Bat's Lyrics

 All lyrics copyright 2012 by Brenda's Private Collection and used by permission, except Loverboy, The Two Of Us, Ridin' Alone, Out Of The Blue, Islands, Ne Maum, Slow Burn and Hold Me Tight which are copyright 2012 by Brenda's Private Collection and Sympathetic Vibrations Music. Used by permission.

Waiting For Zavala

Hey there lonely little girl, heard you got your heart broke again
Lonely, lonely little girl all alone with nothing again 
What’s it like in your world? When does Mr. Right wander in? 
Mr. Wrong is moving on- should have seen it coming 

I know your lonely heart can never get enough
I’m gonna show you what it’s like to be in love 
I’m your loverboy-  I’ll never leave you broken-hearted like that other boy
I’m your loverboy, oh 
I’m your loverboy 

Girl you know what’s good for you- I can give you full time love 
I want to tell you that your heart is safe with me 
Something tells me you and me would go together naturally 
I’m gonna give you everything, and here’s my guarantee 

Too many lonely nights have passed before your eyes
I could be wrong, but deep inside you know I’m right 
I’m your loverboy- 
I’m gonna leave you broken hearted like a broken toy 
I’m your loverboy, oh 
I’m your loverboy 

That heart of yours is getting stronger everyday
And if we wait too long you might turn me away 
A million yesterdays will likely never find 
The picture of the love you carry in your mind 

I know your lonely heart can never get enough
I’m gonna show you what it’s like to be in love 
I’m your loverboy -I’m the big hearted kid from Illinois 
I’m your loverboy 

Giving you the kind of loving that you will enjoy
I’m your loverboy

Jumping Jolly Jimmy John
Jimmy John is twenty-two, but he’s fifty-four 
Beery boozing late at night and snoozing on the floor 
Leering lurid lecher, his mind keeps in the dirt 
With a flash- quite unabashed- he’s chasing every skirt 

Oh Jimmy John, you’re much too old for that
You should be feeding pigeons or caring for a cat 
Your mother wouldn’t like it, she’d tell you right away 
Jimmy John, you naughty boy, you’ll give me hair the grey 

Jumping Jolly Jimmy John joins the healthy spa
Barely bending barbells, but spotting sporty bras 
Hooting owls and snapping towels, he thinks he’s made the scene 
Working his imagination positively green 

Oh Jimmy John, you don’t use spas for this 
You should be in aerobics, not trolling for a kiss 
The manager don’t like it, he’ll show you to the door 
Jolly Jim, you randy runt, you’re rotten to the core 

Jolly Jim and women swimmin’ fit to make you drool 
Skinny dipping honeys dripping naked by the pool 
Open airs and derrieres don’t make it at the country club 
And no doubt they’re kicking out your frilly fanny flub 

Oh Jimmy John, when will you learn the tune
Your body is in autumn, but still your mind’s in June 
The end of you is certain to come from these foolish games 
Jumping Jolly Jimmy John is going down in flames

Turtle Island 
My grandfather once told me the story of the trout
Of how he swims down deep within and how he’d do without 
He sent me on a mission to learn to stay alive 
Our people all together is how we would survive 

Two Moons over the water/ Two Moons under the sky
I’m swimming to the shores of Turtle Island 
To find the Eagle; see with his eye 

My father knew the wisdom and taught me to inscribe
The stones of our history, the ways of the tribe 
And as we grew from Sipapu we came to understand 
The land goes hand in hand with the integrity of man 

Two Moons over the water/ Two Moons under the sky 
I’m standing on the sand of Turtle Island 
Got to get some wings before I fly 

But when I was a warrior I thought I knew it all
I didn’t do what I knew was true 
Or hear the Eagle call 

It took a lot of wandering to make me look inside
And find a man of sky and land 
And hold my head with pride 

(Chiracahua Apache Prayer not transcribed)

I have passed my father’s age and soon grandfather too
A man is a man, is a man, is a man--does what he has to do 
If I misunderstand now, or if I did not try 
The Great Spirit is calling me; I cannot hide 

Two Moons under the water/ Two Moons over the sky 
I’m paddling away from Turtle Island 
Got to make a little peace before I die

Just You and Me 
Just you and me-No one in the world could disagree 
We don’t need champagne and caviar 
‘Cause all we live is what we are 
Our eyes look only far enough to see- Just you and me 

Just you and me- We’ll grow old together gracefully
We will be our shelter from the storm 
We keep each other safe and warm 
And time will tell the things that we could be- Just you and me 

