Brand and Generic Names of top Medicines in Mexico

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Abilify aripiprazole
Acloral ranitidine
Actifed Clorphenerimin, phenylephrine
Acularen ketorolac
Adel ciprofloxacin
Aderogyl Vitamin A, Vitamin D
Advil Ibuprofen
Aeroflux salbuterol, guaifenesin
Afrinex dexbromphenerimine, pseudoephedrine
Afungil fluconazole
Akineton biperiden
Alcohol alcohol. Ethyl
Alcohol alcohol, ethyl
Altruline sertraline
Ambroxol amoxicillin, bromhexine
Amoxibron amoxicillin, bromhexine
Amoxil amoxicillin 
Ampicillin ampicillin
Antiflu - DES amantidine, chlorfenarimin, paracetol
Artrenac diclofenac
Aspirin aspirin, effervescent
Aspirin aspirin 
Ativan lorazapam
Augmentin amoxicillin, clavulonic acid
Avelox moxifloxacin
Azantac ranitidine
Azitrocin azithromycin
Adult Bactrim trimethoprim. Sulfametoxazol
Bactrim trimethoprim. Sulfametoxazol
Bactrim trimethoprim. Sulfametoxazol
Beconase beclometazone
Bedoyecta Vitamin B Complex
Benzetacil benzapenicilin
Binotal ampicillin
Binotal ampicillin
Bipasmin N butilhioscina, metamizol
Bisolvon bromhexine
Bredon oxolamine
Broxol ambroxol
Bufferin aspirin. Magnesium, aluminum
Buscapina butilhioscina 
Calcigenol DBL calcium phosphate
Capotena captopril
Captopril captopril
Carbanazepine carbamazepine
Carbanazepine carbamazepine
Cataflam diclofenac
Ceclor cefaclor
Cefalexin cefalexin
Cefalexin cefalexin
Ceftrex ceftriaxone
Celebrex celecoxib
Celestone betametasone
Cepacol cetylpyridinium
Ceporex cefalexin
Cevalin ascorbic acid
Cevalin ascorbic acid
Cevalin ascorbic acid
Ciproflox ciprofloxacin
Cisapride cisapride
Cisapride cisapride
Clarityne loratadine
Clavulin amoxicillin, clavulonic acid
Chlor-trimeton Clorphenerimin, phenylephrine
Co-Tylenol paracetamol, difenhydramine
Conazol ketoconazole
Boca Simple Cloth boca simple cloth
Dafloxen naproxen
Dafloxen naproxen
Dalacin - C clindamycin
Dalacin -V clindamycin
Daonil glibenclamide
Desenfriolita paracetamol, clorfenaramine, pseudoefedrine
Dexabion dexametasoe, lidocaine,Vitamins B1, B6, B12
Di-Cal di-calcium phosphate
Dicetel pinaverium
Dicloxacillin dicloxacillin
Dicloxacillin dicloxacillin
Diflucan fluconazole
Dilacoren Verapamil
Dimetapp bromfenaramine, fenilefren
Diprospan betametasone
Diprospan betametasone
Dolac ketorolac
Dolo - Neurobion Forte diclofenac, Vitamins B1, B6, B12
Dolo - Neurobion Forte diclofenac, Vitamins B1, B6, B12
Ectaprim Sulfametazoxasole - trimetoprim
Ectiva sibutramine
Elanto isosorbide mono
Elequine levofloxacin
Eni ciprofloxacin
Eskapar nifuroxazida
Espasma - Cibalgina drofenina, propifenazona
Facicam piroxicam
Febrax naproxen, paracetamol
Febrax naproxen, paracetamol
Feldene piroxicam
Firac pargeverina, lisina
Flagenase metronidazole, diyodohidroxiquinoleina
Flagyl metronidazole 
Flagyl metronidazole
Flanax naproxen
Flanax naproxen
Ferrous Fumerate ferrous fumerate
Garamicina gentamycin
Garamicina gentamycin
Zuum Anti Bact Gel antivacterial gel, zuum
Graneodin neomycin
