September 2011

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I post a sampling of the links I like best
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TED Talks - always worth your time
Marc Breedlove, where I get many of my neuroscience-related links


  1. A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System  
  2. BBC News - Voyagers ride 'magnetic bubbles'
  3. BBC News - Slime mould prefers sedatives, say researchers
  4. BBC News - Kea parrots and New Caledonian crows 'use tools to reach food'
  5. Stereo Blindness Allows Some to See a Masterpiece  
  6. Why female zebra finches cheat on their partners - life - 13 June 2011 
  7.  Images capture moment brain goes unconscious
  8. The Playboy Gene: Promiscuity Can Be Inherited 
  9. Human Mutation Rate Slower Than Thought  
  10. Gay: Born this way? - Features, Health & Families - 
  11. Study Debunks Stephen Jay Gould’s Claim of Racism on Morton Skulls -
  12. ‘The Science of Evil’ Book Review - Six Degrees of Empathy  
  13. Opossums - A Fast Life and Success That Starts in the Pouch 
  14. How Old Is Backyard Dirt? 
  15.  Neutrino particle 'flips to all flavours'
  16. Corot telescope in exoplanet haul
  17. The Behavioral Immune System : Scientific American
  18. Animal rights: Chimpanzee research on trial : Nature News
  19. In Tennessee, Fireflies Are Beacon for Tourists 
  20. Botox Reduces the Ability to Empathize, Study Says 
  21. Mind-Controlled - Science News
  22. Some Fights Vanish In Plain Sight - Science News
  23. Difficulty estimating quantity linked to math learning disability, Friday, June 17, 2011 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  24. High Wired: Does Addictive Internet Use Restructure the Brain?:
  25. Beaver invasion creeps north - The Washington Post
  26. U.T. Experiment Grapples With Essence of Gravity -
  27. BBC News - Iron-Age brewing evidence found in southeastern France
  28. Fact or Fiction: Do Babies Resemble Their Fathers More Than Their Mothers?: Scientific American
  29. Japanese Computer Is Ranked Most Powerful 
  30. Genetics and Crime at Institute of Justice Conference  
  31.  Human eye protein senses Earth's magnetism
  32.  Bats' hairs are 'airspeed sensor'
  33. A Brief Dry Spell for the U.S.S. Monitor’s Ironclad Turret  
  34. Groups Call for Scientists to Engage the Body Politic  
  35. Heat Sensor Helps Vampire Bat Find Meals  
  36.  LHC@home allows public to help hunt for Higgs particle
  37.  New theories over methane puzzle
  38.  'Super' mouse evolves resistance to most poisons
  39. Charting Brain Growth in Humans and Chimps  
  40. Number Sense and Mathematical Ability in Young Children 
  41. After 2 Studies, Methane Puzzle Persists  
  42. Moms Talk, Daughters' Hormones Listen  
  43. BBC Nature - Small squid produce bigger sperm
  44. BBC News - Electronic tattoo 'could revolutionise patient monitoring'
  45. BBC News - Mothers of twins 'have heavier single babies'
  46. Name That Scientist! - Interactive Feature  
  47. Human Excrement to Blame for Coral Decline  
  48. Goodnight, Old Moon  
  49. Black Scientists Less Likely to Win N.I.H. Research Grants, Study Finds
  50. Shadow Optical Illusion: Are Your Eyes Deceiving You? (VIDEO, POLL)
  51. Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? 
