September 2009

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Science, Medicine and Technology
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September 29th - 11:30am
DeNaples, 405


  1. Stopwatch found for Solar System
  2. DNA clue to honey bee deaths
  3. Trees advance in a warming world
  4. Multitaskers bad at multitasking
  5. Science-Based Medicine » Vaccines and Autism
  6. Broken hearts mend with 'patch'
  7. Scientist at Work - Eric Schadt - Enlisting Computers to Unravel the True Complexity of Disease
  8. A Strange Transformation
  9. Young people 'coming out earlier'
  10. Lunar Craters May Be Chilliest Spots in Solar System
  11. Fossil Find Challenges Theories on T. Rex
  12. Updates on Warm Seas and Arctic Ice - Dot Earth Blog
  13. Squirrel seen savaging fruit bat
  14. Mobile app sees science go global
  15. Profile: Alan Turing
  16. Great tits acquire taste for bats
  17. Project ‘Gaydar’: An MIT experiment raises new questions about online privacy
  18. Genes blamed for early first sex
  19. Mutant mice living the dieter's dream
  20. This Land - In Alabama, Stimulus Money Helps Battle Against a Weed
  21. Observatory - Wing Design Is Behind Added Lift for Locusts
  22. Vital Signs - Awareness - Squeamish? A Nature Video Not to Watch
  23. The once-quiet scientist
  24. Scientist at Work - Carolyn Porco - An Odyssey From the Bronx to Saturn’s Rings
  25. Women With More Testosterone Take More Risks
  26. Is This the Light Bulb of the Future? - Gadgetwise Blog
  27. Scrubbing the Atmosphere - TierneyLab Blog
  28. Furor Over Alan Carlin, a Climate Change Skeptic
  29. In Surprise, Moon Shows Signs of Water
  30. World’s Carbon Emissions Set for Biggest Drop in 40 Years
  31. Coal-Fired Plant in West Virginia Is Poised to Store Gas
  32. Why orange dust turned the Sydney sky red and yellow
  33. Which is better for the planet, beer or wine?
  34. Fine autotuning the Universe
  35. Galilean Nights
  36. Teenage sexual maturity: Daddy's girl | The Economist
  37. Neurobiologists Discover Butterfly Chronometer
  38. Obama Seeks National Oversight of Waters
  39. Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds
  40. Science & Environment | Distant world 'has rocky surface'
  41. Putting Ideas in Science to the Test
  42.  Book Review - 'Logicomix' - A Comic Book About Logic, Math and Madness 
  43. Attenborough's classics go online
  44. Eel reveals its migration secrets
  45. Dinosaurs had 'earliest feathers'
  46. England | Staffordshire | Huge Anglo-Saxon gold hoard found
  47. Negative subliminal messages work
  48. Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds | Video on

