Our Worship Experience

We at Kernersville Friends Meeting have accomplished what very few churches have done. We have a blended service with all types of music being played in a single service. 

First of all, we have congregational hymns that represent our Quaker roots. These songs are made even more special because of  our new hymnbooks. 

Secondly, we have a wonderful choir that is able to blend traditional songs together with a number of more upbeat contemporary and choral worship songs.  They also perform an annual Christmas Cantata, which is always a blessing to the church and those who participate in the program.

Kernersville Friends is also blessed with a number of solo musicians and singers providing a variety of music styles using piano, keyboard, drums, and guitar as well as prerecorded music.

How can I Keep from Singing (Old Quaker Hymn)


Finally, we have the Praise & Worship band that has really moved the Sunday service and the music ministry of Kernersville Friends into another dimension—thinking outside of the proverbial box, as some may say. 

The thing that makes the music ministry of Kernersville Friends Meeting unique is that we have all of these different types of music in the same service. There are some churches in the area that only have traditional church music. There are some churches in our area that only have contemporary music. Then, there are other churches that have both contemporary and tradition music, but not in the same service. 

What we have accomplished can only be attributed to the awesome blessings that only come from our Lord and God. God’s word, the Holy Bible, is packed full of examples of using songs and music to praise the goodness of God. We try to provide a relaxed atmosphere where various music styles and the teaching of God’s word result in an uplifting worship experience for people of all ages and backgrounds!

We also share in a period of 'Quietness' which is part of our Quaker heritage.