  52. Toxoplasma Parasite Hijacks Rats’ Arousal Circuitry, Study Finds  
  53. A Supergene Paints Wings for Surviving Biological War  
  54. World's Oldest Fossils Found in Ancient Australian Beach 
  55. Geological Team Lays Claim to Oldest Known Fossils 
  56. Born, and Evolved, to Run 
  57. No Surprise for Bisexual Men - Report Indicates They Exist  
  58. Examining Bone’s Role in Fertility 
  59. Higgs boson range narrows at European collider
  60. Scientists find lager beer's missing link — in Patagonia -
  61. Think You’re Smarter Than Animals? Maybe Not 
  62. The Story Flamingos Don’t Want You to Read 
  63. Lobsters Find Utopia Off Maine, but Biologists See Trouble 
  64. ScienceShot: Warmer Eggs, Better Ducks  
  65. Immune System Protects Female Bedbugs From Traumatic Sex  
  66. Federal Inquiry is Latest to Clear Assailed Climate Scientist -
  67. Species count put at 8.7 million
  68. DNA study deals blow to theory of European origins
  69. Impacts 'more likely' to have spread life from Earth
  70. 'Jurassic Mother' Found in China - ScienceNOW
  71. 'Time Cells' Weave Events Into Memories - ScienceNOW
  72. BBC Nature - Wise ant guides lead the way to a new nest
  73. Zoo mystery: How did apes and birds know quake was coming?
  74. Humans got immunity boost from Neanderthals, study finds -
  75. Asteroid Dust Confirms Meteorite Origins -
  76. Leonardo Mural in Florence May Be Revealed -
  77. Brain Malfunction Prevents Rats From Remembering Deliciousness of Spicy Food 
  78. Bacterial Genome Sequencing Offers Latest Tool Against Diseases -
  79. How often do hurricanes and earthquakes come in pairs? -
  80. Aztec Maps Put Cortés to Shame - ScienceNOW
  81.  Coral could hold key to sunscreen pill
  82.  Brothers turn female marmots into 'tom boys'
  83.  Portable microscope detects bacteria using holograms
  84. Physicists Turn a Single Atom Into a Mirror - ScienceNOW
  85. Short Sharp Science: Brain scans reduce murder sentence in Italian court
  86. BBC News - Journal editor resigns over 'problematic' climate paper
  87. Sound, the Way the Brain and the Ear Prefer to Hear It  
  88. McMaster study may have found the exercise gene - Health  
  89. Roots of Memory Aren’t Fully Developed Until Adulthood  
  90. School Curriculum Falls Short on Bigger Lessons  
  91. Emergency-Simulation Center Nearly Ready at Bellevue 
  92.  Hens evolve secret sex strategy
  93.  Giant crabs make Antarctic leap
  94.  Dark matter hinted at again at Cresst experiment
  95. In The Dark, Cave Fish Follows Its Own Rhythm - Science News
  96. Why Is Average IQ Higher in Some Places?: Scientific American
  97. Dolphins call each other by name - life - 07 September 2011 - New Scientist
  98. How your harsh reaction to horseradish may lead to new pain-managing medicines 
  99. Discovery of Woolly Rhino Sheds New Light on Tibet -
  100. Thomas Mayer, Historian, Says Perry Misses Point on Galileo -
  101. New Fossils May Redraw Human Ancestry -
  102. Dive-Bombing Hummingbirds Let Their Feathers Do the Talking - ScienceNOW
  103. BBC News - Meteorites delivered gold to Earth
  104. BBC News - Waving robotic crab arm attracts females
  105. Honeyguide Birds Are Jekyll and Hyde for the Feathered Set -
  106. Male Hummingbirds Use Tail Feathers to Entice Mates -
  107. New Goldilocks Planet Found -
  108. Making New York’s Glass Buildings Safer for Birds -
  109.  New species of dolphin discovered
  110.  Nasa's Kepler telescope finds planet orbiting two suns
  111.  Dinosaur feather evolution trapped in Canadian amber
  112. Did Flying Snails Cross Mexico? - ScienceNOW
  113. Video: Two Suns Set on Alien World - ScienceNOW