Medicine  Top, ScienceMedicineTechnology

  1. West Nile Made Its U.S. Debut in the 1950s, in a Doctor’s Syringe
  2. Viruses - Viruses - Veterinarian in Australia Is Sickened After Being Exposed to a Rare Virus
  3. Lead Illness in Children Linked to Car Seats
  4. Apple-shaped women's asthma risk
  5. Low-carb diets 'damage arteries'
  6. US smoker's daughter gets $13.8m
  7. 'Legal highs' set to be banned
  8. Online psychotherapy on NHS urged
  9. Soluble fibre 'effective for IBS'
  10. Sudden infant deaths 'tumbling'
  11. How flesh bug fools immune system
  12. Genetic advance raises IVF hopes
  13. Psoriasis cuts sensitivity to disgust
  14. 'They have given me my life back'
  15. Depression signs found in 15% of preschoolers
  16. 'Cancer hope' from WWII-era drug
  17. Vital Signs - Moderate Drinking Over 60 May Lower Dementia Risk
  18. Really? - The Claim - Chamomile Can Soothe a Colicky Baby
  19. Depressed teens 'face adult risk'
  20. Birth drugs 'cut breastfeeding'
  21. UK teenage girls 'worst drunks'
  22. The people profiting from food allergies.
  23. Observatory - Breath Sensor Identifies Signs of Lung Cancer
  24. Skin Deep - Plastic Surgery That May Also Relieve Migraines
  25. Habits Help in Avoiding Breast Cancer, Study Finds
  26. Borderline personality disorder grows as healthcare concern
  27. New Osteoporosis Diagnostic Tool Draws Criticism
  28. Death Rates and Longevity Set Records in U.S.
  29. Personal Health - Updating the Rules for Skin Cancer Checks
  30. Really? - The Claim - Cinnamon Oil Kills Bacteria
  31. How greens may protect the heart
  32.  Large thighs 'may protect heart'
  33. Infections 'speed memory loss
  34. Fat reprograms genes linked to diabetes
  35. Dyslexia linked to muscle control
  36. Digital Health Records: The Hard Road Ahead
  37. Vaccine Supply May Miss Swine Flu Peak
  38. Do American doctors get paid too much?
  39. More Americans over age 50 are smoking marijuana than ever before. Are my parents among them?
  40. Basics - The Pancreas, a Many-Faceted Gland
  41. N.H. researchers see toxin found in pond scum as possible cause of ALS
  42. Why smokers really 'itch' to quit
  43. Key gene 'controls disease fight'
  44. Taking showers 'can make you ill'
  45. Preventing Stretch Marks
  46. Fighting Flu With Soap and Water
  47. Bathing, but Not Alone
  48. Insurers Shun Multitasking Speech Devices
  49. First Mention - Vitamin D, 1922
  50. Vital Signs - Childhood - Needless Suffering After Tonsil Surgery
  51. A new poll shows surprisingly strong doctor support for the public option.
  52. Melon compound 'reduces stress'
  53. Group exercise 'boosts happiness'
  54. The Consequences of a Boozy Youth
  55. Study Shows Experimental Drug Cuts Stroke Risk
  56. Personal Health - Buyer Beware of Home DNA Tests
  57. Borderline personality disorder grows as healthcare concern
  58. Birth drugs 'cut breastfeeding'
  59.  Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells - Series
  60.  The United States' swine flu vaccines will leave millions worldwide unprotected
  61.  'Viagra cream' could prove safer
  62. Binge drinking ups infection risk
  63. Men queuing up for 'moob' surgery
  64. 'Safe' lead levels harm children
  65. Bed bug infestations 'increasing'
  66. Virus linked to prostate tumours
  67. Slipstream - Tinkering With Opioid Pain Pills to Stop Their Abuse
  68. Should Sugary Drinks Be Taxed?
  69. Vegetative patients 'still learn'
  70. Proposed Tax on Costly Insurance Plans May Hit Many More
  71. Cutting Salt Could Save U.S. $18 Billion, Study Finds
  72. Vital Signs - Alcohol May Keep Head-Injury Patients From Dying, Study Suggests
  73. Hepatitis B Vaccinations at Birth Are Tied to Less Liver Cancer
  74. Bashed your head? You needed a stiff drink
  75. Decline in financial skills suggests Alzheimer's is less than a year away
  76. Cases - Pain Beyond Words, and an Impulse Just to Endure
  77. Researcher Had Bacteria for Plague at His Death
  78. Lack of sleep linked to Alzheimer's   
  79. Inhale or Don't?: Marijuana Hurts Some, Helps Others: Scientific American
  80. Hope over new skin cancer therapy
  81. Killer prostate cancer test hope
  82. Parents ignore trampoline safety
  83. Gut worms protect against allergy
  84. Sensitivity to aspartame probed
  85. Autism rates back MMR jab safety