‘Cause it’s never been that I recall 
When love was just so magical 
And if I’m only dreaming, then I’ll pray to stay asleep 
There’s a voice that calls without a name 
Our lives will never be the same 
It’s telling us that you’re the one for me 
Our love can be 

Just you and me- In the end you know we hold the key 
We will be together , you and I 
We’ll ride the clouds across the sky 
‘Cause now we see the world so differently- Just you and me 

Just you and me- There’s no other place I’d rather be
‘Cause your love has made me high enough 
We’ll never say goodbye my love 
‘Cause now we know what love was meant to be- Just you and me

Flash and Fire
Dry your eyes lonely child 
Very soon you will be give another chance to smile
The little rose comes and goes
And you can’t be too unhappy about the things you chose

Things are never what they seem; they’re never what they are
And you can’t protect yourself from everything within your heart
When the Flash and Fire of love is through, I’ll still be with you

Longer roads, secret codes
Indifference forgiven with heavier loads
Lose the love, win the fight
Memories of silhouettes in the candlelight

Day and night you dream the dream
You just can’t let it go it seems, but you can try
When the Flash and Fire of love is through, I’ll still be with you

And when it seems you’ve gone too far
You must remember who you are
The love is your heart so let it shine
When the Flash and fire of love is through, I’ll still be with you

Raise the shield, hold the fort,
Resign yourself to crying as a last resort
Giving up in the end
Going through the motions you’ll find yourself again

Your head is strong; your heart is steeled
You step out on the battlefield one more time
When the Flash and fire of love is through, I’ll still be with you 

The Two of Us
Start the car and pump the gas-hit the road and count the cash in our pockets
The sun don’t look out on this highway no more 
Just the shirts upon our backs 
And the dirt beneath the nails of our fingers 
A rope made from our shoestrings holding the hood down 

Closing the door on an insufficient memory 
Ahead of the game; we’re running away 
Well on our way to an undetermined destiny 
As far as the eye can see 
We’re breaking away from everything we used to be 

Yesterday was long ago
And tomorrow doesn’t know where we’re headed today 
Passing cars, counting telephone poles 
Heavy foot upon the floor-And the other hanging out of the window 
You know there’s nothing good on the radio 

Stopping the car at every opportunity
We’re taking it slow; we’re letting it go 
Clutching at all that’s left of our insanity 
Trying to shake off the dust 
And happiness shines from the faces of the Two of Us 

Ditching the car when the engine’s too hot
Hitching a ride to the nearest truckstop 
As far as you’re going- right here would be just fine 
Thanks for the ride. . . .Bye bye 

All the luggage on our backs 
And an old guitar that’s keeping the sorrow away 
Get us through to another day 
And the road goes on and on 
Stretching overhead, the sky seems elastic 
We know another lifetime awaits us tomorrow

Hold Me Tight
Killing curiosity lends me a philosophy 
Timeless ideology buried in antiquity 
Reaches me instinctively again 

All through the ages we can trace one line of reason 
In any season, the condition has a cure 
I have a vision we can pool ourselves together 
And let the past endure. . . 

Hold me tight—give it all to me; can’t you see that baby
We may not feel this way tomorrow
Hold me tight—what’s come over me? 
Hold me tight 

Strictly conversational till we’ve got the wherewithal to be
Truly unbelievable, highly inconceivable, 
Constant unpredictability 

It may be true that me and you won’t be together
But if we never do, I’ll be misunderstood 
This tail of might-have-beens could chase itself forever 
So if you think you should. . . Hold me Tight 

And if you keep an opened mind, so many secrets you will find
Crossing bridges that have yet to be designed 
Turning the pages of the story as it’s told 
As long as you can hold me tight 

It ain’t no mystery a touch could still redeem us
And just between us girl, your touch is all I need 
I’ve got the feeling we could pull ourselves together 
So if we’re both agreed. . . Hold me tight


Shining through my window pane 
Threading clouds and gentle rain 
Carry me away again 
Somewhere in the night 

Starry sky and glowing light 
Silhouettes and twilight
Dreaming on a summer night 
Life can make you high 

If you want what’s mine, If it’s your will 
Then take it all and have your fill 
I’ll just sit atop my hill 
Where all is quiet, all is still 
And listen to the Whippoorwill 

Sometimes I feel like you never listen                                   This is important so don’t interrupt me 
You don’t hear a word that I say                            How can you hear when you’re too busy talking?
I never get your attention anyway                                                                 You say that you me just to be happy
                                                                                         You know that you make me feel like I don’t belong

