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Welcome the the Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Compendium!

The Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Compendium is a site that keeps track of puzzles used on the long-running syndicated television show, Wheel of Fortune. It also keeps track of various puzzles on the former daytime show, various games on the site Buy a Vowel Boards (of whom I am affiliated with), and puzzles from the popular Wii game based on the show.

I am Guint, founder of the Compendium and former engineer for the Buy a Vowel Boards. My helpers are Scott and Bobby.

So look around, and have fun!

  • The Main Compendium will be updated when the staff is able, most likely in chunks. Spoilers may be present, depending on our geographic location and the timing of updates.
  • Puzzles prior to Season 26 will be added on an as-we-get-time basis.
  • The DPG Compendium will generally be updated about once a week, with all puzzles from that week archived at once (unless one or more were not revealed, e.g. no one responded to them).
  • The HYO Compendium will be updated whenever a game (or two) finishes up.

  1. In the search box on the top right corner of this page (or any of them), type in the puzzle you're searching for. If you're looking for an exact match, put quotation marks around it (e.g. "SAMPLE").
  2. Click any of the results that may appear.
  3. All web browsers should have a "Find" feature with it. Open up this "Find" feature (Ctrl + F for PC, Command + F for Mac) and type in the puzzle again.


If you would like to send information to be used in the compendium, or see an error in the compendium that you would like me to correct, you may:

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