2009 Results


Capri Ingram from Livingston fired a 77 to take top honors in the overall girls tour championship held Monday, August 3, 2009 at Cottonwood Hills GC. While on the boy's side, Drew Ferguson, of Belgrade, turned in a score of 72 to claim the overall boys tour championship. The 2008 tour champions, Connor and Lauren Hausauer, kept the heat on until the end of the round. Both Connor and Lauren finished second with 74 and 81 respectively while Haylee Folkvord (86) and Zack Stowell (75) placed third. Paul Bennett (78) and Bergen Buck (87) each claimed fourth place. In the boys 14-15 age division, Decker Willson of Livingston shot 80 to win over Jacob Nelson (84), Austin Stowell (89), and Alex Gerharter (91).

In the younger nine hole divisions, Riley Sisson fired a 45 to win the boys 12-13 age division. Kyle Powell (46), Connor Brown (49), and Chad Johnerson (51) finished second, third, and fourth respectively. On the girls side Christal Tokash turned in a 50 to claim the 12-13 age division with Allison Sisson (64), Michaela Amunrud (68), and Lauren Brown (76) completing the top four spots. Finally, in the boys and girls 10-11 age divisions, Zack Swanson (52), Josh Neth (58), and Taylor Wynn (58) claimed the top three spots while Haley Basye (83) and Ashley Lachapelle (102) went one and two.

Also awarded at the tour championship finale were the Joe McKethen Most Improved Golfer Award (Tyler Schmidt) and the Arden Pieper Memorial Sportmanship Award (Drew Ramey and Elizabeth Cahoon). Thank you all for a great junior golf season. Best of luck to you in school and in all of your endeavors.

Here are the complete results of the day:


BOYS 16-17

Drew Ferguson 72; Connor Hausauer 74; Zack Stowell 75; Paul Bennett 78; Lee Paulson 79; Charles Buckner 81; Avery Stout 82; Henry Holiday 83; Colin Rupert 87; Drew Ramey 89; Kramer Hecht 89; Ryan Vanderpan NS; GIRLS 14-17 Capri Ingram 77; Lauren Hausauer 81; Haylee Folkvord 86; Bergen Buck 87; Caitlin Makatura 89; Carlan Campbell 91; Liz Cahoon 98; Charlee Remitz 105; Alexis Perius 108; Amanda Reese WD; BOYS 14-15 Decker Willson 80; Jacob Nelson 84; Austin Stowell 89; Alex Gerharter 91; Brian Schmidt 93; Ryan Westlake 94; Cameron White 96; Michael Daines 96; Chance Stephens 98; Brandon Coon 110;


BOYS 12-13

Riley Sisson 45; Kyle Powell 46; Connor Brown 49; Chad Johnerson 51; Tyler Ferguson 52; Ben Goertzen 53; Caleb Neth 55; Athony Savoy 62; Matt Buckner 62; Taylor Sisson 66; BOYS 10-11 Zack Swanson 52; Josh Neth 58; Taylor Wynn 58; Joey Peter 60; Dawson Brown 61; Tyler Schmidt 68; GIRLS 12-13 Christal Tokash 50; Allison Sisson 64; Michaela Amunrud 68; Lauren Brown 76; Anna Peter 80; GIRLS 10-11 Haley Basye 83; Ashley Lachapelle 102;




With a bout of rain on the back nine, Paul Bennett fired a 75 to take the fifth and final Wheat Montana Jr Tour event of the 2009 season. Drew Ferguson and Ryan Vanderpan weren't far behind with 76 and 78 to claim second and third. While on the girls side, Lauren Hausauer shot 83 to win the overall girls title. Caitlin Makatura, Liz Cahoon, and Charlee Remitz turned in 96 and a couple of 102s to finish second and a tie for third. In the boys 14-15 division, Keevan Statz, visiting Big Sky from Nebraska, shot 81 for the win. Alex Gerharter (89) and Cameron White (90) finished second and third.

In the younger nine hole divisions, Riley Sisson claimed the boys 12-13 division with a 44. Chad Johnerson, who also shot 44 and Tyler Ferguson (49) finished second and third. A score card tie break also decided the boys 10-11 division between Raleigh Rodgers and Zack Swanson. Each shot 49 and Zack took the medal. Joey Peter claimed third with a 53 which was also decided with a score card tie break. Finally, Allison Sisson finished with a 67 to win the girls 12-13 division. Madison McLaughlin (70) and Michaela Amunrud (73) finished second and third. In the girls 10-11 division, Ashley Lachapelle turned in an 86 to win.

