"What the Oracle Sees" - a DunDraCon 2017 game

  • "Blade Runner" - this setting is based very much on the city visuals seen within this movie. Giant ziggarauts house the wealthy and powerful, while everyone else lives on in metal & concrete cubes scattered across the landscape.
  • "Ex Machina" - AI technology has advanced to a point where fully autonomous cybernetic organisms are recognized as sentient. However, there's a long trail of case history, violence, and bloodshed behind that recognition.
  • "Ghost in the Shell" - the transference of human consciousness to these cybernetic organisms has been perfected, creating a bit of an identity crisis for humanity.

Where does this all fit in to Urban Shadows?

While Urban Shadows is, at its heart, a story of the powers within The City and the grim reality of fighting and surviving within that environment, this game has a bit more dark SciFi than is typical of the RPG setting.

Normally, that sort of setting would fit better within "The Sprawl" - but this game doesn't fit the typical "cyberpunk" theme. Here we look to the power struggles between old powers, and a potential vaccum on the horizon. Those who hide in the shadows of the city fighting for what influence they can scrape up and dream of becoming power brokers themselves. 

That's Urban Shadows.