushel, Tom, Sue, Kurt, Angela, Doc, Gary and all the crew at Quickbeam, Don Edwards, Mark & Elisa Trillanes, Nathan & Angela Strong, and all the dear friends at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Donnie Frank- The Half-Geek himself, Woody Peterson- our brother and life line in Gulf Shores AL, Our Dear Brothers (to whom we owe much for the jump-start) of Del Castillo: Albert, Mark, Rick & Mike, Alex Ruiz, The Amazing Avis & Phil at Nonna’s in Oklahoma City- you changed everything. Tim Miller- our landlord/captain/cheerleader/inspiration: brothers for life. . . none of it could have been done without you! Eric & the crew at High Desert Brewery in Las Cruces NM, Dave & Amy Monoghan from the Irish Wolfhound- the ones who stuck their necks out ALL the way in Surprise AZ, Julie Bennett- who kicked it off and drives it still, “Off The Wall,” my inspiration as a fledgling player- the guys who were really doing it when I was a teenager, and still doing it now: Jeff Donahoe, Vaughn McMillan & Steve Brittenham, and also Mike Grimes who goads everyone on. Tom, Carolann, George, Justin & Matt-all our love. Doug & Trish Murphy, all the folks in Cimarron- Shirley, Rudy, Pauline, Janet, Steve & Tracey, Valerie, Dennis & Jana , Corrales-Steve & the Sandi Bar Crew where it all began, our loving Elk family in Artesia & Carlsbad, Deming & Albuquerque NM. Tom, Jan, Pam & Jim in Alexandria MN. Robert & Jan Hinshaw in Wichita KS. Our veterans in Port Arthur, TX- Shakey Bob, CJ, Tom & Sassie, Jane, Jerry, Spud and all the friends at the post, The Roxey family in Surprise AZ- Joe, Lynn Justin & Nicole. . . you have our undying love & gratitude forever, Joe & Jowie, The folks at the Cactus Ranch in Morristown- thanks for fantastic days in the desert, Art & Rose, Doug & Lorraine, Dick & Debbie, Aunt Dot & Uncle Robert in Brooklyn- thanks for the home, love & guidance, Southport NC, Lititz PA, Falmouth MA, Marco Island FL, Gulf Shores AL, Fred & Donna Harper, Karen Myers-whose Guild guitar was used on this recording and whose love lit our way in the south, Paul Gaines along with Scott & Nancy and Bob &Linda from the Cellar Door in Kingman AZ, Brandi Colbert, Matt & Susie, Jeff & Francie, Bill & Jackie, Eddie Teach's in Apalachicola FL, the Downtown Blues crew= Billy & Gaye, Susan McFarland, Frank, Kay & Henry Hope, Molly's in Soulard MO, Bruce Zimmerman in Cape Girardeau- a heck of a songwriter.

To all of the venue owners & managers who have allowed Brenda & me into your lives. A genuine and heartfelt thank you.

Veterans, veterans, veterans. If you know me, you know that I love and support my veterans. I have no love for politics or make any party stance- I only support our Troops that are obliged to do the unforgiving work of the powers that be- and can’t have a political opinion while under orders.


The idea this time around was a little bit different. On the “Waiting For Zavala” CD,  which was my first as a soloist, it was very important to me to make an accurate representation of what my live show sounded like- that is, more or less only ONE Guitar and ONE voice (with some harmonies, of course) and no arrangements with drums or strings or bass, or even guitar solos that couldn’t be performed live . There was not a single song on the first CD that could not be performed exactly as you heard it on the disc. THIS TIME, THOSE RULES DID NOT MATTER SO MUCH!!!

While you will see the statement above that says that ALL MUSICAL sounds were produced by either the Human Voice (that means Stella’s too in ONE spot!!) or a Guitar,  the restriction on arrangements has been eased quite a bit. I can still perform every song NEARLY as you hear it, but I cannot bang on the guitar like the “drumming’ you hear in “I Guess” and play the chord progression simultaneously. I believe, though, (as the man who made these rules for himself) that I have stuck to my guns and made another down to earth, and reasonable recording. In my opinion ( which is not always based in reality) I have never in my life played the guitar better, and I have reached new levels of ability and creativity over the course of this project. It comes from being driven to give the best to my friends and fans. You deserve it.


Those of you who kept driving me on through the various Social Media channels have my gratitude, and I will try to hand back to you the very best performance that I am capable of recording.