  114. White House Boosts Translational Medicine, Drug Chip Project - ScienceInsider
  115. Senate Plan Gives NSF a Choice on Facilities vs. Research - ScienceInsider
  116. In Diamonds’ Flaws, Clues to Earth’s Carbon Cycle -
  117. Was the 'Dinosaur Killer' Unfairly Charged? - ScienceNOW
  118. Study Casts Doubts on a Key Aging Gene - ScienceNOW
  119. False Positive
  120. Physicists Devise Perfect Magnetic Shield - ScienceNOW
  121. What a load of crystal balls! As Diana's former psychic is accused of cheating on stage, a TV illusionist exposes how trickery can fool any audience | Mail Online
  122. Teaching and Learning About Evolution With The New York Times -
  123. BBC News - Deadly bird disease trichomonosis 'spreads to Europe'
  124. Longevity Research Raises Hopes, and Questions -
  125. Bats Can Adjust Range of Sonar, Study Shows -
  126. For Deep-Sea Squid, Same-Sex Sex Is Only Half the Story -
  127. The unsung sense: How smell rules your life - life 
  128. U.K. Scientists Challenge Creationism in Schools - ScienceInsider
  129. Jan Hendrik Schön Loses His Ph.D. - ScienceInsider
  130. Crows use mirrors to find food
  131. Stimulating brain with electricity aids learning speed
  132. A Little Deception Helps Push Athletes to the Limit -
  133. For Women Picking Mates, Deep Voice Is a Magnet, Study Says -
  134. Richard Dawkins, an Original Thinker Who Bashes Orthodoxy -
  135. Laughter Produces Endorphins, Study Finds -
  136. Brain electrical activity spurs insulation of brain’s wiring, August 10, 2011, News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  137. American Girls Sweep Google’s First Science Fair -
  138. Dinosaur Hall at Los Angeles Museum - Review -
  139. Researchers switch on genes with blue pulse
  140.  World's oceans in 'shocking' decline
  141. Ladybird made into 'zombie' bodyguard by parasitic wasp
  142. Saturn’s moon Enceladus shows evidence of an ocean beneath its surface 
  143. The Vegas Valley Leopard Frog Is Endangered, but No Longer Extinct 
  144. Head-Mounted Laser Microscope Peers Inside Mice's Brains | Memory, Emotions, & Decisions | DISCOVER Magazine
  145. How the Brain Recognizes Its Body : Discovery News
  146. An Engineering Feat by Birds That Doubles as Home for a Brood -
  147. Roundworm Could Unlock Secrets of the Human Brain -
  148. BBC News - Flashy sports cars are male 'short-term mating signal'
  149. Your Dog Is Watching You -
  150. Scientists See More Deadly Weather, but Dispute the Cause -
  151. Unusual Celestial Event Was Black Hole Swallowing a Star -
  152. Mercury Is Looking Less Boring Than Scientists Thought -
  153. Memory Implant Gives Rats Sharper Recollection -
  154. Snails Traveled on Birds Across Panama Canal, Study Says -
  155. NASA Says Satellite Falls to Earth, but Location a Mystery -
  156. Teaching and Learning About Evolution With The New York Times - 
  157. Was the 'Dinosaur Killer' Unfairly Charged? - ScienceNOW
  158. Physicists Devise Perfect Magnetic Shield - ScienceNOW
  159. Want Fatter Cows? Bring In a Zebra - ScienceNOW
  160. Poll finds evangelicals stand apart on evolution, climate change
  161. In love, happily delusions help the longevity of a relationship -
  162. Poll – Climate Change and Evolution in the 2012 Elections 
  163. Scientists Say Atlas Is Wrong on Greenland’s Glaciers -
  164. Calculating the Language of Babel - ScienceNOW
  165. U.S. falls in global ranking of young adults who finish college 
  166. BBC News - 'Antimagnet' joins list of invisibility approaches
  167. ScienceShot: In a Scrape - ScienceNOW
  168. Ecologists dig deep for DNA : Nature News

 Top, ScienceMedicineTechnology

