November 2011

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TED Talks - always worth your time
Marc Breedlove, where I get many of my neuroscience-related links

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  1. How 18th-Century Copiale Cipher Was Cracked -
  2. Too Much Love Threatens Chambered Nautilus, Scientists Say -
  3. Bees’ Migration Holds Clues to Geologic History -
  4. Quakes Shook Atacama Desert Boulders Smooth, Scientists Say -
  5. Hungry for Jobs and for Change, Scientists Join the Occupy Movement | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
  6. New England Fall Foliage: Why bright red leaves are in danger. - Slate Magazine
  7. BBC News - Ancient supernova mystery solved
  8. BBC News - Bat killer cause confirmed as fungus
  9. ScienceShot: Cool Reindeer Heads Prevail at the North Pole - ScienceNOW
  10. Tech Entrepreneur Offers Grants for Indie Science - ScienceInsider
  11. Conservatives ARE more squeamish than liberals: Study finds right-wingers are more easily disgusted | Mail Online
  12. Amazing video of the Earth spinning taken from the International Space Station | Mail Online
  13. Python Digestion Study Holds Promise for Human Heart Health -
  14. Seiridium, Fungal Killer of Cypresses Worldwide, Is Traced to California -
  15. BBC News - Faster-than-light neutrino experiment to be run again
  16. It's Official: Fungus Causes Bat-Killing White-Nose Syndrome: Scientific American
  17. Dream Movements Translate to Real Life - ScienceNOW
  18. The Case of the Haunted Golf Club - ScienceNOW
  19. BBC News - Stars concoct complex molecules
  20. Are birds’ tweets grammatical? | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
  21. Cover Your Ears! - ScienceNOW
  22. In Maryland, a renewed effort to eradicate swamp rats from the Delmarva Peninsula - The Washington Post
  23. Our brains are made of the same stuff, despite DNA differences, October 26, 2011 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  24. Drug hallucinations look real in the brain - life - 28 October 2011 - New Scientist
  25. Concerns Raised about Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes -
  26. BBC News - DNA gene find 'transforms' theories on how brain works
  27. The Ductile Helix: "Jumping Genes" May Influence Brain Activity: Scientific American
  28. Meet Your Newest Ancestor: Scientific American
  29. Study links fungus to bat-killing disease - The Washington Post
  30. BBC News - Rare white kiwi survives surgery
  31. Report: Dutch 'Lord of the Data' Forged Dozens of Studies - ScienceInsider
  32. The Sweet Smell of Chocolate: Sweat, Cabbage and Beef: Scientific American
  33. Animal Cannibalism May Make Good Evolutionary Sense -
  34. Telling the Story of the Brain’s Cacophony of Competing Voices -
  35. New Scientist TV: Eyes reveal true hypnotic state for the first time
  36. The Single-Sex School Myth: An Overwhelming Body of Research Shows that Coeducation Is Better for Girls—and Boys. - Slate Magazine
  37. Wave Glider, a Floating Robot, Seeks to Network the Oceans -
  38. For a Giant Single-Celled Organism, Home Is the Deepest Address on the Planet -
  39. Noted Dutch Psychologist, Stapel, Accused of Research Fraud -
  40. Astronomers Gear Up for Asteroid Fly-By of Earth: Scientific American
  41. New mouse models of autism highlight need for standardized tests : Nature Medicine : Nature Publishing Group
  42. BBC News - Teeth and jaw are from 'earliest Europeans'
  43. ScienceShot: Meet the Saber-Toothed Squirrel - ScienceNOW
  44. BBC News - Early humans' route out of Africa 'confirmed'
  45. Fundamental Constant May Depend on Where in the Universe You Are - ScienceNOW
  46. Why Are There So Many Colors of Poisonous Frogs? - ScienceNOW
  47. ScienceShot: Supercharging the Hubble - ScienceNOW
  48. 3 New Elements Named - Darmstadtium, Roentgenium and Copernicium -
  49. Staying Cool After a Slog With a Sleigh Isn’t Easy -
  50. CT Scans of Baby Mammoths Reveal Ice Age Mystery | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  51. BBC News - 'Cyborg' yeast genes run by computer
  52. Russia takes aim at Phobos : Nature News
  53. Consciousness: The Black Hole of Neuroscience | Think Tank | Big Think
  54. Chirps and Cheers - China’s Crickets Clash, and Bets Are Made -
  55. Spotted Horses in Cave Art Weren’t Just a Figment, DNA Shows -
  56. How Does Red Tide Light Up Ocean Waves? -
  57. Orb-Weaving Spiders Diversified Long Before the Insects They Catch -
