This website has been created for the project 'When the Wind Blows' as requirement for the course of  CS 424 - Visualization and Visual Analytics. The course is currently being offered at University of Illinois at Chicago.

The project deals with Mini Challenge 1 - Geospatial and Microblogging - Characterization of an Epidemic Spread from IEEE Vast Challenge 2011. The objective is to create a tool using the touch-screen wall to easily and effectively sift through and investigate the data, and show that the given solution is the best match for the data and that the other possible causes are less likely.

Team Members:

Shi Yin
Anosh Mehdi

About the Course and Instructor

The course is designed to focus on the basics of visualization, specifics of scientific visualization, information visualization, medical visualization and the effective use of interactive visualization for analytical reasoning.

The course is being taught by Dr. Andrew Johnson, Associate Pro­fes­sor of Com­puter Science and mem­ber of the Electronic Visual­ization Labo­ratory at the Univer­sity of Illinois at Chicago.