  1. German tests link bean sprouts to deadly E. coli
  2. New Questions Rise in Cause and Trajectory of Germany E. Coli Outbreak
  3. Sprouts, Poster Plant of Health Food, Can Pack Risks -
  4. Formaldehyde Is Added to List of Carcinogens -
  5. The Body Odd - Too much coffee makes you hear voices, study suggests
  6. E. Coli Fallout - My Salad, My Health -
  7. Anti-obesity vaccine reduces food consumption in animals | e! Science News
  8. BBC News - Nicotine treatment 'could control obesity'
  9. BBC News - Drug makes hearts repair themselves
  10. Social Media as Epidemiology Tool -
  11. MASTIO: Dead bodies demand organic food moratorium - Washington Times
  12. Can a Chemical Found in Most Sunscreens Have Toxic Side Effects? 
  13. Heart With No Beat Offers Hope Of New Lease On Life
  14. Patterns - Prenatal Vitamins May Ward Off Autism -
  15. Patients Marching Through Lives With Parkinson’s -
  16. Insomnia Cap May Allay Sleeping Blues : Discovery News
  17. Psychopharmacology in crisis : Nature News
  18. New lupus drug gets only mixed reactions from patients, experts - The Washington Post
  19. Better Odds for Medicare Patients in 8 High-Risk Operations -
  20. Surgical research spurned for 'sexy' science projects
  21. Mammograms’ value debated, especially for older women - The Washington Post
  22. New OxyContin Formula Is Said to Curb Abuses -
  23. Phys Ed: With Warm-Ups, Less May Be More -
  24. Children on Medicaid Shown to Wait Longer for Care -
  25. Lead Poisoning in China - The Hidden Scourge -
  26. Buried by bad decisions : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
  27. Chronic ketamine use kills bladder cells - health - 15 June 2011 - New Scientist
  28. Ketamine’s Antidepressant Effect Explained - Science News
  29. 'Magic mushrooms' could help treat addiction - Health - Mental health -
  30. Parkinson's artificial brain bank
  31. Chinese medicine offers new Parkinson's treatments 
  32. Hospitals Performed Needless Double CT Scans, Records Show -
  33. Chemical Suicides, Popular in Japan, Are Increasing in the U.S. -
  34. Some Health-Care Consensus, if Only Accidental -
  35. F.D.A. Panel Endorses an Eye Treatment -
  36. Veterans’ Reports of Lung Problems Set Off Debate -
  37. Hospitals courting primary-care doctors - The Washington Post
  38. Allergy Relief Through Dogs and Cats -
  39. New Hope for Women Who Have Lost Lymph Nodes -
  40. Imaging Method Reveals Hidden Brain Injuries - Technology Review
  41. Meatless Mondays Catch On in Aspen -
  42. In Denmark, Fortified Food Is Viewed With Suspicion -
  43. Sight restored after 55-year wait
  44. Olive oil 'helps prevent stroke'
  45. Congenital syphilis screening 'cuts baby deaths'
  46. Spying on a Silent Killer - ScienceNOW
  47. Childhood autism spikes in geek heartlands - health - 20 June 2011 - New Scientist
  48. Animal rights group declares war on leading health charities 
  49. Why are more men going opting for cosmetic surgery? - The Washington Post
  50. The Pain of Wrong Site Surgery - The Washington Post
  51. Vaccine hope for prostate cancer sufferers
  52. The Breast Milk Cure -
  53. The Sun Is the Best Optometrist -
  54. BBC News - Guidance advises same day hip operations for fractures
  55. Hip Implants Show That New Is Not Always Improved -
  56. Costco and B.P.I. Require Broad E. Coli Testing -
