Success Stories

The success so far has been your willingness to share and help others.

I have finally proven that Michael is related to Robert Wheaton! And thereby related to me. Only took me 38 years. If you are interested, you can see how here.

More specifically we have:

  • Identified at least 5 distinct Wheaton Lines in Devon, England, 1 in Staffordshire, plus an additional line in Canada
  • Reached over 35 members in our DNA project
  • First contact who found us through searching the web
  • Fantastic sharing of photos and resources
  • Many, many, many matches due to the collaboration and hard work of Jean Wheaton
  • First contact between Wheatons of Devon and Australia!

Wheaton-Aston, Staffordshire England
Photo courtesy of Jean Wheaton

Although Jean and I differ as to whether her husband's results are a success, we have found a Wetton in Staffordshire who matches her husband Dennis' DNA. After twenty-five years of trying to make the connection with the Devonshire Wheatons or Wheadons I see her point. However I consider it a success anytime we can connect a family with its genetic roots. Unbeknownst to most of us we carry an encyclopedia of many of our ancestors and their travels in our genes. The Y-DNA passed from father to son is like a volume in that encyclopedia chronicling the paternal line back In time to the first vestiges of modern man.

In the case of the Staffordshire Wheaton/Wettons there are also a couple of other folks who match this DNA signature including a Bown also from Staffordshire. It is my working theory that theearliest Wheaton took their name from the Village of Wheaton-Aston in Staffordshire. The Village's earliest spelling appears to be Wetenaston. There are a dozen possibilities for Thomas Wheaton's (Dennis' ancestor) birth record. Hopefully more will be forthcoming over time.

5/21/2011 About a week ago, on a bit of a whim, I did a Google search for Wheatons in Devon and located a business email for a Wheaton there. I have previously found a couple of other Wheatons in England that I have emailed to no avail but I keep trying--- In case you haven't noticed, I'm not easily dissuaded from my mission ;-)

Well I got the most delightful email back from David of our ancestral Wheatons still living in the area that Wheatons  have lived for centuries. He is a cousin of John Wheaton of Wheaton Booksellers with whom I corresponded for many years.

On the same day Jean heard from another Devon Wheaton. To make a long story short I sent a joint email to them AND included a Wheaton descendant in Australia, Ben, who has a paper trail back to Devon. Now here's where the story gets really interesting. He wrote back that he was leaving that very day for a trip to France, England and Ireland. So I quickly wrote back, "Are you perchance visiting Devon?" to which he responded yes and that he was meeting with a archivist there! So I suggested that he contact David and he said he would when he got there. Within the hour I had an email from David telling me that he had been contacted. Kismet!

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