  58.  Experimental Philosophy: Thoughts Become the New Lab Rats: Scientific American
  59. Biggest Asteroid in 35 Years Swings Close to Earth -
  60. BBC Nature - Penguins 'visit spa' to keep cool in summer
  61. BBC News - Phobos-Grunt Mars probe loses its way just after launch
  62. Intense Northern Lights Expected This Week: Scientific American
  63. Archaeologists Fear Outcome of Congressional Debate on Highway Bill - ScienceInsider
  64. ScienceShot: A 44-Million-Year-Old Hitchhiker - ScienceNOW
  65. Christmas Ornaments, Packed Like Sardines - ScienceNOW
  66. ScienceShot: Why Some Male Marsh Harriers Dress in Drag - ScienceNOW
  67. Russia Fights to Save Mars Probe After Launch Mishap -
  68. BBC News - Single-molecule 'electric car' taken for test drive
  69. Artificial Intelligence Finds Fossil Sites: Scientific American
  70. The Unlikely Champion of a Water Bottle Ban -
  71. BBC News - Human-induced fires sow the seeds of the future
  72. Should Gay, Endangered Penguins Be Forced to Mate? | Extinction Countdown, Scientific American Blog Network
  73. ScienceShot: Blue Light Turns an Octopus Red - ScienceNOW
  74. Astronomers Spot the Universe's First Gas - ScienceNOW
  75. UPDATE: Disgraced Dutch Pyschologist Returns Doctoral Degree - ScienceInsider
  76. Hands Off And On In Schizophrenia - Science News
  77. The mystery of the magnetic cows : Nature News & Comment
  78. Parasites drove human genetic variation : Nature News & Comment
  79. Exceptional Memory Linked To Bulked-up Parts Of Brain - Science News
  80. Sleep Doesn't Help Old Folks Remember - Science News
  81. Super memory, obsessive behavior: Do they share brain space? -
  82. Chimps’ Days in Research May Be Near an End -
  83. BBC News - Social gene spotted in 20 seconds, say researchers
  84. Did Fracking Cause Oklahoma's Largest Recorded Earthquake?: Scientific American
  85. BBC News - LHC reveals hints of 'new physics' in particle decays
  86. In bats and whales, convergence in echolocation ability runs deep
  87. Bats show ability to instantly change their ear shapes, making their hearing more flexible
  88. BBC News - Jupiter moon Europa 'has shallow lakes'
  89. BBC News - Gamburtsev 'ghost mountains mystery solved'
  90. Neanderthal Neuroscience | The Loom | Discover Magazine
  91. Did a Giant Impact Usher in Dinosaurs, Not Just Take Them Out?: Scientific American
  92. Dark days of the Triassic: Lost world : Nature News & Comment
  93. BBC News - Nasa releases sharpest ever Moon elevation map
  94. How Worms Avoid Food Poisoning - ScienceNOW
  95. Quantum theorem shakes foundations : Nature News & Comment
  96. How Both Macho And Meek Persist - Science News
  97. How Coffee Affects Biodiversity -
  98. ScienceShot: Amoeba-Sized Insect Is Missing Some Pieces - ScienceNOW
  99. Fifth Giant Planet May Have Dwelled in Our Solar System: Scientific American
  100. Robin Ince: Science versus wonder? | Video on
  101. Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized | Video on
  102. BBC Nature - Autumn's birds delay migration
  103. BBC News - Small steps for tuna, sharks and swordfish
  104. BBC News - Peru archaeologists find pre-Inca sacrificed babies
  105. Researchers Rush to Recover Whale Fossils From Highway Project - ScienceInsider
  106. Crooked Teeth? Blame Early Farmers - ScienceNOW
  107.  Lab bred chimps despite ban : Nature News & Comment
  108. BBC News - Botanists discover 'remarkable' night-flowering orchid
  109. BBC News - 'Earliest' evidence of human violence
  110. Training Could Rescue a Failing Sense of Smell | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  111. Host neurons obey transplants : Nature News & Comment
  112. Rat models on the rise in autism research : Nature News & Comment
  113. Mapping Grapheme-Color Synesthesia in the Brain -
  114. Native American Blankets Made With Dog Hair - ScienceNOW
  115.  BBC News - Most liveable alien worlds ranked
  116. Amping Up Brain Function: Transcranial Stimulation Shows Promise in Speeding Up Learning: Scientific American
  117. BBC News - CO 2 climate sensitivity 'overestimated'
  118. When Humans First Plied the Deep Blue Sea - ScienceNOW


Medicine  Top, ScienceMedicineTechnology

  1. BBC News - Lack of outdoor play linked to short-sighted children
  2. The Limits of Breast Cancer Screening -
  3. HPV Is Linked to Heart Disease in Women -
  4. Antibody Offers Hope for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: Scientific American
  5. Laughing may help ease blood pressure, boost mood and enrich health in other ways - The Washington Post