Next Monday, August 3, 2009 will be the WHEAT MONTANA JUNIOR TOUR FINALE at Cottonwood Hills GC. Qualifiers from the five tour events will square off for division championships as well as overall boy and girl champions.

Here is the complete results from the day;


GIRLS 14-17

Lauren Hausauer 83; Caitlin Makatura 96; Liz Cahoon 102; Charlee Remitz 102; Alexis Perius 112; Lainey Harriman 113; Olivia Davison 122; BOYS 14-15 Keevan Statz 81; Alex Gerharter 89; Cameron White 90; Austin Stowell 92; Ryan Westlake 92; Brian Schmidt 95; Michael Daines 97; Grant Dokken 98; Chance Stephens 100; Jake Minard 101; Bryce Webber 103; Keaton Sterling 109; Brandon Coon 110; Michael Ryan 114; Zachary Norton 115; Quad Denman 115; Charlie Dokken 125; Ryan Downey 131; BOYS 16-17 Paul Bennett 75; Drew Ferguson 76; Ryan Vanderpan 78; Connor Hausauer 79; Zack Stowell 82; Colin Rupert 82; Matt Johnerson 83; Wyatt Nielson 84; Decker Willson 86; Avery Stout 88; PJ Downey 110; Micah Cole 113; Chris Coon 117;


BOYS 12-13

Riley Sisson 44; Chad Johnerson 44; Tyler Ferguson 49; Trevor House 52; Ben Goertzen 56; Caleb Neth 57; Anthony Savoy 58; Quinn House 59; Taylor Sisson 66; Preston Coon 67; Griffin House 69; GIRLS 12-13 Allison Sisson 67; Madison McLaughlin 70; Michaela Amunrud 73; GIRLS 10-11 Ashley Lachapelle 86; BOYS 10-11 Zack Swanson 49; Raliegh Rodgers 49; Joey Peter 53; Dawson Brown 53; Willy Rodgers 55; Josh Neth 59; Taylor Wynn 64;



On a beautiful Montana morning at Riverside Country Club, Haylee Folkvord went low with a 75 to win the girls 14-17 division by five strokes. Bergen Buck (80) and Capri Ingram (81) placed second and third. Henry Holiday took the boys 16-17 division from Connor Hausauer with a score card tie break, both shot 76. Drew Ferguson finished with a 77 for third. In the boys 14-15, Jacob Nelson (86) walked away with a win. Austin Stowell (94) and Michael Daines (95) finished second and third respectively.

In the younger age divisions playing nine holes, Riley Sisson edged Chad Johnerson with a score card tie break to take the boys 12-13, each shot a 49. Tyler Ferguson claimed third with a 52, while Zack Swanson equally fired a 49 to take the boys 10-11 division Taylor Wynn (54) and Dawson Brown (54) placed second and third respectively. For the second week in a row, Madison McLaughlin claimed the girls 12-13 age division with a 56. Allison Sisson (63) and Lauren Brown (76) finished second and third. And finally, Miss Ashley Lachapelle anchored the girls 10-11 age division with an 85 to claim the win. The fifth and final Wheat Montana Jr Tour event will be held at Big Sky Golf Course next Monday, July 27th. All five tour events produced two qualifiers from each age division to vie for the division and overall junior tour champion to be held at Cottonwood HIlls Golf Course on Monday, August 3rd.

Here are the complete results from the day:

9 hole rounds

BOYS 10-11

Zack Swanson 49; Taylor Wynn 54; Dawson Brown 54; Joey Peter 54; Tyler Schmidt 58; Willy Rodgers 58; Josh Neth 60; GIRLS 10-11 Ashley Lachapelle 85; Coral Schulz WD; BOYS 12-13 Riley Sisson 49; Chad Johnerson 49; Tyler Ferguson 52; Caleb Neth 55; Connor Brown 57; Trevor House 58; Quinn House 58; Jake Wolfe 68; Griffin House 69; Taylor Sisson 73; Connor Sullivan 75; Preston Coon 77; Anthony Savoy WD; Aydan Sterling WD; GIRLS 12-13 Madison McLaughlin 56; Allison Sisson 63; Lauren Brown 76; Michaela Amunrud 82; Hannah Schaeffer 97;

