Robert Wheaton's English Origin

Originally written in the 1970's. Revised 2011 Additional Revision 2012 & 2013

Due to recent DNA results Robert Wheatons origins in Devon appear to be confirmed. However the match is with different surname. We are still looking for a DNA match with a Wheaton with ties to Devon. It appears that there may be as many as 5 or 6 Wheaton surname DNA lines in Devon!!!!

Records of Robert Wheaton's birth, christening or departure from England have not been located. Several printed genealogies have referred to Robert as "from Swansea, Wales." This led many to believe Robert was a Welshman. There are several possible explanations for this confusion including the arrival of John Myles from Swansea, Wales and his settling in what became Swansea, MA, where Robert's son Ephraim was the third minister. The earliest record that we have is a genealogy of Robert Wheaton written by Nathaniel Wheaton his great-grandson and recorded at Providence, RI: 31 August 1775. Ten years later Nathaniel writes a letter to his cousin Isaac in New Jersey stating that Robert was from the "westerly part of England" or "probable from Swansey, Wales."

During my correspondence with a historian from the Swansea area it become clear that Robert Wheaton's wife, Alice Bowen was more likely a candidate for coming from Wales but she and her father Richard Bowen's origins are as mysterious as Robert's. This led me back to Devonshire, England as the most likely birthplace for Robert. Our only DNA match is from South Molton, Devon but surnamed Hancock. In other articles on this website I go into more detail about the origin of the surname. After very lengthy research I believe we must broaden the scope of Robert's origins to include the counties of Monmouth and Glamorgan in Southern Wales and the parishes along the north coastlines of Devon from about Barnstaple, Devon to Bristol, Somerset.

Unfortunately many have taken my earlier speculation and made it fact
in the parish of Ottery St. Mary, Devon:

Robert Wheaton married to Margaret Bastine, 25 October 1602

There is no evidence they had a son Robert and even if they did, it is unlikely based on DNA evidence to date, that he would be our missing Robert. A better guess would be 

Robert Whiddon christened 28 Mar 1605 in Sandford, Devon England to Thomas Whiddon.

But again this DNA evidence suggests that this is not the right Robert either. Our best opportunities to locate Robert's origins will be through further DNA testing and matches.

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