Favorite Web Sites and Information


Transcription Tool 

Basic DNA Information & Videos on the Human Family

DNA Basics You Tube Video

DNA Primer : Genealogy Beyond the Y Chromosome

Journey of Man Interactive Map

Molecular DNA Genealogy Video

FTDNA's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Joy of Stats. Not about DNA but enjoyable and worthwhile 

Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey the You Tube version Fascinating This  full length documentary is available in parts on You Tube

National Geographic The Human Family Tree the You tube version---Truly inspirational! This  full length documentary is available in parts on You Tube

Faces of America 4 part series from PBS first two available here or all on Netflix

Fascinating Interview with the Founder of FTDNA Explains lots of questions.

DNA Reference Information

Wikipedia's article on Y-STR Has a good Mutation Chart (More recent one below)

Haplogroups from Genebase

Haplogroup Map from FTDNA  PDF @ bottom of page

DNA Databases

Note: Some Databases require you register with their site

GEDMATCH Highly recommend for those with RAW atDNA for further matching and ancestry research.

DNA in Depth

Advanced Resources
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