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This site provides clinical, educational and scheduling information for UW residents and students  participating in clinical rotations in the WHCC.  It also serves as a repository for clinic-specific practice standards for the ultimate benefit of our patients.


  Clinic Mission Statement

WHCC is committed to a woman-centered model of primary and specialty health care, and excellence in multidisciplinary research and training.

We provide comprehensive, integrated services throughout the life span, with a specific emphasis on disease prevention.

 We respect and support the unique needs of women, seeking to involve the in medical decision-making through education.
General On-line Learning Resources
 UW Women's Health has developed easy-to-follow Professional Education Modules which are designed to take minimal time and to give you insight into women's health issues from the underserved patient's perspective.
The site provides evidence-based information for students, residents, and primary care providers on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis
Information on the UW's basic OB/GYN Clerkship. Begin to build the foundation of knowledge and skills which you will need in obstetrics and gynecology, regardless of the specialty you decide to enter.

Clinical Care Protocols













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Clinics and Rotations
Click on the titles for more information including goals and objectives, schedules and resources.
  •    Acute Care Care

            Provides exposure to common acute medical problems in women.

            A month long ambulatory elective in women's health.

                 One to two month rotation  (1 session per week) 
                focusing on  the evaluation of undiagnosed breast complaints, risk evaluation and high risk screening..
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