Some earlier representatives of the Wheaton Family (some are paintings) We now have Representatives of 3 Continents!!! Europe, Australia and North America. Please post your non-head shots on our Ancestry based My Family Wheaton Wheadon Group. Send head shots directly to me.

Ben's great grandfather Philip
3 Wheaton(1839 - 1913 So. Australia) of Nathaniel 2 John 1 Wheaton (bc 1731, Sidbury, Devon, ENGLAND)

Alfred Wheaton of A.Wheaton & Company, Book Publishers, Exeter, Devon, England date unknown

Fred son of Alfred above and father of John with whom I corresponded with for many years.

Jean's husband Dennis' great grandfather Phillip 6 (1863-1948) Huntingdonshire, England  of  William5, Thomas4, William  3, 2 Thomas 1

Dave A.'s 3rd great grandfather and the 4th great grandson of Thomas Wheadon of Branford
Nathan Phillip Wheaton (1810 – 1888)

Samuel Wheaton, son of Charity Wheaton.  Born 1798 in NJ

Glenn's Adolf
9 Wheaton  WWII of George8, Thomas Jefferson7, James Perry6 Joel 4or5 of David3, Benjamin2 Robert 1

David J's 2nd Great Grandmother
Alzina Minerva
7 Wheaton, the 4th great granddaughter of Robert Wheaton of Samuel 6 Levi5 Daniel4, David3, Benjamin2 Robert 1and her husband and first cousin

Mary's grandfather Arthur Raymond "Shorty"  6 Wheaton
1906 Buffalo, NY of Aaron5 Reuben4 Thomas 3 Reuben2 Joseph1 of New Jersey

Lori's Great-great Grandfather Charles O. 2 Wheaton  of
Rueben 1 (1800 NY)

Ralph's (Bonnie) 3rd Great-Grandfather of Jesse Wheaton 7 James 6,5,4,3  Ephraim 2 Robert 1

William W.7 Wheaton (1833-1891) Born New Haven, Connecticut, Mayor of Detroit, Michigan
of John6 William5 Samuel4,3,2 Robert 1 Note Thomas Wheadon lived in New Haven, CT
and William W is of  Robert Wheaton!

Major General Frank
7 Wheaton (1833-1903) of Providence, Rhode Island
Dr. Francis 6 Levi5 Ephraim4,3,2 Robert 1

Rev. Josephus6 Wheaton (1787-1825)  born in Rehoboth, MA, Pastor of the Congregational Church in Holliston, MA
of Joseph5James4,3,Ephraim2 Robert 1

Mary Ann7 Wheaton Seymour (1830-1887) of Job6
Lucas5 Andrew4 Robert3 Ephraim2 Robert1

Lael8's great-grand mother Nina Jane5 William Albert4 Thomas 3 Thomas2 James1 bc 1738 Westchester, NY d. New Brunswick

Photos of Wheaton College founders in Massachusetts

Interesting article on Photo analysis

This image is of an early Wheaton couple likely in Devon, England and may be grandparents of  Philip3 Wheaton to left.

Photo mystery solved---These two men although looking related are not related through the strict paternal line. However the one above and first three on the left are ! We know this through DNA testing.

Francis Eugene Wheaton son of Silas Rueben7 Wheaton (1826-1882) and Grandson of Thomas Ladd6 Wheaton (1796-188?) below

John J's John Wheaton abt. 1890 Providence, Rhode Island

Paul & Jim's Grandfather Henry Wheaton b1869 of
John4,3, 2 Thomas 1 Wheadon & his wife Rebecca4, of
Thomas3, 2 1 Wheadon

Williard Eugene's great-great Grandfather Squire3 Wheaton (1796-1864) of William2 ,1  of Caldwell, New Jersey

David J's 2nd Great Grandfather
Alfred David7 Wheaton, 4th great grandson of Robert Wheaton both photos about 1864
of Daniel 6 Levi5 Daniel4, David3, Benjamin2 Robert 1

Michael F.'s 2nd Great Grandfather
Thomas Ladd6 Wheaton (1796-188?)
Taken about 1880 New Berlin, Chenango Co, New York

Michael F.'s Great Grandfather Silas Rueben7 Wheaton (1826-1882) in his Civil War Uniform about 1864 son of Thomas Ladd6 Wheaton above. Both of William,5 Joseph3 or 4 of New Jersey confirmed of Robert 1

Bill's grandfather William H. Wheaton
Taken January 27, 1891 Salisbury, NB, Canada confirmed of Robert 1 Closely related to Silas above

Jerry's great-grandfather Levi Wheaton (1829-1913) of
John 2 Robert 1

Congressional Medal of Honor Winner from Civil War
Lloyd8 Wheaton (1838-1913) of William7 Samuel6 William5 Samuel4,3,2 Robert 1

Dr. James Lucas6 Wheaton (1794-1880) of Lucas5 Andrew4 Robert3 Ephraim2 Robert1  of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

6 Wheaton (1785-1848) Of Providence Rhode Island
Lawyer, Diplomat and Supreme Court reporter
of Seth5 Nathaniel4 Daniel3 Ephraim2 Robert1

Job6 Wheaton (1789-1875) Rehoboth, Massachusetts
 of Lucas5 Andrew4 Robert3 Ephraim2 Robert1