1841 UK Census

This courtesy of Jean Wheaton. This gives an idea of the spread and location of Wheatons in England in 1841.

Comparison of the WHEATONs, WHEADONs and WHEATLEYs on the 1841 UK census

Highlighting for Devon, Dorset and Somerset to show the three counties in which we are mainly interested.

Family name and total number on 1841 census. Comments

South of England”

North of England”


186 Devon

29 Cambridgeshire

27 Huntingdonshire

25 Middlesex includes

London (various)

17 Gloucester (Devon)

15 Dorset

6 Bedfordshire (from1615)

3 Hampshire  (Devon)

4 Somerset

3 Surrey (1 from Ireland)

2 Herefordshire  (Devon)

2 Shropshire


16 Yorkshire  (many from


16 Lancashire  (Devon)

5 Cheshire

4 Nottinghamshire

2 Durham (from Devon)

2 Northumberland (from


* In brackets, shows where families originated. Definitely more in the “south” than the north, whilst many in the “north” also originated in the “south” making by far the most coming from the west of England

Devon with by far the most with Thomas WHEATONs descendants in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire totalling 52 all from one man.


150 Somerset

51 Dorset

9 Surrey,

2 Gloucestershire

1 Middlesex

1 Sussex


1 Lancashire



A “South” name in 1841 mainly found in Somerset and Dorset but not in Devon. (**see below)


310 Middlesex (including


147 Surrey

94 Kent

83 Sussex

79 Bedfordshire

51 Hampshire

42 Berkshire

38 Essex

38 Gloucestershire

35 Wiltshire

33 Cambridgeshire

27 Oxfordshire

24 Buckinghamshire

22 Huntingdonshire

19 Hertfordshire

17 Somerset

9 Cornwall

7 Devon

6 Shropshire

6 Suffolk

4 Dorset

2 Norfolk


441 from Yorkshire

265 Durham

259 Derbyshire

228 Nottinghamshire

145 Leicestershire

123 Lincolnshire

122 Northumberland

99 Warwickshire

57 Staffordshire

53 Lancashire

20 Worcestershire

17 Northamptonshire

11 Cumberland

1 Cheshire



There are about two thirds WHEATLEYs in the “north” to one third in the “south”; Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland are in the North-East where 828 were to be found; Lancashire and Cumberland are really the only two North-Western counties, with perhaps Derbyshire totalling 323;

The industrial “Midlands” (which I have included in the “north” accounted for about 454

634 came from the south-east of England, Middlesex (including London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex;

Very few (28) in the west of England, Somerset, Devon, Dorset;

**Thomas WHEDON/WHEADON/WHEATON is said to be born in the vicinity of Axminster. Axminster is right on the Devon/Dorset border, the river Axe divides the two counties, so the information concerning his birth place would still apply even if he was born in Dorset.  From the parish register information I collected most of the WHEADONs came from the Chard and Crewkerne area of Somerset.