18 hole rounds

BOYS 14-15

Jacob Nelson 86; Austin Stowell 94; Michael Daines 95; Brian Schmidt 101; Brandon Coon 101; Ryan Westlake 104; Keaton Sterling 106; Ryan Downey 111; Andrew Kranker 115; Dylan Jones 125; Baker Hilsendeger 132; Alex Gerharter WD; Dillon Schulz WD; GIRLS 14-17 Haylee Folkvord 75; Bergen Buck 80; Capri Ingram 81; Lauren Hausauer 85; Stephanie Campbell 87; Liz Cahoon 88; Charlee Remitz 90; Caitlin Makatura 92; Cierra Myers 95; Olivia Davison 102; Alexis Perius 102; Sarah Boyer 105; Jessie Gill 118; Nicole Froelich 141; Kelly Ockford WD; Alex Pinson WD; BOYS 16-17 Henry Holiday 76; Connor Hausauer 76; Drew Ferguson 77; Paul Bennett 79; Lee Paulson 80; Colin Rupert 85; Charles Buckner 88; Kramer Hecht 88; Zac Rossman 88; Drew Ramey 89; Brady Jensen 89; Decker Willson 91; PJ Downey 98; Avery Stout 99; Micah Cole 111; Chris Coon WD;



On a cloudy, windy day in Ennis, Drew Ferguson and Bergen Buck put together a couple of nines to shoot 80 and 91 and win the boys 16-17 age division and girls 14-17 divisions. Paul Bennett and Connor Hausauer each finished with 82 and 83 to round out the top three spots. Liz Cahoon (92) and Amanda Reese (93) finished second and third respectively. In the boys 14-15 age division, Austin Stowell carded a 95 while Chance Stevens and Brian Schmidt shot 106 and 107 to finish second and third.

At Headwaters Golf Course in Three Forks, Riley Sisson, Taylor Sisson, and Connor Brown shot 46, 48, & 49 to take the top three spots in the boys 12-13 age division. Zack Swanson (46), Raleigh Rodgers (52), and Tyler Schmidt (58) placed one, two, and three in the boys 10-11 age division. Finally, in the girls 12-13, Madison McLaughlin shot 46 to take top honors while Allison Sisson (68) and Lauren Brown (68) tied for second place.

Here are the complete results from the day's event:


Boys 10-11

Zack Swanson 46; Raleigh Rodgers 52; Tyler Schmidt 58; Joey Peter 61; Taylor Wynn 67; Boys 12-13 Riley Sisson 46; Taylor Sisson 48; Connor Brown 49; Anthony Savoy 54; Caleb Neth 55; Jack O'Donnell 55; Ben Goertzen 57; Matt Buckner 63; Preston Coon 68; Jake Martel 72; Riley Jensen 76; Girls 12-13 Madison McLaughlin 55; Allison Sisson 68; Lauren Brown 68; Anna Peter 94; MADISON MEADOWS GOLF COURSE (18 holes) Girls 14-17 Bergen Buck 91; Liz Cahoon 92; Amanda Reese 93; Lauren Hausauer 105; Sarah Boyer 112; Emily Buckner 118; Lainey Harriman 124; Alexis Perius 126; Boys 14-15 Austin Stowell 95; Chance Stevens 106; Brian Schmidt 107; Michael Daines 110; Michael Ryan 116; Cameron White 116; Keaton Sterling 117; Boys 16-17 Drew Ferguson 80; Paul Bennett 82; Connor Hausauer 83; Ben Broadhead 87; Charles Buckner 88; Brady Jensen 99;



The day started out perfectly with lots of sunshine and seventy junior golfers. In fact, most of the junior golf tournament was completed. But threatening storm systems took over the skies around 1:30 pm and put a halt to the completion of the boys 14-15 & 16-17 age divisions. Scores and tournament placement was determined by the last hole completed by the age division. For the boys 14-15, scores are through hole #16 and for the boys 16-17, scores are through hole #14. The girls 14-17 division did complete their rounds. Also completing nine hole rounds were the boys 10-11, 12-13, girls 10-11, & 12-13.

In the nine hole tournament, Kyle Powell fired a 45 to take the boys 12-13 while Taylor Wynn turned in a 58 for the boys 10-11. Anthony Savoy (49) and Riley Sission (50) finished second and third respectively. Tyler Schmidt shot 98 for second in the boys 10-11 division. In the girls 12-13 division, Christal Tokash shot 52 for the win and Haley Basye carded a 78 to take the girls 10-11 division for the second week. Allison Sisson (57) and Michaela Amunrud (76) finished second and third respectively while Ashley Lachapelle (98) claimed second in the girls 10-11 division.

In the girls 14-17 division, Capri Ingram shot 82 for the win and Liz Cahoon (86) and Stephanie Campbell (91) finished second and third respectively. For the second week, sixteen girls competed in the 18 hole division. In the boys 14-15 division, completing 16 holes, Brian Schmidt turned in a 71 for the win while Austin Stowell (73) and Cameron White (78) claimed second and third respectively. And through 14 holes, Colin Rupert shot 60 to take the boys 16-17 division while Drew Ramey and Drew Ferguson each fired a 61.