  57. Add Patience to a Leap of Faith to Track Cancer Signatures -
  58. What Doctors Don't Know About Pain -
  59. Gardasil Is Increasingly Marketed as a Vaccine for Boys -
  60. Counting Calories? Your Weight-Loss Plan May Be Outdated -
  61. Sleep Apnea Tied To Later Dementia - Science News
  62. Rare Gene Variants Linked To ADHD - Science News
  63. Multiple sclerosis study identifies genetic causes 
  64. Treatment for Leukemia Is Showing Early Promise -
  65. Blood Test Can Tell Fetal Sex at 7 Weeks, Study Says -
  66. Despite Study, Plenty of Fog Lingers Around Autism’s Causes -
  67. Genetic clues to what triggers MS
  68. Smoking increases heart risk more in women than men
  69. Morning smoking has cancer risk
  70. Exercise should be 'standard part of cancer care'
  71. How Tanning Changes the Brain -
  72. Heated, Harrowing Chemotherapy Bath May Be Only Hope for Some
  73. Delight and Unease Over Law on Student Vaccinations -
  74. Deal Would Bring Inspections of Overseas Drug Suppliers -
  75.  Deal Would Bring Inspections of Overseas Drug Suppliers -
  76. Blood Test Can Tell Fetal Sex at 7 Weeks, Study Says -
  77. Depressed women 'have increased risk of stroke'
  78. Scientists make schizophrenia breakthrough
  79. Ovarian cancer clue raises blood test hopes
  80. 'Cot death risk' to small babies
  81. Fat 'disrupts sugar sensors causing type 2 diabetes'
  82. Autism Risk for Siblings Higher Than Expected -
  83. For Some in Menopause, Hormones May Be Only Option -
  84. Beyond the Genome, Cancer’s Secrets Come Into Sharper Focus -
  85. Bathrooms Can Be the Most Dangerous Place in the House -
  86. Sleep Apnea Linked to Dementia -
  87. Dick’s Sporting Goods Promotes Concussion Tests for Student Athletes 
  88. Database Finds New Uses for Old Drugs - ScienceNOW
  89. How Caffeine Fights Cancer | The Scientist
  90. Three cancers share genetic link
  91. Modified ecstasy 'attacks blood cancers'
  92. Resveratrol-Mimicking Drug Found to Extend Lives of Obese Mice -
  93. Triclosan, an Antibacterial Chemical, Raises Safety Issues -
  94. Storage Temperature May Affect Medication -
  95. For Some in Menopause, Hormones May Be Only Option -
  96. BBC News - Gut's hospital bug defence found
  97. Giving Malaria the Foil-in-a-Microwave Treatment -
  98. Circumcising Infant Boys Is No Longer a Foregone Conclusion -
  99. Flu Is Blamed for a Surge of Narcolepsy Cases in China -
  100. Vitamins May Lower Risk of Preterm Births -
  101. Are twins taking over? The dramatic rise in multiple births. 
  102. Cell recycling system 'damaged in nerve disease'
  103. Antidepressants Show Signs Of Countering Alzheimer’s - Science News
  104. Complaints Soar on Hip Implants as Dangers Are Studied -
  105. New York Fighting Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus -
  106. To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise? -
  107. Window Falls Remain a Childhood Hazard -
  108. 'Serial Killer' Immune Cells Put Cancer in Remission - ScienceNOW
  109. Can Peanut Oil as Biofuel Harm Peanut Allergy Sufferers? -
  110. Blood pressure guidelines revised in England and Wales
  111. Designer vagina NHS operations unwarranted
  112. MRSA superbug death total 'continues to fall'
  113. Scientists hail Parkinson's brain cells 'breakthrough'
  114. Infected Insects Fight Dengue Fever  
  115. Future heart health 'shaped by diet'