  6. BBC News - India 'close to wiping out polio'
  7. Phys Ed: A.C.L. Injuries on the Rise in Children -
  8. Push for ‘Personhood’ Amendments Is New Tack in Abortion Fight -
  9. Venture Capitalists Join Push to Ease F.D.A. Rules for Medical Device Industry -
  10. BBC News - Pill 'lowers ovarian cancer risk'
  11. Coffee cuts skin cancer risk - The Checkup - The Washington Post
  12. Flu vaccine less effective than thought, study finds - The Checkup - The Washington Post
  13. Study Shows Why It’s Hard to Keep Weight Off -
  14. Doctor and Patient: Mindfulness Lessons -
  15. Craig Venter Sets X PRIZE for Human Genome Sequencing: Scientific American
  16. Study Confirms Chest X-Rays Ineffective for Detecting Lung Cancer | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  17. Bold Stroke: New Font Helps Dyslexics Read [Slide Show]: Scientific American
  18. Mummy Has Oldest Case of Prostate Cancer in Ancient Egypt - ScienceNOW
  19. Gut Bacteria Linked To MS - Science News
  20. Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul; Skin Is a Window to the Brain | Mental Health | DISCOVER Magazine
  22. BBC News - Gene therapy used in a bid to save a man's sight
  23. Cigarettes Are Being Used in Studies to Help Smokers Quit -
  24. The ‘Personhood’ Initiative -
  25. Advisory Panel Urges U.S. to Conduct Controversial Anthrax Vaccine Trial in Children - ScienceInsider
  26.   Study links BPA exposure in womb to behavior problems in toddler girls - The Washington Post
  27. Cancer Screening May Be More Popular Than Useful -
  28. Really? The Claim: Holidays Can Affect When Expectant Mothers Deliver -
  29. Ruling Sets Back Stem-Cell Scientists in Europe -
  30. Addicted to Exercise? -
  31. Medicine Shortages Addressed in Obama Executive Order -
  32. BBC News - 'Fatty apron' fuels ovary cancer
  33. Happiness Associated With Longer Life - ScienceNOW
  34. Photographic Memory: Wearable Cam Could Help Patients Stave Off Effects of Impaired Recall: Scientific American
  35. What Is Alzheimer's Disease? A Visual Primer: Scientific American
  36. 3 Genes Provide More Clues to Schizophrenia: Scientific American
  37. Rice seed yields blood protein : Nature News
  38. Friendly bacteria move in mysterious ways : Nature News
  39. Shrinking the Nursing Home Until It Feels Like a Home -
  40. The Downside of Doctors Who Feel Your Pain -
  41. Really? The Claim: For a More Restful Nap, Avoid Caffeine -
  42. A Reminder on Bone Health and Osteoporosis -
  43. Scientist Examines Possible Link Between Antibiotics and Obesity -
  44. Va. Republicans condemn Loudoun GOP e-mail with image of Obama shot in the head - The Washington Post
  45. A Few Drinks a Week Raises Breast Cancer Risk -
  46. Charity Helps Children With Clubfoot Without Surgery -
  47. BBC News - Abuse of painkillers reaches 'epidemic' levels in US
  48. BBC News - Progeria may be treated by drug, researchers say
  49. F.D.A. Approves Less Invasive Heart Valve Replacement -
  50. Gaining Time: Cystic Fibrosis Drug Shows Rapid Benefits: Scientific American
  51. 8 Mobile Apps to Help Manage Your Health [Slide Show]: Scientific American
  52. 'We Need to Talk About Kevin:' Is Your Child a Psychopath? - ABC News
  53. Glaxo Settles Cases With U.S. for $3 Billion -
  54. Being a Med Student, Take Two -
  55. The Downside of Doctors Who Feel Your Pain -
  56. Prolonged Sitting Linked to Breast and Colon Cancers: Scientific American
  57. Substance in red wine shows promise in first human study - The Checkup - The Washington Post
  58. With Only Trace Evidence to Go On, Experts Discuss Drugs in the Water - ScienceInsider
  59. BBC News - Simulated Mars mission 'lands' back on Earth
  60. NIH-funded study finds dyslexia not tied to IQ, November 3, 2011 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  61. Headache Tree Is A Pain In The Brain - Science News
  62. Mothers and Sleep Medication -
  63. BBC News - Light 'promising' in cancer fight
  64. B.C. doctor investigates addiction drug - Health - CBC News
  65. Green tea and red laser attack Alzheimer's plaques - health - 05 November 2011 - New Scientist
  66. Medical Marijuana Industry Moves to Block U.S. Crackdown -
  67. E-Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit, but They Have Some Unlikely Critics -
  68. Really? The Claim: Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day to Protect the Kidneys -
  69. Internship Shortage Frustrates Psychology Students -
