• Anatomy Class: The Human Muscles. (Capstone Press, 2009).

            Dive beneath your skin to get an in-depth look at your amazing muscles! Find out more about muscles                    from your biceps to your stomach to the tiny stapedius in your inner ear. See it here!

  • Penguins and Polar Bears. (coming soon from Intervisual/ Dalmatian Press).

    The temperatures are below freezing. The wind is overpowering. Yet these animals live their entire lives in the ice, snow, and water at the ends of the earth. In this beautifully illustrated pop-up book, examine the extreme survival skills of penguins, polar bears, walruses, whales, and more.

  • Once Upon a Life Science Book. (NSTA Press, 2010).  

    Your students struggle to read and understand their science textbook. But you are a science teacher--you already have more content to teach than you could possibly address in a year. This book has the answer: research-based learning-cycle lessons that address key content while helping students develop as science readers.

  • Kitchen Science: Things that Fizz and Bubble and Things that Explode and Implode. (Capstone Press, 2011)
  • Monster Science: Atoms and Ghosts (Capstone Press, 2011)

Other Publications for Children:

  • Mystery on the Cahaba River. Cricket Magazine. June, 2001.
  • Sister for a Summer. Pockets Magazine. August, 2004.
  • Troublemaker. Spider Magazine. August, 2004.
  • Shipwreck! Viatouch Teacher Articles Online. September, 2004. Read it here!
  • A Not-So-Deadly Dinner. Viatouch Teacher Articles Online. October, 2007.
  • Kristin Laidre: Arctic Adventurer. ASK Magazine. April, 2009.

  • Where Walruses Chill Out. Highlights For Children. April, 2010.

  • Endangered Species, In Press. 

  • Life Aglow. Spider Magazine. In Press.


Publications for Teachers and Parents:

  • Ongoing passage preparation for the ACT college admissions test.

  • Connecting Boys with Books. Atlanta Parent. July, 2008. 
  • Helping Students Write Science without Plagiarizing. Science Scope. April, 2006.
  • Coastal Georgia’s Blue Crabs. The Georgia Science Teacher. December, 2003.
  • New teacher blues. In Cases in Middle and Secondary Education: The promise and dilemmas, Koballa, T.R. and Tippins, D.J. (eds.), 2004.

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