  116. Vaccine Cleared Again as Autism Culprit  
  117. An Insurance Maze for U.S. Doctors  
  118. BBC News - Vitamin A pills 'could save thousands of children'
  119. Coriander Oil Is Found to Kill E. Coli, Salmonella and MRSA
  120. Sequencing the Microbe That Causes Bubonic Plague
  121. No Evidence That Breast-Feeding Prevents Eczema
  122. Possible Culprit Identified in Lou Gehrig’s Disease (A.L.S.)
  123. Really? The Claim: Sea Salt Is Lower in Sodium Than Table Salt 
  124. Bird flu fear as mutant strain hits China and Vietnam
  125. BBC News - Bad sleep ups blood pressure risk
  126. Father Time: Children with Older Dads at Greater Risk for Mental Illness
  127. Belly Bacteria Boss The Brain - Science News
  128. Prescribing Exercise to Treat Depression -
  129. Hearing Looks at V.D. Experiments on Guatemalan Prisoners
  130. College Football Player Died From Head Trauma, Father Says
  131. Avastin Injections Are Said to Cause Blindness  
  132. Microchip implant monitors tumour growth
  133. Opticians 'should offer blood sugar checks'
  134. Lack of Deep Sleep Tied to Hypertension
  135. Alzheimer's clue homes in on musical memory
  136. Getting Doctors to Wash Their Hands -
  137. Lipitor, Available to Anyone -
  138. Obesity Can Turn Body Fat Toxic - Science News
  139. Soil bacteria helps kill cancers
  140. Tuberculosis relative could be new vaccine
  141. Undetectable blood vessel damage linked to signs of age
  142. Night Owls More Likely to Suffer from Nightmares, Survey Suggests: Scientific American
  143. For People With Misophonia, a Chomp or a Slurp May Cause Rage -
  144. Doctors Discover the Benefits of Business School  
  145. Rep. Shelley Berkley’s Cause Is Often Her Husband’s Gain  
  146. NDM-1 superbug enzyme's 'photofit' taken
  147. Ralph G. Neas to Lead the Generic Pharmaceutical Association 
  148. Distinguishing Cognitive Impairment From Normal Aging 
  149. A drink a day 'is good for older women's health'
  150. Brain Stents Pose Risks - Science News
  151. Study Is Ended as a Stent Fails to Stop Strokes 
  152. Cancer drug resistance clue found
  153. Antibodies Target Cancer's Insides  
  154. New Hope for 'Crazy' Malaria Vaccine  
  155. BBC News - Fish oils block chemotherapy drug
  156. NIH-funded research points to potential therapy for tumor-associated epilepsy, September 12, 2011 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  157. Squirts of Insulin May Help Those With Early Alzheimer’s -
  158. Hospital Performance Improved, Report Finds -
  159. In Louisville, a Center’s Doctors Cut Off Xanax Prescriptions 
  160. Arnica Becomes a Celebrity Favorite - Skin Deep 
  161. New camera for burns victims 'shows blood flow' in skin
  162. Hospital births move has halved newborn deaths in China
  163. Eyelid marks warn of heart attack
  164. Big drop in children under five dying, says UN report
  165. An apple or pear a day keeps strokes at bay
  166. Is It Folly to Take Folic Acid? - ScienceNOW
  167. Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer
  168. Schizophrenia and epilepsy have 'strong link'
  169. As U.N. Meets, a Battle Over Generic Biotech Drugs 
  170. ‘Community Paramedics’ Seek to Prevent Emergencies, Too  
  171. A Mother’s War on Germs at Fast-Food Playgrounds  
  172. Why Even Resolute Dieters Often Fail  
  173. Clear Benefit Seen in Flu Vaccines for Children  