I see your signal                                                                                                                                                                               I see you wave
From here on my island
                                                                            So far away                                                                Are you there?
Do you ever think about me anymore?                                                                                         Do you care?
                                                                 Cause some things you can never, ever change
Can we walk away? 
You know I’ll be back 
‘Cause baby I’ll miss you 

So Sad, sad, sad, sad 
One of us is sad 
It didn’t hurt so bad when we were angry 
So long 
Both of us were wrong 
And now that you are gone 
I miss you baby 

Ridin’ Alone

Up in the morning and off with the sun 
Another day’s journey already begun 
He’s got hours to ride, and he’s ridin’ alone 

He’s got hoof beats cloppin’ out time in the sand 
He’s got his feet in the stirrups and the reins in his hand 
Whoa—and he’s ridin’ alone 

Ridin’ alone
The perfect remedy when everything’s wrong 
Singin’ a song 
A simple melody like 

A six-gun tied down tight to his thigh
Because sooner or later somebody must die 
He wants him dead or alive 
And he’s ridin’ alone 

He’s got the buzzards up above him 
And the wind at his back 
He’s got a half pound of jerky rolled up in a sack 
He’s got blood on his hands 
And he’s ridin’ alone 
He’s just a-ridin’ alone

When I was a little boy so many years ago 
Growing up in the suburbs north of windy Chicago 
Poppa was a fireman and he rode a red machine 
He swore we’d be protected if we followed his routine 

Pretending we’re asleep and waiting the alarm
Then keeping low below the smoke to keep our lungs from harm 
Stevie knocked out the window, little me would check the door 
Then we’d drop the chain-link ladder from the burning second floor

Firefighter! You’d hear us calling from way up the street
Firefighter! Great pretend flames were licking our feet 

All our friends would watch us from right across the street
And wished that they could join us ‘cause it all looked pretty neat 
Dad would let them drill if they would promise to be good 
So down the ladder passed each child in our whole neighborhood 

A designated meeting place so no one had to hunt 
We’d gather at the oak tree on the lawn out in the front 
Then Ma would bring us sandwiches on the lawn besdide the walk
And Pa, the local Fire Chief, gave his fire safety talk

We were kind of famous in our house upon the hill
Half a dozen children climbing out the window sill 
Roaring to the rescue, then the Fire Chief would appear 
And happily the neighborhood would wave their hats and cheer

Out of the Blue 
(Out of the blue) The melody hit me yesterday afternoon 
(Into the glue) Making its way into my memory room 
(And then disappeared) And then disappeared before it was clear 
Back into the blue 

(Coming again) Once introduced we were the closest of friends
(Again and again) It turns in my mind with no beginning or end 
(Wherever I go) Wherever I go, I’m sure that I know I’ll hear it again 
(It’s fast or it’s slow) It’s fast or it’s slow, it won’t let me go 
Keeps pulling me in 

I’ve got a song, and you’ll never hear it
I carry around in my head every day 
I’ve got a song, and nothing comes near it 
I keep being swept away 

(Day after day) It always repeats in a particular way
(Into the Grey) Rational thinking never comes into play 
(Whatever I do) Whatever I do, it’s undeniably true I’ll never shake it today 
(It keeps going on) It keeps going on-this wonderful song; it won’t go away 

An unforgettable melody; an irresistible tune 
A little refrain is stuck in my brain 
A musical interlude 

(This wonderful sound) This wonderful sound keeps coming around whenever I’m blue
(I’m up on a cloud) I’m up on a cloud, it’s quietly loud, it’s all I want to do
(It’s thick and it’s thin) It’s thick and it’s thin, must be getting in through a hole in my shoe
From out of the blue (I’ve got a song)
I’ve got a song too good to be true

Anna and the Yurt and Me 
Things don’t always go the way you want them 
The cost of living spins out of control 
Instead of a guitar, or a brand new fancy car 
I’d gladly trade them all for a bamboo fishing pole 

I’m gonna live in a yurt with Anna 
Anna just makes me feel swell 
Do what we please, 
She makes me weak in the knees 
Give up all our stuff 
So we can live in the trees 

I’m gonna live in a yurt with Anna
Oohwee how happy we will be 
Gonna downsize—got to minimize 
Just Anna and the yurt and me 

Most likely we will farm some armadillos 
And herd them to a pasture of their own 
Take an armadillo bone, learn how to clone 
And beam like happy parents 
When we see how they’ve grown 

