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 Order Form

Shopping In Mexico, the Smart Way! **
from Your Virtual Pharmacist
Prices updated weekly with access to most current and verified prices. Enroll / Subscribe Now!
"Shopping Mexico, the Smart Way".
Rx Medicine  + Consumer Groups Monthly**                           $ 3.99 / month
 Why Enroll In This Site / Plan?
Enroll to make sure you have the up to date & current price information for nearly 3500 items, all top consumer products + prescriptions, to be found throughout Mexico.  And for about $0.13 a day, you can have the most accurate prices available in Mexico!
After placing order, return to EXPATRIATE SITE by clicking above! 
 Cities included in Rx / Product audit!
1 Aguascalientes 10 Delegation Naucalpan 19 Lagos de Moreau 28 Saltillo
2 Apizaco 11 Delegation Tlalnepantla 20 Leon 29 Tlaxcala
3 Cancun 12 Delegation Nezahualcoyolt 21 Merida 30 Toluca
4 MEXICO  CITY 13 Colima 22 Monterrey 31 Veracruz
5 Mexico City North 14 Culiacan 23 Morelia 32 Villahermosa
6 Mexico City Center 15 Durango 24 Oaxaca 33 Zacatecas
7 Mexico City South 16 Guadalajara 25 Pachuca 34 Zacatelco
8 Mexico City East 17 Hermosillo 26 Puebla
9 Mexico City Poniente 18 Humamantla 27 Queretaro
oils & fats    
sugar, coffee, drinks
chicken, pork & beef
dairy & eggs
bread, tortillas & cereals
other foods
fruit & vegetables
toiletries - personal care
housewares - accessories
household appliances
Completing Your Membership Order! 
 After placing your PayPal order, select your city & e-mail us as instructed including the city name &
city number.  We will verify through e-mail.  The 34 cities /municipalities are chosen by the Mexican
government, and are not subject to change.  We've asked! 
And, with an active GOOGLE mail account, you will soon have direct access to the up-to-date price
information you need.  If you don't wish to have a GOOGLE account, it is easy & free, we will send the
price information to you as an attachment to your preferred e-mail account.  So, no matter how you like
it, all the price data from your selected area of Mexico will be available to you!
NOTE: For any/all selections of Rx’s and Consumer Products, contact us via e-mail with city selectionOur default city is Guadalajara! After making your PayPal payment selection (above);then select a city, go to "HOME PAGE", & at "ADD YOUR DRUGS", place city selected from the list on this page, using CITY  Name & Number. And then just complete the section & "e-mail" to us.  We will confirm  your choice and, via return 'e-mail', verify your selection.  Depending upon the  city selected, access to  the complete price file may take up to a few days, and in all fairness to new members  / subscribers, the initial 'start' date for membership will begin only when ALL data from city  selected is available for your use!  It's only fair! However, Guadalajara prices will be available promptly!  Questions?, contact us!   Well, I've got my 1st question.  "Why is Guadalajara the default selection?"    OK!  Guadalajara is the 2nd largest city in Mexico, and upon my permanent relocation to Mexico, the state of Jalisco will be my home.  And, my website, so I get to pick!  More?????
Why Enroll In This Plan?
The advantage to enrollment / membership is in having current, verifiable, & accurate prices from throughout Mexico.  Shop Smart, & shop with current pricing information.  It's the SMART WAY!    I just
want the best information available when I go shopping!  How about you?  And as one who views this site, price comparisons are available for FREE!  And for a small membership fee, accurate & verifiable prices are YOURS!  Yes, prices from throughout Mexico, updated weekly, can be just a 'click' away with your enrollment / membership.  Plus, we all can share in our buying / shopping experience(s) AND shop SMART!
**Rx Medicine = Current prices of rx's and medicines in selected city.
**Consumer Products = Current prices for the 11 product groups......
PLUS access to all archived audits + an invitation to join our BLOG!
Note: To Unsubcribe, go to top of LINKS page.
Go to HOME page & at ADD DRUGS, please specify difficulty.
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