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I am an amateur genealogist for more than 40 years (on and off). I have been interested in DNA research, but like many folks, skeptical of the value and cost of DNA testing for genealogical purposes. I began my work with DNA when I orderd a Y-DNA test for my husband. Here I am a few years later having tested at all 3 major companies, a member of ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogists), the administrators of two DNA projects and I have written the online guide "Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogists."

When I first started my Wheaton research I quickly learned that I had to keep track of two separate families of Wheatons in the United States. First, the descendants of Robert Wheaton bc.1606 and second, the descendants of Thomas Wheadon bc.1635. The latter has descendants that changed their name to Wheaton.

If I had not hit a brick wall with my husband's line I never would have collected all the information I have. But that wall required that I keep track of each family so I could piece together where my husband might fit in. I also began collecting information on where Robert and Thomas came from. This led me to correspond with historians and genealogists in the UK and Australia. In the meantime I raised a family and had a career and discovered my own "Wheaton" ancestor Hannah Wheaton, daughter of Robert.

Similarly Jean Wheaton in the UK ran up against a similar brick wall and was collecting Wheaton information as well. She has put together the most comprehensive Wheaton information in the world at the Wheaton One Name Web Site. The Wheaton Surname Project at FTDNA and this site intend to provide additional genetic insight and resources for Wheaton family researchers. Turns out Jean's husband is a descendant of the Wheaton/Wetton families of Staffordshire.

I started this project in February of 2011. It was begun in desperation to connect my husband with either Robert Wheaton or Thomas Wheadon. My husband took his DNA test on Valentine's Day. Within 6 weeks he knew he was descended from Robert Wheaton! That is the power of DNA.

Subsequently I (myself) have tested at  23andme, Ancestry and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) with their autosomal tests. My husband has done the autosomal at 23andme and I have uploaded his results to FTDNA. Until Ancestry harnessed the power of their Genealogies with DNA I thought the results with autosomal testing for genealogy mixed. However, if you see my More About Me page that is no longer the case. Additionally autosomal DNA excels is in teasing out the various components of your ancestry and for those who test at 23andme the medical information can be invaluable.

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*Note the photo in the Header was taken by me in South Harting, West Sussex, England during the time my son lived there and not far from where my first grandson was born. The background color of these pages was selected in keeping with the Wheaton theme.

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