We’re gonna throw away all our computers
And live without instant messaging 
Love will abound 
With the easier life we’ve found 
Riding armadillos with our knees dragging the ground 

Anna, I love you madly
And everything I’ll give up gladly 
Anna you make me just swoon 
On the deck of the yurt 
By the light of the moon 

We’ll build our little yurt out on a hillside
And live beside a margarita stream 
Life is such a breeze 
Skinning up our knees 
Just Anna and the yurt and me

Digital Sculpture  Lyrics

Simple Little Tune (I Am Love)            

Good Morning Gypsy!
It’s plain to see it’s going to be another lovely day -That’s what I say
And everything around is bursting with sound
From the sky to the ground- no, they can’t calm it down
Whoa, they can’t cool down

There’s a simple little tune that keeps running through my mind
And the more I think about it, the more I find -I am Love

Now love is everywhere- it’s filling the air
So take your share, baby & I’ll meet you there
Yeah, you know I’ll take you there

I’ve been told by Mr Sun to spread the love to everyone

Good morning Gypsy!
You’re here with me- oh can’t you see it’s got to be my day?
That’s what I say

You’re here with me, oh can’t you see
You and me, we are love

I Guess
I knew a seabird who didn’t know me
He passed me by each morning casually
He can be what he wants to be
I guess he just wants to be free

I met a rhino in a coconut tree
I said hello, and he shook hands with me
Now he can be where he wants to be
I guess he likes it in a tree

The bears all went out singing, the giraffes were at the dock
When they asked me out, I said I must be home by ten o’clock
So they went on with their sailing and I wandered home in shock
But I wasn’t tired the least bit so I walked around the block

A speed boat driven by monkeys
Pulled a kangaroo on water-skis
Now he can ski, if he wants to ski
I guess it makes him happy

I asked the zoo man where the lions might be
Taking a course in world geography
The wallaby, naturally, takes advanced philosophy

The tiger’s writing novels and the llama’s playing chess
The penguin is at the opera looking fine in proper dress
I’m seeing, but I’m wondering if I’m feeling any stress
‘Cause no else is noticing -It’s all in my head I guess

Ne Maum

A. -  Flying
Flying beyond the second hand -I passed into the future
On my way to foreign lands
Tomorrow came to me today
I sent this morning packing on its way to yesterday
Each moment sinks into the sea
And finds itself forgotten on the way

Baby keep me in your heart - Reach across the ocean to me
Hold me in the dark
Awakened; the dream is never true
An unrelenting Seoul detains me long away from you
I cast my thoughts into the sky
And send them home like pigeons in the blue

Ne maum tongshin kyote
Ttao pekisimnida
Ne chongshin kyoturo
Tongshin I paumnida
Kwan kwong machiko
Tora kamnida
My heart will beat for you will beat my heart

B. - Breathing

Breathing- the foggy Asian air; it fills my lungs
Believing it’s been so long since I have seen the sun
Ne maum tongshin kyote Ttao pekisimnida
Ne chongshin kyoturo tongshin I paumnida
Kwan kwong machiko tora kamnida
My heart will beat for you
Will beat my heart

C. - My Heart
Though years have passed along the way
I hear what King Sejong might say
These words are carved into the hearts of all. . .

Ne maum tongshin kyote
Ttao pekisimnida
Ne chongshin kyoturo
Tongshin I paumnida
And if I get too far away to feel your loving touch
My heart will beat for you will beat my heart
My heart will beat for you will beat my heart
My heart

Boogie Woogie
Friday night and I’ve lost my soul
I’m sitting just a-listening to the rock and the roll
I’ve got to split- I get no kick
From the worn out guitar riffs that someone stole

‘Cause I never ever get to Boogie Woogie
I never feel the music like it should be
Listen to the noise of Glen & the Boys blowing that jive
I never shuffle anywhere near Buffalo
Can’t you see it gets me in a ruffle
It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got no swing
Give me Boogie Woogie Ooogie yeah

I’ve got a certain somebody I love
Often I need to remind
Dancing together, fingers clasped in satin gloves
Is never far from my mind

Listen to me baby and I’ll make it all clear
If we don’t beat this dive I won’t be able to hear
I want something exciting or I’ll just disappear
Gimme Boogie Woogie Noogie yeah

Come quitting time I’m ready to roam
I’m getting kinda tired by I don’t want to go home
And I get a shot of that wonderful beat
It’s like I got a pair of rockets strapped to my feet

