Wheatland Wyoming RC Racing Club

Outdoor Racing has been completed for the 2017 year.  

Youth racing is getting underway for the fall 2017 club in the indoor area.

The lights and electrical service have been installed!!

Thanks to the following for help in this project:
Town of Wheatland
Arnie Minear
Bruce Goodnight
Coleter Mount - Eagle Scout 
Marty Shepard
Reliable Equipment Rental
Platte County Fair Board

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    Winter Indoor Off-Road Race 2015:

    Thanks to all the racers who raced in Wheatland this year!  See you next year!
    Video of 2014 Outdoor season by Eric Cabral


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    2014 season points champs
                                                                                            Outdoor track before September 2013 Race
    November 2013 Indoor Race Winners
    Sepetmber 2012 Outdoor Race 

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