  174. BBC News - Smoking in films 'encourages teenagers to take it up'
  175. BBC - Newsbeat - Gastric band weight loss ops on the rise for under-25s
  176. Low-fat yoghurt 'child asthma risk' during pregnancy
  177. Dogfish shark chemical squalamine 'stops human viruses'
  178. Gene Therapy May Thwart HIV - ScienceNOW
  179. Can Birth Control Affect Memory? : Discovery News
  180. Changes in controversial organ donation method stir fears  
  181. Longevity Research Raises Hopes, and Questions 
  182.  One Statement from Bachmann, Two Steps Back for HPV Vaccine 
  183. University of Chicago Gets $42 Million Gift for Bucksbaum Institute 
  184. Malaria vaccine trial raises hope
  185. Car fumes 'raise heart attack risk for six-hour window'
  186. Polio strain spreads to China from Pakistan
  187. Same Mutation Causes Lou Gehrig's Disease and Dementia 
  188. Superbugs Predate Wonder Drugs - ScienceNOW
  189. Surprising ways to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease e:
  190. MS treatment avenue may expand with brain steroids 
  191. Life-Saving Drug Out of Reach 
  192. Same Mutation Causes Lou Gehrig's Disease and Dementia
  193. Schizophrenia and epilepsy have 'strong link'
  194. Alpha radiation treats prostate cancers
  195. MacArthur fellow will focus on suicide prevention -
  196. The Side Effects of Prostate Surgery - 
  197. U.S. Bests Canada in Lowering Child Flu Rates: Scientific American
  198. Science Lags as Health Problems Emerge Near Natural Gas Fields:
  199. Changes in controversial organ donation method stir fears - The Washington Post
  200. Employers shift disability insurance costs to workers and trim benefits
  201.  The wrong message on vaccines : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

  1. I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits
  2. Actors Wade Into the Fracking Debate 
  3. Kobo and Barnes & Noble Offer New E-Readers 
  4. Hollywood Spurs Surge in Computer Science Majors
  5. A Firepot, a ‘Safe’ Label, and 2 Horrible Explosions
  6. New Video Games at the E3 Convention -
  7. U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors Abroad 
  8. Plastic Bag Makers Accuse Competitors of Illegal Trash Talk
  9. Hashtags, a New Way for Tweets - Cultural Studies
  10. Paperless Business Cards - Noticed
  11. Why Encrypted Passwords Make a Difference 
  12. Batteries Will Save Electricity on a Septa Line
  13. Scientists Use Mirrors and Fluorescent Proteins to Make Laser Cell 
  14. The Associated Press: Senate sidetracks move to repeal ethanol credit
  15. India Aims $1 Billion at Sacred but Filthy Ganges 
  16. Google Finds Ways to Search Faster and Without Typing
  17. White House pushes policies to upgrade nation’s aging electrical network
  18. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo's plant-based bottles still damage the environment.
  19. Improved Conditions for Florida Tomato-Harvest Workers
  20. Chromebook From Samsung Has Its Head in the Cloud 
  21. A Robot That Hopefully Will Never Say, ‘I’ll Be Back’ - Graphic
  22. High-Tech Tools for Customer Service -
  23. SoundCloud, an Audio-Sharing Site, Hits 5 Million Users
  24. Exposed: Facebook’s Secret iPhone Photo Sharing App (Which Looks Amazing)
  25. Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review: The best Android has to offer - Faster Forward 