The next Wheat Montana Jr Tour event is Monday, July 13th with the 10-13 year olds at Headwaters Golf Course (Three Forks) and the 14-17 year olds at Madison Meadows Golf Course (Ennis).

Here are the complete results of the day:

Boys 16-17 (14 holes) Weather Delay

Colin Rupert 60; Drew Ramey 61; Drew Ferguson 61; Paul Bennett 64; Henry Holiday 65; Kramer Hecht 65; Ryan Vanderpan 67; PJ Downey 70; Charles Buckner 73; Decker Willson 73; Brady Jensen 76; Zac Rossman 79; Chris Coon 86; Avery Stout WD; Boys 14-15 (16 holes) Weather Delay Brian Schmidt 71; Austin Stowell 73; Cameron White 78; Alex Gerharter 81; Michael Daines 83; Grant Dokken 90; Ryan Downey 95; Andrew Kranker 98; Ryan Westlake 100; Zachary Norton 100; Carl Swanson 102; Brandon Coon 104; Baker Hilsendeger 116; Girls 14-17 (18 holes) Capri Ingram 82; Liz Cahoon 86; Stephanie Campbell 91; Bergen Buck 94; Caitlin Makatura 95; Carlan Campbell 95; Allie Sauvageau 96; Amanda Reese 101; Sarah Boyer 108; Jessie Gill 113; Olivia Davison 115; Lainey Harriman 116; Jenna Mosley 125; Kiley Kremmel 132; Jamie Cahoon 134; Alex Pinson 186 Girls 12-13 (9 holes) Christal Tokash 52; Allison Sisson 57; Michaela Amunrud 76; Hannah Schaffer 96; Girls 10-11 (9 holes) Haley Basye 78; Ashley Lachapelle 98; Boys 12-13 (9 holes) Kyle Powell 45; Anthony Savoy 49; Riley Sisson 50; Trevor House 53; Caleb Neth 55; Quinn House 55; Ben Goertzen 55; Zack Swanson 57; Taylor Sisson 57; Tyler Ferguson 58; Griffin House 58; Jake Wolfe 65; Preston Coon 70 Matt Buckner 74; Boys 10-11 (9 holes) Taylor Wynn 58; Tyler Schmidt 63;


Sixty-Five junior golfers teed it up Monday morning for the first Wheat Montana Jr Tour golf event at Bridger Creek Golf Course. This was the first of five events scheduled for the 2009 summer tour series. Boys and girls ranging in ages 10 to 17 put their golf game skills to the test on a beautiful Montana summer day. Paul Bennett (boys 16-17) recorded a 72 to win the first Wheat Montana Jr Tour event of the 2009 summer golf series. Lauren Hausauer (girls 14-17) shot 82 to win the girls division. Avery Stout 81 and Drew Ramey 82 finished second and third respectively in the boys 16-17 age division. Dillon Schulz fired a 79 to take the boys 14-15 age division. Alex Gerharter 86 and Thomas Elsen 90 claimed second and third respectively.

Lauren Hausauer, last year's Tour Champion, set the pace with an 82 in the girl's 14-17 division. A three way tie for second included Haylee Folkvord, Bergen Buck, and Carlan Campbell with 87's. Score card tie break went to Carlan, second, and Bergen, third. An impressive number of eighteen girls competed in the 14-17 age division in this event.

In the nine hole divisions, Zack Swanson fired a 45 to win an impresive field of boys 12-13 age division. Kyle Powell 46 and Jack O'Donnell and Anthony Savoy 53 finished second and a tie for third respectively. Raleigh Rodgers finished with a 47 to take the boys 10-11 age division. Christal Tokash shot 46 to win the girls 12-13 while Haley Basye took the girls 10-11 with a 70.

Here are the rest of the day's results:

BOYS 16-17

Paul Bennett 72; Avery Stout 81; Drew Ramey 82; Henry Holiday 86; Charles Buckner 90; Kramer Hecht 93; Zack Rossman 93; PJ Downey 97; Chris Coon 106; Micah Cole 114 BOYS 14-15 Dillon Schulz 79; Alex Gerharter 86; Thomas Elsen 90; Cameron White 95; Decker Willson 95; Grant Dokken 103; Brian Schmidt 104; Carl Swanson 105; Keaton Sterling 111; Morgan West 112; Ryan Downey 115; Brandon Coon 125; Dustin Finck 167