Gynovin etinilestradiol, gestodeno
Hidrocillina bencilpenicilina + bencilprn proc
Histiacil anmbroxol, dextrometorfano
Icaden V isoconazol
Ilasone eritromicina
Imigran Sumatriptan
Inderalici propranol
Inderalici propranol
Inhibitron omeprazol
Inhibitron omeprazol
Insulin insulin
Isorbid isosorbida
Isox itraconazol
Kaopectate kaolin, pectin
Keflex cefalexin
H.P. Klaric claritromicina
Klaric claritromicina
Lanoxin digoxin
Lertamine loratadina
Lincocin lincomicina
lonol bencidamina
lutoral clormadinona
Macrodantina nitrofurantoina
Mapluxin Digoxin
Marvelon desogestrel, etinilestradiol
Maternal Vitamins Minerals, vitamins
Melox Plus antacid, simeticon
Metamizol metamizole
Metamizol metamizole
Meticorten prednisona
Metodine diyodhidroxiquinoleina, diyodohidrioxiquinoleina, metronidazol  
Microgynon etinilestradiol, levonorgestrel
Microgan ciprofloxacin
Motrin Ibuprofen
Mucosolvan ambroxol
Mycospar bifonazol
Naproxen naproxen
Naproxen naproxen
Naxen naproxen
Naxen naproxen
Neomelubrina metamizol 
Neomelubrina metamizol
Carbanazepine carbamazepine
Neugeron carbamazepine
Neurobion Vitamin B Complex
Nexium esomeprazol
Nordet etinilestradiol, levonorgestrel
Norvas amlodipino
XXXX xxxx
Ossopan calcio, fosforo, proteinas
Pactens xxxx
Paracetamol paracetamol
Pariet rabeprazol
Pedialyte electrolyte oral
Pedialyte electrolyte oral
Penamox amoxicilina
Pentrexyl ampicillin
Piroxicam piroxicam
Posipen dicloxacilina
Premarin estrogens, conjugated
Prodolina metamizol
Prodolina metamizol
Profenid ketoprofeno
Prozac omeprazol
Quadrax ibuprofeno
Raductil sibutramina
Ranis ranitidine
Redoxon ascorbic acid
Relenza zanomivir
Risperdal risperidona
Rivotril clonazepam
Rocefin ceftriaxona
Saridon cafeina, paracetamol
Sedalmerck cafeina, paracetamol, fenilefrina
Sekretovit EX ambroxol, clenbuterol
Sensibit loratadina
Septrin F Sulfametazoxasole - trimetoprim
Servicef cefalexina
Sevetrim F Sulfametazoxasole - trimetoprim
Suiflox ciprofloxacin
Supradol ketorolac
Surgam tiaprofenico
Synalar fluocinolone
Tabalon 400 ibuprofeno
Tabcin 500 acetilsalicilico, clorfenamina, fenilefrina
Tafil alprazalam
Tamiflu oseltamivir
Tegretol carbamazepine
Tempra paracetamol
Terramycin oxitetraciclina
Terramycin oxitetraciclina
Salonika xxxx
Tetrex tetraciclina
TheraFlu alcanfor, menyol, eucalipto
Trental pentoxifilina
Ulsen omeprazol
Vagitrol V fluocinolona, metronidazol, nistatina
Valium diazepam
Ventolin Salbutamol
Ventolin salbutamol
Vermox mebendazol
Viagra sildenafil
Vigamoxi moxifloxacin
Virazide ribavirina
Voltaren diclofenac
Xenical orlistat
Xi-Dol paracetamol
XL3 clorfenamina, paracetamol, fenilefrina
Zentel albendazol
Zestril lisinopril
Zinnat cefuroxima
Zovirax aciclovir
Zovirax aciclovir
The Top Prescription Drugs of Mexico,
 by both Brand & Generic names, plus
 general comments.
The streets of Ajijic,as in most cities, are brightly colored, and behind the doorways you will find elaborate and well furnished homes equal to any and all imaginations. 
Prescription Costs
in Mexico