  26. Deploying New Tools to Stop the Hackers -
  27. Amid Texas Drought, High-Stakes Battle Over Water
  28. In Japan, Another Nuclear Reactor Tests Nation’s Will
  29. BBC News - Europe's ATV space freighter undocks
  30. Lytro’s Camera Lets You Shoot First and Focus Later 
  31. A Tech Entrepreneur's Plan for Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches
  32. Comcast and Skype to Offer Video Calls on TV -
  33. Truth Behind Watergate Uncertain, Even With Technology
  34. Tip of the Week: Using Search Engines for Higher Math
  35. LawyerUp Promises People in Trouble a Lawyer in 15 Minutes 
  36. As Cloud Computing Takes Hold, Data Caps Are Sure to Follow
  37. As the sun awakens, the power grid stands vulnerable 
  38. Why Gadgets Flop: Scientific American
  39. Can you be green and have a green lawn?
  40. BBC News - Acoustic 'cloaking device' shields objects from sound
  41. Latest Los Angeles Traffic Plan - Scare Off Its Worst Nightmare 
  42. Facebook Introduces Video Chat in a Partnership With Skype  
  43. Options Abound To Protect the iPad  
  44. Bits Pics: Showing the Location of Tweets and Flickr Photos  
  45. Google+ Gets a Leg Up on Facebook -
  46. Google Spending Millions to Find the Next Google  
  47. A New High-Tech Assault on Midtown Traffic Jams  
  48. Kinect Hacking Finds a Wider Crowd  
  49. Semiconductors Drive a Faster, Cheaper DNA Decoder  
  50. Curl Up With a Soothing Smartphone and Relax 
  51. Cooking Classes, Live on Google+  
  52. Netherlands Meter Plan Links Gas Pedals to Wallets 
  53. Curl Up With a Soothing Smartphone and Relax - 
  54. Amazon dodges iPad rules with a web-based Kindle reader
  55. Facebook aims to replace texting
  56. A First Look at Facebook Messenger 
  57. Go Try It On Offers Real-Time Fashion Advice  
  58. Games Arrive on Google+  
  59. Virtual and Artificial, but 58,000 Want Course 
  60. Data-Crunching Program Guides Santa Cruz Police Before a Crime  
  61. Official Google Blog: Shop your favorite catalogs with Google Catalogs
  62. Google Related (by Google) - Chrome Web Store
  63. Laser Advance in Uranium Enrichment May Risk Bomb Spread  
  64. E.P.A Draws Harsh Words From Most G.O.P. Candidates  
  65. Offering Funds, U.S. Agency Dreams of Sending Humans to Stars  
  66. Panama Expands Canal to Increase Shipping Capacity  
  67. YouTube Hangouts - Google+’s Secret Weapon Against Facebook  
  68. BBC News - Lager-brewing yeast isolated from Argentina
  69. Facebook Aims to Simplify Privacy Settings  
  70. A Magazine Bets on Readers Playing Tag  
  71. Fishing Gear Is Altered to Ease Collateral Costs to Marine Life  
  72. Power Walk, Gain a Watt  
  73. U.S. Geologists Sharply Cut Estimate Of Shale Gas  
  74. Russian Rocket Set for Space Falls in Woods 
  75. BBC News - Robonaut R2 tweets from outer space
  76. BBC News - UK's atomic clock 'is world's most accurate'
  77. Loudoun inventor’s green car strikes chord with Leesburg 
  78. Semiconductors Drive a Faster, Cheaper DNA Decoder 
  79. Curl Up With a Soothing Smartphone and Relax  
  80. Space Station Crew Could Be Forced to Leave  
  81. ‘Smart Collar’ in the Works to Manage Wildlife Better  
  82. Madden NFL 12 Adds Depth to the Franchise -
  83.  New body 'liquefaction' unit unveiled in Florida funeral home
  84. Facebook pays for security loopholes
  85. Electric motor made from a single molecule
  86. Space junk at tipping point, says report
  87. Tanks test infra-red invisibility cloak
  88. Food Links for Your Pleasure -
  89. Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value 
  90. 2 More Solar Companies Get U.S. Loan Backing
  91. Ready to upgrade your computer or smartphone? Think about environmental effect - The Washington Post
  92. Russia pins Soyuz failure to production line defect
  93. Microsoft online services hit by major failure
  94. Mozilla calls for web wide security check
  95. Massive blackout hits California, Arizona and Mexico
  96. UK joins laser nuclear fusion project
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  103. A Machine That Gives Shape to Your Ideas.  
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  105. Scrap food sell-by dates, government urges manufacturers
  106. Microsoft unveils its new Windows 8 operating system
  107. China 'clones castrated pig who survived 2008 earthquake'
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  110. China: Villagers protest at Zhejiang solar panel plant
  111. Laser beam 'kicks' molecules to detect roadside bombs
  112. Microsoft drops Flash from IE on Windows 8 tablets
  113. A future for drones: automated killing  
  114. Apps Help Make Dessert, and Won’t Sneak a Cookie  
  115. Small-Town Gossip Moves to the Web, Anonymous and Vicious 
  116. UARS satellite: New images of tumbling US spacecraft
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  118.  BBC News - Babbage Analytical Engine designs to be digitised
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