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Wheaton One Name Site The Most comprehensive site for Wheaton Research in the World (includes Wheaton and Wheadons)

Wheaton Family Surname Project My Project at Family Tree DNA

Ancestry Wheaton Wheadon DNA Group  My Project at Ancestry.com

Ancestry's Wheaton DistributionTools This includes handy information on US and English Distribution of Wheaton families as well as listings for Wheaton arrivals in the United States.

Wheaton Family Genealogy Forum Good Message Board for Wheaton

Wheaton Genealogy from Distant Cousin.com

Wheaton Surname Finder Links

Wheaton Illinois and Wheaton-Aston England sister Cities

Wheadon from Guernsey who died on the Titanic

John Francis Wheaton wiki


Wheaton Arrivals in the US

History of Wheaton College, Norton, MA

History of Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton College 150 Year History  Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton Van Lines

Wheaton Lodge in Forest City, Maine

Wheaton Glass / Wheaton Village Millville, New Jersey

Woodie Wheaton Land Trust
in Maine

Wheaton Mountain, Idaho

Wheaton Brace Company, Illinois

Wheaton Springs, San Bernardino, California

Wheaton Farm, now Salt Springs State Park in Franklin Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania


Wheaton Ave. and the Ancestral Lands of Robert Wheaton
Photo by Kelly Wheaton

First Baptist Church of Swansea History

Old Rehoboth Cemeteries

Old Rehoboth (now Rumford, Rhode Island) Walking Tour

Link to Old 1775 Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Oakdale Farms Country Store on Wheaton Ave. in Rehoboth MA adjacent the original Robert Wheaton property.

Interactive Map of Rehoboth area

Wheaton Cemetery Swansea MA Photos from my trip in 2011

Wheaton Cemetery Swansea MA Plot Map courtesy of Joe Lavigne (copyright Joe Lavigne)

Burial Place Hill Cemetery Rehoboth MA Photos from my trip in 2011


Middle Sackville Baptist Church from Swansea MA to Middle Sackville NB.

Wheatons in New Brunswick

Wheaton's Point, New Brunswick


Village of Wheaton-Aston, Staffordshire England
Photo courtesy of Jean Wheaton

Wheaton Ledger Stone About 9m East of the Porch of the Church of St. Ida, Ide, Devon

Boundary Stone, Weeton and Rigton Parishes, Weeton, North Yorkshire

North Wheddon Farmhouse, Cutcombe, Somerset

1841 UK CENSUS for Wheaton Wheadon & Wheatley

Wheaton Illinois and Wheaton-Aston England sister Cities

Wheaton-Aston, Staffordshire Wikipedia

J.B. Wheaton Transport in Chard, Somerset

P.H. Wheaton Farms Braintree, Essex

Wetton, Staffordshire

Weeton BecsNorthamptonshire

Wetton, Derbyshire 

Weeton, Lancashire Wikipedia

Eagle and Child Pub, Weeton

Weeton, Lancashire: Haunting

Weeton, North Yorkshire Wikipedia

Weeton, East Riding of Yorkshire Wikipedia

Watton, Norfolk Wikipedia

Weeton Farms, Harrogate


Mayors of Exeter from The History of the City of Exeter by Rev. George Oliver 1861

Exeter Freeman 1298-1761

Eight Hundred Years of Exeter's Mayors and Lord Mayors

1302 Roger Beynim (Roger le Whetene) - a dispute arose between Mayor and people of the city, and tenants of the Lord of Kenton and Wyke, who refused to pay Murage for their wares and merchandises. Murage was a tax for repairing the walls.
1303 Roger Wheaton (Roger Beyvin) - Wheaton decreed that persons who set up for Lammas Fair before the appointed time had to answer to the Mayor.
1304 Roger Wheaton

Dartmouth Mayors
1353 -John Wetene or Roger De Pole
1367 -John Whetene

Devon Subsidy Rolls 1524-7

Devon Muster Roll 1569

Devon Taxes 1581-1660

Devon: Tudor Exeter the Subsidy of 1586

Maritime Survey of Devon 1619-35

Devon Protestation Returns 1641

Devon Parishes Where Wheatons lived 1500-1700

1765 Map of South East Devon

Devon Timeline

Wheaton Book Sellers Exeter

Wheaton Publishers Exeter

Wheaton Motors Taw Valley Garage Chumleigh, Devon

Devon Local History Resources

Some old Devon Churches

Link to Images of Branscombe, Devon This site can be used to look at many locales in the UK.

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