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Including: Wheaton, Wheeton, Whetene, Wheten, Wheaten, Weeton, Weaton, Wetton, Whetton, Wheadon, Whedon, Wheedon, Wheden, Wheaden, Weedon, Weadon or variations

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These pages include information on the Wheaton DNA Project and a sister project at FTDNA Rehoboth, Massachusetts Project for those with pre 1750 Rehoboth, Massachusetts ancestry. For those new to Genetic Genealogy please see the side bar for The Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy. 

This site is intended to give the Wheaton family researcher access to additional resources beyond family trees. I suggest using the Wheaton One Name site for in depth Wheaton and Wheadon Family trees. Jean who manages that site and I who manage this one are collaborating to help sort out the various different Wheaton and Wheadon families of any background. We are interested in Wheatons world wide, including all spelling variations listed above. For simplicity's sake I use the name Wheaton but it is intended to be all inclusive. DNA testing has revealed the relationship of WHEATONs with other surnames. Anyone matching our profiles is welcome to join. The goal is to resolve our common ancestry and not to run some exclusive club. Quick links to the various sites associated with our project are at the bottom of this page.

If you are a direct male descendant of Christopher Wheaton of Hull, MA (Some descendants settled in Barre, VT) or a descendant of Robert Wheaton's son Obadiah Wheaton who lived in Boston, MA I will provide a FREE Kit for demonstrated lineage. I will also provide a kit or subsidized kit to men with recent direct Wheaton heritage in Wales or Somerset, England in some cases. A kit may be partially or fully paid depending on how useful the results are to furthering our work.

ABOUT the Wheaton Surname DNA Project

This a surname specific genetic genealogical Project. We are looking for Wheaton surnamed males who are willing to be DNA tested to unravel the origins of the Wheaton, Wheadon, Whetton, Weeton, Weddon more definitively. We use Y-STR (Paternal) markers to identify Wheaton Families by Patriarchal ancestors. There are no geographic limitations. Also open to any other surnames who match any of our profiles.

If you are a female Wheaton (like myself) you may participate by encouraging your male surnamed Wheaton relatives to be tested. I also accept atDNA from anyone not surnamed Wheaton but descended from one of our Wheaton families. 

If you have a brick wall on your Wheaton line we have several success stories. I am now recommending a 37 marker test for most men. The costs for a 37 Marker test ordered through the project is $149. Sometimes as low as $129 on sale. A 12 marker test is available for $69 and on sale for as low as $49.
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If you have been tested but not at FTDNA please contact me to share your data. Discount pricing is available for those wishing to upgrade from another company.

You can also help by donating here should you wish to support the testing of others.

Note: When an order is first placed, it gets listed on the administrator's Pending Shipment to Lab page. It does not appear anywhere else. When an order is actually batched and sent to the lab on Wednesday night, it moves to the administrator's Pending Lab Results page. At that point, it also appears in the member's account on the Pending Lab Results page.

  • Facilitate the sharing of Wheaton genealogical information
  • Collect DNA data on Wheaton Wheadon, Wetton etc. or others who match our Patriarch profiles.
  • Identify connections between English Families and their emigrants to Australia, the United States and Canada
  • Identify and connect Patriarchs with their descendants
  • Provide helpful resources for the Wheaton researcher

Current Needs

  • Wheatons from Somersetshire England and Glamorgan and Monmouthshire, Wales
  • Whettons or Wettons from Staffordshire, England
  • Wheatons and Wheadons of New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Canada
  • Wheatons and Wheadons of Australia
  • Descendants of all of Robert Wheaton's sons especially Obadiah originally from Massachusetts 
  • Descendants of Christopher Wheaton of Hull, Massachusetts (not currently represented in our database) 

If this is your first visit to our site please check out the Origins of the Surname Wheaton, the Photo Gallery and Wheaton Specific Resources. Good place to start if you have questions or concerns about DNA testing is the Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy. You may be interested in learning more About me, Kelly Wheaton. For the latest news see the Breaking News page. Please join us by liking us on Facebook/

If you would like receive periodic updates and notices of sales please email me. I also write a private Wheaton Wood Blog. Please contact me for access. a 4 e s t 4 2 at g m a i l . c o m 

Identified lines in England are:

Wheaton of SE Devon: Sidmouth

Wheaton of Devon: Coldridge, Winkleigh & Brixham

Wheaton of North Devon

Wheadon in Devon near Axminster

Whetton, Wetton of Staffordshire (later Wheaton in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire)

Weeton of Lancashire near Kirkham (no results)

Wheedon Norfolk (no results)

Identified lines in United States & Canada:

There are now 5 major Wheaton lines in the US and Canada. Those assumed to be descended from corresponding lines in England.

Robert Wheaton bc. 1606 (presumed to be of Somerset, England) who was at Salem, MA 1636, and Rehoboth, MA by 1646. From Robert came the founders of Wheaton College.

Thomas Wheadon bc.1635 Axminster, Devon, England who settled New Haven, Connecticut 1657.  Some descendants of Thomas adopted the Wheaton spelling. Actor Wil Wheaton and Wheaton Van Lines are from Thomas Wheadon.

Uriah Wheaton bc.17?? of New Jersey

Wheadon of Newfoundland, Canada

Whetton, Wetton of Staffordshire (later Wheaton in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire)

The identified lines in Australia:

There are are at least 5 Australian Wheaton families with roots in Devon England and one connected to the Huntingdonshire Wheaton family. So far we have connected one to:

Wheaton of SE Devon: Sidmouth

Wheadon in Devon: near Axminster

How many descendants are we talking about of Robert and Thomas?

Well I counted the number of known male Wheaton/Wheadon surnamed descendants in the first 5 generations (to Generation 6). These are only the ones we can connect by paper trail. There are many more un-assigned families:

Robert Wheaton 298

Thomas Wheadon 114

So we have more than 400 Wheaton progeny of Robert and Thomas in the US. Add their sons plus another 30 arrivals from England to the US 1800-1900, plus 20 or so from Scotland, Ireland and Wales and it's clear there's many Wheatons and Wheadons to sort out. And that doesn't begin to tackle the Wheatons that stayed in England or moved to Canada and Australia.

Key to Sites
Family Tree DNA Wheaton Surname Project---where the DNA project resides but cannot (by their design) include data from people who were tested at other companies. Although all can view the Public results from the Wheaton Surname Project pages.

Wheaton Surname Resources-- My website where I post results, analysis, patriarchs, photos, etc and share resources. (Where you are right now)

Wheaton One Name--Jean's website with all Wheaton/Wheadon Family. The best source in the world for Wheaton genealogy.



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