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The National Comprehensive Cancer Network website is an important  resource that addresses many  common breast diagnostic and management issues.   This free website sponsored by leading cancer centers around the country provides evidence-based screening, diagnostic and treatment guidelines for a variety of cancers. The site requires that you create an account but is free.
The algorithms are useful in evaluation of undifferentiated breast complaints, identification of women at high risk for development of breast cancer and screening guidelines are found in the section:
 "NCCN Guidelines for Detection, Prevention and Risk  Reduction."

For more general  information about breast cancer,  the following link might be helpful:

For health professionals:

Survival rates in the US are derived from the National Cancer Institutes SEER database.

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 The list below will take you to topic-specific resources.
   How does one perform a clinical breast exam, tell normal tissue from abnormal, characterize and
   record breast abnormalities?
What elements of the history require special emphasis in the breast patient?
    Who should be screened? How and when?
     Should you teach and encourage BSE for your patients? What is BSA?
    What are the appropriate uses of mammography, ultrasound and Breast MRI in the screening and diagnosis?
    What are the appropriate steps in evaluating a breast lump?
    What are the considerations in evaluating breast pain?
    Which types of nipple discharge are concerning and how would your proceeded?
     Who is at high risk of development of breast cancer and what is the appropriate screening protocol?
    What is the differential diagnosis of breast inflammation?
    How does one make sense of the spectrum of benign proliferative breast findings?
     What tools are available for calculating an individual's lifetime risk of breast cancer?
     Which mutations are associated with a marked increase in the risk of breast and other cancers?
Chemoprophylaxis and Prophylactic Surgery
    Who is a candidate for chemoprophylaxis?

    What are some benign nipple-areolar complex conditions?