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     Oh boy, more lists of drugs!
 The previous page listed the top 220 + drugs, prescription and OTC, purchased in drug stores (farmacias) in Guadalajara.  A quick look reveals this list of drugs to be vastly different from the Top 200 Drug Lists of Canada, the U.S.A., & the respective Mexican drugs.  This page of Brands / Generics lines up exactly with the previous page of top Mexican purchases. And this is just to make it easier for you to find a drug!

     You can review the original Top 200 Drugs of Canada, etc., by this link above. And they are quite different.  Enough is enough!

     The drugs in the Top 200 of Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, were selected from various published documents in both Canada and the States.  Some liberties were taken in the task of combining over 9 separate compilations.  Such as omitting most OTC’s (over the counter) as well as Oral Birth Control pills.  The original lists from the States, by the nature of U.S.A. pharmacists, did not include OTC’s, and diabetic supplies.  Birth Control pills were included, but I removed them simply due to the audience I am aiming for.  It is safe to assume that few birth control pills are sold to women above 60 years of age!  Confusing, isn’t it?!  Again, the drugs chosen for the Mexico Drug List are selected from the weekly audit of purchases made throughout Mexico.

     Let’s talk about the selection of drugs in Mexican farmacias as presented previously.  The drugs and medicines in the Mexican lists are selected from a larger compilation funded by the Mexican Government.  The intent being to safe guard consumers against over charging.  The Mexican Government goes so far as to require the maximum allowable price to be printed on the package of drugs.  Now, I can hear you say that you haven’t seen that on any drugs, and I agree, it is occasionally not printed or, more often, it is simply removed just to keep us in the dark.

     Well, then we’ll just “turn ‘em into the law” for prosecution!  Hmm, there is a mechanism to do just that, but………………….  It is best, I believe, to just go somewhere else for your purchase.  Mexico looks with great disfavor upon those who ‘rock the boat', especially us/we foreigners.  You will accomplish more by moving your money to a business that treats you with respect.  And on a similar note, several expatriates in the San Miguel area got involved in the local politics.  Boom! BAM! Slam! Damm! All were deported PROMPTLY!  So, again, maybe just be quite and spend that money elsewhere.

     Again, the list!  More than likely you will have one or more prescriptions that are not included in the Mexican list.  We will just have to deal with this problem.  I’ve found that tracking drug stores / farmacias that routinely have the lowest prices on the published items will also have at least ‘good’ / ‘fair’ prices on just about everything. It is just in their business plan to offer fair prices for everybody. And these are the farmacias we should frequent!  And recall the statement of President Reagan, "Trust, but verify!", yep, that is why we look at the prices weekly. We will address the problem of our drugs not being on the ‘audit’ list later.

     Earlier, we discussed the pricing system in Mexico, and the basis for setting a price.  Yes, we SHOULD be paying about 20% of the U.S.A. Rx cash price for the same or equivalent item in Mexico.  And we know that the actual price comes in more like 25%, or about $16.25 for a $65 Rx in the States.  Okay, I can live with it!

  What about Third Party Price Discrimination?”  Well, what the heck is that?

     Third Party Price Discrimination is the routine over-charging for items.  The charging, routinely charging, the visitor, the vacationer, the expatriate, YOU, more than the local residents.  15% to 40% being the norm!  I have seen this routinely in parts of Europe, and amazingly in areas with a very high standard of living with excellent pay!  As for Mexico, this custom is rare.  Certainly not in the chain farmacias. But some restaurants have separate menus for ‘guests’. And in healthcare, oddly enough, private physicians selling you your prescriptions (& they can) often double the price.  And I thought we just got screwed at home!  Remember, the maximum allowed price is to be printed on the drug package, so, look for it.  And, unless the drug is a narcotic, you can get a written order to have filled by your new best friend, the nearest farmacist at one of the farmacias with low prices!

     Well enough of this nonsense!  Let’s move on to Shop Mexico and get a feel for what pricing information we are offering.  In addition to the drugs / medicines, we are also offering consumer items in about 11 separate groups of nearly 2500 items.  So, we’ll have all this data by group, and by city, and done weekly!  You just can’t beat this information in making you the smartest most efficient shopper in all of Mexico.




Drug store, pharmacy, farmacia, they are available in most towns.


Horses out number the gringos, usually!

Fisherman on the Lake.

           The Cathedral in the middle of Mazamitla!
   Mazamitla, 1 hour away from Ajijic, and located at 8000 feet, offers
 a wonderful get away.  The altitude is 3000 feet above Chapala and
Ajijic,  and is just exhilerating.  This beautiful town demands a visit!
          Opps! My Weimaraner, 'INDY', loves the open fields and altitude of Mazamitla. 8000 feet is exhilerating in any country. Hey, don't laugh at those ears, they may just be his most charming attribute!

It's always flower season!

Farmacias, from old traditional to the ultra modern
are found in all except the smallest cities!

Another view of a local professional fisherman.

The plaza in Ajijic.

Shopping from a street vendor, Thursdays, in Ajijic. Market Day varies throughout the area.  Vendors travel to these to sell their wares, and we -gringoes- do our part to purchase as much as possible from our local neighbors.  Shop Mexico Now!!!!