Custom Gauge Panel (GNX style)

 For you guys not familiar with the Buick regal the dash what came in it was made more for a family car not a performance car. So in 1987 when Buick had ASC Build the GNX they gave it a dash made for a performance car packet with Stewart Warner Gauges and ever since Turbo Buick owners have been replicating it. Some do the exact copy right down to the type of gauges used, some use the same gauge panel with different style gauges. This is ok but it’s expensive close to $2000 to put one together, a far reach for most of us, At one time there were several vendors selling their own style and less expensive versions of the GNX dash, but not any more now you have to search high and low for a used one and hope you find one. This leaves most of us with one option build it yourself. I know the thought of all the wiring is intimidating but in reality it’s that hard and your only real limitation is how big your wallet is. I bet you could build one as cheap as $300 with some luck on used or cheap gauges.

 Today I’m going to take you on a step by step how to for everyone wanting a GNX style dash.

There are five steps to this project :

The original gauges looked just like any Buick Regal big and ugly GM added a boost gauge to it but other than that it’s no different then the regular Regal. It’s OK for the family grocery getter but not what you want to see in a performance vehicle.


In 1987 when Buick teamed up with ASC to build the GNX they decided to upgrade the gauges to give it a performance look inside as well as out. It was loaded with Stewart Warner gauges a great improvement over the gauges they were still using in the rest of the Turbo Buicks.

When I bought my car it had one of the aftermarket GNX style dashes in it you can see it’s not as bad as the stock dash but not as good as the GNX. I didn’t like how the gauges were partly covered up and not centered on the steering wheel. I took the gauges I had out and sold them even before I had my new gauges ready. There was going to be no turning back for me this way.