Technology  Top, ScienceMedicineTechnology

  1. So Long CPU Wars. It Was Fun
  2. Q&A: You’ve Got AOL Mail — on Gmail
  3. Nokia Plans to Start Making Netbooks
  4. Will Twitter-to-Facebook Publishing Make You Tweet Less?
  5. YouTube to Monetize Your 15 Minutes of Fame
  6. Sony Comes After Kindle with a Wireless, Touch-Screen Device
  7. A Teenager’s Dream: An iPhone App for Free Texting
  8. Nuclear Regulators Urge High-Tech Fire Assessment Tools for Plants
  9. Eric Giler demos wireless electricity | Video on
  10. Why corporate IT should unchain our office computers.
  11. How Vizio Went From Nowhere to No. 1
  12. Homeowners Shopping for Solar Panels Find Prices Have Dropped
  13. Price of Xbox Lowered to Match PlayStation’s Cut
  14. Is Google Entering the Mortgage Quote Business?
  15. Why Adults Have Fed Twitter’s Growth
  16. Cyberwar - Defying Experts, Rogue Computer Code Still Lurks
  17. Copenhagen's 'best city for cyclists' goal
  18. Perfect Storm: Science and food
  19. Apple denies 'exploding' iPhones
  20. Analogue appeal in a digital age
  21. Spotify app approved for iPhone
  22. Apple unleashes Snow Leopard OS
  23. Tough cure for China web addicts
  24. UK team breaks steam car record
  25. Wikipedia to launch page controls
  26. Tablet Computers Are Coming Soon
  27. Link by Link - Wikipedia Looks Hard at Its Culture
  28. Disney Offers Up a Clean, White Space
  29. After the Transistor, a Leap Into the Microcosm 
  30. EBay Is Said to Have a Deal to Sell Skype
  31. State of the Art - Yoostar Puts You in Great Hollywood Scenes
  32. It’s in the Bag
  33. iPhones Overload AT&T's Network, Angering Customers
  34. Rules Guiding Fish Farming in the Gulf Are Readied
  35. Digital Domain - Texting? No, Just Reading My Textbook on the Phone
  36. Amazon Offers to Replace Copies of Orwell Books
  37. Energy Company Calls Halt to Drilling Project
  38. Geoff Mulgan: Post-crash, investing in a better world
  39. Josh Silver demos adjustable liquid-filled eyeglasses
  40. For Effect and Energy, Designers Are Intrigued
  41. Anger at Makers When Gadgets Go Missing
  42. Coconuts used to capture carbon
  43. Bangladesh suit ban to save power
  44. Spaceship passes critical review
  45. Thousands call for Turing apology
  46. China and U.S. Company Plan a Big Solar Project
  47. Palm Unveils a Smartphone for Younger Users
  48. Android Improves App Store, but Not Enough - Gadgetwise Blog
  49. From the Desk of David Pogue - Apple’s New Nano - Now The World’s Smallest Camcorder
  50. Quiet! Bose Announces New Noise-Canceling Headphones
  51. Shortcuts - In Hard Times, Repair Options for Electronic Devices
  52. Google Now in XXL
  53. Abu Dhabi’s $10 Billion Chip Gamble
  54. Tech Ideas From Twitterland
  55. The Wikipedia Battle Over Joe Wilson’s Obama Heckling
  56. Groups Spar Over Certifications of Paper Products
  57. German Geothermal Project Leads to Second Thoughts After the Earth Rumbles
  58. Arctic Shortcut, Long a Dream, Beckons Shippers as Ice Thaws
  59. NASA Tests Stage of New Rocket
  60. Interviews With TV Legends Hit the Web
  61. 10 Video Games That You Can Count On
  62. Are blackboards greener than whiteboards? 
  63. Introducing News Dots
  64. Xbox speeds up research results
  65. Google Site Lets Readers Flip Through the News
  66. Lithium-Air Batteries Seen as Hope for Electric Cars
  67. Bing Adds Visual Search Option
  68. Upgrade to Warning System on Tsunamis Is Going Slowly
  69. --Project Galileo --
  70. Microsoft Files Lawsuits Against ‘Malvertisers’
  71. A Real Keyboard for the iPhone? - Gadgetwise Blog
  72. State of the Art - Tuning In to a Zippier Zune
  73. Google Buys Service That Uses Humans to Digitize Books
  74. New iPod Nano Fulfills Its Mission, Mostly - Gadgetwise Blog
  75. Video Game Review - Guitar Hero 5 - From Activision and Neversoft, a Cash Cow Produces Unexpected Cream
  76. Bjarke Ingels: 3 warp-speed architecture tales
  77. The well-deserved success of, and what other Web businesses can learn from it
  78. By Degrees - A Plugged-In World, With a Hunger for Electricity
  79. Manure dumped at Clarkson's home
  80. Bermuda Triangle plane mystery 'solved'
  81. Underwater laser pops in navy ops
  82. Floating challenge for offshore wind turbine
  83. Sony rebuts BBC PlayStation claim
  84. Opera browser bids for America Military robot 'hops' over walls
  85. Microsoft Bing adds visual search
  86. Car harnesses fighter jet technology
  87. Monopoly game launches on Google
  88.  Racing car made out of nut shells
  89. Microsoft shows 'faster' Windows
  90. Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs Bold Rwanda takes broadband leap
  91. Netflix Awards $1 Million Prize and Starts a New Contest
  92. Intel Inside? Try Intel Everywhere
  93. Build a Better Bulb for a $10 Million Prize
  94. Marathon Tech Review: FM Radio Comes to the iPod
  95. The Next Big Thing after HDTV: 3-D HDTV
  96. Sony to Launch New Motion Controller Next Spring
  97. State of the Art - Unsatisfying Displays on Widget Frames From H.P. and Toshiba
  98. Google Rolls Out Tool to Annotate Web Sites - Bits Blog
  99. U.S. Panel Shifts Focus to Reusing Nuclear Fuel
  100. Judge Rejects U.S. Approval of Gene-Engineered Sugar Beets
  101. Google's ingenious plan to spruce up outdated versions of Internet Explorer  
  102. Novelties - A Solar-Powered Home, Without the Bulky Panels
  103. Driven to Distraction - Truckers Insist on Keeping Computers in the Cab 
  104. Sprint Banks on WiMax to Win Back Market Share 
  105. A Move to Curb Digitally Altered Photos in Ads
  106. Cow dung cremations catch on in Bihar
  107. Bus CCTV could predict assaults
  108.  Is there any point to 'frivolous' academic research?
  109. Intel shows chips can get smaller
  110. OAP unicycle unveiled in Japan
  111. Op-Ed Columnist - The New Sputnik