Long Way Home

I was on a C-130 from Korea to Japan
And was told the crew had come to repatriate a man
I really wasn’t sure what that meant, so I just settled in
On the jump seat of the cargo hold in a flying can of tin

The plane was cramped and the air was cold, and I had my headset on
Listening to the crewmen as we flew into the dawn
Talkin ‘bout this soldier they’d been sent out to retrieve
And how he’d been through more than anyone in his right mind could believe
-And how it’s a long way home

I was sitting with my feet propped on a little box there on the floor
Hearing tales about this ‘ol Boy in that ugly Asian War
And I tried to picture what it’d be like coming home after so long
How everything’d be different, and that life had moved along

He’d been missing; gone for thirty years when they sent to bring him back
My feet were squirming on that box when they told of the attack
And how he probably was captured; there’s just no way to know
But we never leave our soldiers- no matter how long ago
-It’s such a long way home

They told me all about him as we neared the Rising Sun
So I grew to know this hero, and all the things he’d done
Well, I couldn’t help but ask ‘em when we’d meet this giant of a man
And the Crewmen said “Son, you already have.”

We’d like to introduce you to Captain Davidson
And they pointed at the little box my two big feet were resting on
As my throat choked and my eyes welled up, they said ‘Aw, he don’t mind”
Old Davy’d just be glad we didn’t leave him behind
-Cause it’s a long way home
It’s such a long way home
It’s long, long way home

When Why How
How can she wake up and smile at me from the bed
And look so doggone pretty from her toes up to her head
And how can she make me feel so good I must be dead
Tell me how

When did she discover that love what was what she is
And when did she decide that it was me who’d raise her kids
And when did I become the one who deserved any of this
Tell me when

My little revolutionary outshines all the Queens
And doesn’t say that it’s ok if that’s not what she means
She’ll always tell it like it is, but never spills the beans
Oh my

Why does she hold me like it’s the moment of my birth
And turn around and love me like I was the last man on the earth
Why do I fail to understand she’s more than I am worth
Tell me why


I must have accidentally done something extremely right somehow
To earn the women’s love who wants to be with me right now
And though I know I’ll never learn the When and Why and How
She’s around- she’s still around
Tell me when, Tell me why Tell me how

Slow Burn
Well I was all set to leave you when you broke me up
Sifting all of my reasons through a paper cup
‘Cause I can’t help but feel like I’m not good enough oh no

But I can’t stand to love you and I’m gonna crack
I’ma leave in the morning, but I’m comin’ back
I’ma love you baby, I got nowhere else to go
I’ll be coming home

You & I light the fire, holding on we conspire
Keep it warm, fan the flame, I’ll be home
Keep it at a Slow Burn- All that I require
Slow Burn- Come to the fire

Babe believe me, I just want to let you know
We can hold this thing together- have a chance to let it grow
The beginning doesn’t seem so long ago
When we burned away the winter waiting for the afterglow

You know I came here for lovin’- you won’t give me none
We’re either shouting or silent, I don’t know which one
You know the whole situation makes me want to run- ohoh
I’ll be coming home

Please believe me; I just have to tell you so
We can find this love together- buried deep within the snow
The beginning wasn’t oh so long ago
When we burned away the winter waiting for the afterglow

And while we’re shaking off the winter chill
We can close our eyes and dream until
We know there’s bound to be a summer day
And when that day arrives we’ll hide within the flame

Babe believe me, I don’t want to let you go
We can hold this thing together- have a chance to make it grow
The beginning wasn’t oh so long ago
When we loved away the winter in the smokey afterglow
Please believe me, I just have to tell you so
We can find this love together buried deep within the snow
The beginning didn’t seem so long ago
We can burn away waiting for the afterglow

Last Stand In Texas
Time has come, fight or die- I don’t really care
A lifetime of taking the easy roads never got me there
So this is it, the big showdown and it’s time to draw
And we’ll see if I’m still made of steel
Not a scared broke down outlaw

Last stand in Texas- that’s where I gotta go
I may boom or bust, or bite the dust
There’s only one way I’ll ever know
I’ll put it right in this one last fight, then lay down my guns
One last stand in Texas—then I’m done

On the highways and the back roads-I’ve run everyplace I could
And hid out in New Mexico, but didn’t do no good
All I got was overlooked, and mad under my skin
So now I’m looking for a Badge of Gold, not a rusty star of Tin

You know I wasn’t born here
But this is surely where I’ll die
Bury me under a rolling thunder
And lightning Texas Sky
(In my Pancho)

Last Stand in Texas
Bye Bye- So long
Going Home