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About "Friends"

There is a book that has been written by the first followers in the Friends movement called "Faith & Practice."  You will hear us mention that every once in a while, and it has the specific creeds that our organization is based on.

When we look at Faith and Practice for the definition of "What is a Christian?"

Kernersville Friends hold many beliefs in common with other Protestant denominations.  As Protestants we emphasize the redeeming grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  We believe in the life everlasting.  We believe in the inspiration of the holy scriptures, and we especially emphasize the continued guidance and conviction of the Holy Spirit which gave us the scriptures. Our statements of faith are based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The unofficial statements presented below give the general "flavor" of our faith.

1. WE BELIEVE that true religion involves an immediate, inward, personal encounter with God--that this, rather than ritual and ceremony, is what we must experience to obtain salvation.

2. WE BELIEVE that each individual has worth, dignity, freedom and responsibility before God (John 1:9).

3. WE BELIEVE that worship is a personal, positive act of seeking an inner spiritual experience with Jesus Christ.

4. WE BELIEVE that moral purity, integrity, honesty, simplicity and humility are essential to the Christian life.

5. WE BELIEVE in Christian love and good will as a way of life which makes hatred and violence impossible.

6. WE BELIEVE that Christ-like love and the concern for the suffering and the less fortunate must come from the church community and it's desire to help those in need. 

7. WE BELIEVE in the continued revelation of the Holy Spirit of God, who grants us new openings, insights and revelations of spiritual truth.

For more comprehensive statements of our faith, the reader is referred to the
 Faith and Practice: Book of Discipline.

History of Kernersville Friends

Kernersville Friend’s started with a simple tent revival in 1906.  A Sunday School class was started in the home of Myrtle Nelson and then in 1908 the white framed building was built at our current location.


Our first resident minister, Harold Ritzie, came to us at the close of World War II and then Tom & Edith Hendriz began their ministry with us in 1949.  Thru their ministry and fundraising efforts our current meeting house was started in 1951, and completed in 1953.


In 1975, we decided to expand the amount of classrooms and have a dedicated fellowship hall and they began the fundraising and construction of the new wing.  Finally in the fall of 2002, we started the renovation of the sanctuary and it was completed in the spring of 2003.


We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful place to worship and thank everyone involved over the years for their time, money and hard work!!