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If you wish to contract Bat for a Private Event, PLEASE contact us at as far in advance as possible!! New dates and venues are added weekly, and not always posted as quickly as they are booked. In the case of a private function, only the name of the city where it takes place is posted on this site.
Private Parties and Events 

Private functions are the most fun way to entertain. Many of the limitations of Public Performances are removed, and the atmosphere is far more comfortable for everyone. They can take place in a home, office, park, on a boat, outside on the ranch, at a campground, hotel, airplane hangar. . . .where ever you wish. Bat has performed in some very unusual places.


Sets can be broken up over periods; for instance, there can be a “Dinner set” while guests are mingling or enjoying hospitality, then a “Show set” when the act begins in earnest. Or, as is the case with normal venues, they can run all together in one block.


The “Stage” area can be anywhere (indoor or outdoor) on the grounds, providing there is adequate available power, and a cover of some fashion to protect Bat’s equipment from the elements. It should be noted that since Bat’s act is highly interactive, the closer to the audience, the better for all.


        There is always an extra microphone, and guests are welcome (and encouraged) to come up and sing with Bat. Other musicians are also welcome to “sit in” as long as it is practical, and does not hijack the show. Nothing stops a party and causes audience moans like drunken Uncle Al getting hold of a microphone.

                                     The start/stop time can occur at any time of the day or evening.


Audience members are always welcome to film or photograph performances. 


Some of the things that should be considered when booking Bat for your event. 

  • Reasonable access to deliver Equipment to Stage Area.


  • Adequate power at Stage area. One 20-amp grounded circuit is absolutely required, with no other major appliances (washer, refrigerator, etc.) running on same circuit during Bat’s show.


  • Lighting. There should be adequate lighting for guests to be able to see the performance. If you do not have lighting at the Stage Area, please let Bat know well before the day of the event, and he will provide lighting.


  • In the event of an outdoor performance, there MUST be a cover over the Stage area to protect equipment and artist against inclement weather. In cold conditions, there MUST be a heater available. The guitar is extremely difficult to play in cold conditions. 

  • Bat & Brenda are both HUGE coffee drinkers. Please make coffee & water available.


  • If outside of their hometown area Bat & Brenda require a place to wash, change clothes, and sleep after driving and performing. This does not have to be a suite at the Doubletree hotel. Simply a CLEAN room with toilet facilities on the night of the performance. This room must be available no less than 3 hours prior to performance. For Flyaway Shows, (shows that require air travel) travel will be paid for by the event host. Costs will include 2 passengers (Bat & Brenda) and most likely 2 checked bag charges; one for the Guitar, and one for their Show clothes. Travel to and from Airport must be provided in the town where the event occurs. Event may also require the rental of a small PA system which can easily be inexpensively obtained at any music store or Pro Audio Rental shop. All matters to be cost-estimated coordinated before agreeing on show fee.


  • For Driveaway shows, all gear will be provided by Bat. Fuel costs and accommodations enroute must also be considered.


  • For both Flyaway and Driveaway shows, an advance deposit of Half the agreed fee is required to cover travel expenses.


  • Agreement includes Three (3) hours of performance time. There will be Two (2) short breaks during this time. Breaks will never exceed 15 minutes.


  • Fees not requiring travel start at $350.00 per show, plus Room, and Bat will be allowed to set out a tip jar. The tip jar is never pushed on guests by either Bat or Brenda, and rarely mentioned; it usually speaks for itself.


  • Instances occur now and then, when the host deems a tip jar inappropriate for their event. In this case, the fee is $500.00, plus Room.

                                     Please contact Bat WELL in advance to schedule your event.

Booking Management: 505-720-4984


Please bear in mind that Bat & Brenda are almost always traveling, and response time to emails and phone messages varies widely, but ALL messages are answered. Leave your contact info, the date of your event, and the location of the function. You will be contacted as soon as they are in internet or telephone range.