A Valentine’s Day Tribute to the Spouses of Minnesota Sports Fans

NOTE: This was originally written 3 years ago. As Mrs W sat patiently listening to me retell the same Fighting Saints stories AGAIN this weekend, I was reminded of this blog. Some things have changed. For example, there is now a Calamity calendar event today, thanks to the Boston Celtics retiring Kevin Garnett's jersey before the Timberwolves did. However, the sentiment of the tribute still remains.

Post date: Feb 14, 2019 5:45:54 AM

Thankfully, there’s nothing on the Disappointment Calendar today. As it should be.

Today should be about happiness and love. Unconditional love. The kind of love that accepts you for who you truly are, warts and all.

If you’ve ever read my blog, you might think I’m talking about love for our favorite teams, even though they continually disappoint us. But you’d be wrong.

This time I’m talking about those who love US, that is, those who love somebody who is a Minnesota sports fan. Our spouses. For me, it’s Mrs. WHEN-ESOTA. She's been tolerating me since well before ‘12 men in the huddle.’ For others, it might be a boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, etc.

Just take a second and think about how much that person has to deal with when it comes to your fandom for Minnesota sports.

Takes a pretty special person doesn’t it?

Therefore, on this Valentine’s Day, 2019, I salute you - the spouses of Minnesota sports fans.

You accept our highs, lows, fanaticism, cynicism, sarcasm, and fatalism.

You make Sunday plans around the Vikings schedule.

You pick us up from the floor when we get dizzy and fall down after a Greg Lewis last-second TD.

You never complain about our superstitions, even when we 'ask' you to drink out of the same cup or wear the same shirt every weekend. If it didn’t work we wouldn’t do it, right?

You willingly accept our Brett Favre man-crush.

You put up with us yelling at the TV, even though we know they can't hear us. (Although Mrs. W. did draw the line when I scared our son so much he started crying. "Why is Daddy yelling at the TV?")

You tolerate the smell of our ‘lucky hat’ (because you can’t wash it, duh!).

You don’t get mad when we continually forget what night your 'spin' class is on, but we can immediately tell you what time kickoff is this upcoming weekend.

You never rat us out, when we fall asleep in the middle of the game. Again. (thank you DVR).

Not only does Mrs. W. tolerate me, I may have out-kicked my punt coverage. She has a little fanatic in her as well.

She was raised a hockey girl, but she’s watched so much basketball with me that even she’s started saying “How is that NOT a foul?”

She’s also frequently used the phrase, "They’re terrible, I can't watch this anymore." Not that it’s a good thing our teams play poorly, but it is nice to have someone to commiserate with.

Once, I wouldn't wash my Vikings jersey because we were on a winning streak. I was supposed to wear it to work but it smelled awful. So I washed it. Her response? “What were you thinking?”

She hates kickers, the Packers, and Grand Forks.

Her favorite player of all time is Mike Modano. The Minnesota version. #NormStillSucks

She once looked at our entertainment center and said, ”We need a bigger TV.”

On Saturdays she's up before I am watching College Game Day. #Truth

But most importantly, she gave me the greatest gift a woman could EVER give a man...

A sweet Dino Ciccarelli sweatsh…-

I’m kidding! I meant our son. Our son. Our beautiful, intelligent, amazing son. :-)

And lets be honest, if Valentine's Day was any other month of the year? Yikes! Whomever planned it for February was clearly thinking of the spouses of sports fans.

So, here's to those who stand by us, even when we've been on the couch for hours and haven't showered in days. Let’s raise our Valentine’s Day glasses! To the tolerant, the forgiving, the merciful: the Minnesota sports fan Spouses. You deserve all the attention you get today.


To my beloved Mrs. WHEN-ESOTA,

I wrote this for you. Thank you for all your encouragement and support on this project. Without you, it would not have been possible and it would not have gotten this far. If somehow it crashes and burns, I know that you will be right there to help me pick up the pieces (just like you are after every Vikings loss.) You are an incredible person, an amazing wife, and an even better mother.

I love you more than you could ever know.

Also, thank you for the Dino Ciccarelli Sweatshirt.