  70. Facebook -Like Portal Helps Teens with Crohn's Collaborate on Medical Research: Scientific American
  71. Once Again, Burger King's Promotional Campaign Targets Kids -
  72. Federal Panel Emphasizes Safety in Push for Digital Health Records -
  73. BBC News - Mississippi voters reject life at conception amendment
  74. Phys Ed: Staying Strong as We Age -
  75. Phys Ed: Staying Strong as We Age -
  76. Brain Exam Detects Awareness in 3 ‘Vegetative’ Patients -
  77. Surgery to Prevent Strokes Is Found Ineffective -
  78. Health Law Survives Test in Court of Appeals -
  79. Tired of Feeling the Burn? Low-Acid Diet May Help -
  80. BBC News - Malaria vaccine hope after blood entry route discovered
  81. Discredited Vaccine-Autism Researcher Defended by Whistleblower Group: Scientific American
  82. Unmuffled Genes Slow Down Lung Cancer - ScienceNOW
  83. HIV Vaginal Gel Nets Inaugural African Science Prize - ScienceInsider
  84. The computer will see you now : Nature News & Comment
  85. For Occupy Wall Street, Health Is a Growing Concern -
  86. ‘EatSleepPlay,’ at Children’s Museum of Manhattan -
  87. BBC News - Skin transformed for cancer fight
  88. BBC News - Repeat offenders appear to have worse health in middle-age
  89. Researchers Look to the Cloud to Develop Personalized Medicine for Kids With Cancer | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  90. Fuse of 'Vietnamese Time Bomb' Identified - ScienceNOW
  91. Soy Diet Is Cruel and Unusual, Florida Inmate Claims -
  92. Phys Ed: Staying Strong as We Age -
  93. Fresh dispute about MMR 'fraud' : Nature News & Comment
  94. Prompt Liver Transplant Boosts Survival In Heavy Drinkers - Science News
  95. Book Review: Who's in Charge? | Incomplete Nature -
  96. BBC News - Study links Parkinson's disease to industrial solvent
  97. BBC News - UK air pollution 'puts lives at risk'
  98. Obama administration to announce effort to expand health-care workforce - The Washington Post
  99. Mirrors Can Alleviate Arthritis - Science News
  100. Childhood Sex Abuse Tied To Heart Risk - Science News
  101. Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Health Law -
  102. Light Boxes May Help Melt Those Winter Blues -
  103. BBC News - Is oral contraceptive pill fuelling prostate cancer?
  104. BBC News - Stem cell trial halted
  105. BBC News - Liver implant gives boy 'another chance of life'
  106. BBC News - Delay cord clamping for baby health, say experts
  107. Hip Impingement or Bone Shaving Surgery Grows Popular -
  108. DNA Evidence of Innocence Rejected by Some Prosecutors -
  109. Teenagers Having Sex Are Now a Minority -
  110. 'Pox Parties' in the Age of Facebook -
  111. BBC News - Sea salt health claims 'flawed'
  112. BBC News - Myth that antibiotics cure coughs and colds still rife
  113. So You Think You Can Be a Morning Person? -
  114. Regulators Approve a Drug for an Eye Condition -
  115. A Neglected Vaccine -
  116. Study Finds Foster Children Often Given Antipsychosis Drugs -
  117. Measles Cases Up In U.S. And Canada - Science News
  118. Better Health for the Nation's Truckers -
  119. Risk Factors for Stroke Can Also Warn of Cognitive Problems -
  120. For Some, Psychiatric Troubles May Begin With the Thyroid -
  121. BBC News - Polio in Nigeria 'shows big increase'
  122. BBC News - Aids-related deaths 'down 21% from peak', says UNAids
  123. Antibiotic resistance marching across Europe : Nature News & Comment
  124. Medical Marijuana Target of U.S. Prosecutors -
  125. Four Drugs Cause Most Hospitalizations in Older Adults -
  126. Support Builds for Premium Support Plan for Medicare -
  127. Building a Breakable Capsule - ScienceNOW
  128. Anti-H.I.V. Gel Trial Is Canceled in Africa -
  129. BBC News - Home birth 'carries higher risk' for first-time mothers
  130. Should We All Go Gluten-Free? -

  Top, ScienceMedicineTechnology
  1. Video: Fly a Chopper With Your Brain - ScienceNOW
  2. Screen Time Higher Than Ever for Children, Study Finds -
  3. At Nest Labs, Ex-Apple Leaders Remake the Thermostat -
  4. ‘Smart Textiles’ for a Phone as Useful as the Shirt on Your Back -
  5. IPads Change Economics, and Speed, of Hotel Wi-Fi-On the Road -
  6. Automakers embrace hands-free text-messaging technology - The Washington Post
  7. Charging Your Devices Through Solar Power -
  8. When an E-Reader Is Loaded With Books, Does It Gain Weight? -
  9. BBC News - Last Cold War-era B53 nuclear bomb dismantled in Texas
  10. China Takes Loss to Get Ahead in Desalination Industry -
  11. BBC News - China 'won't follow US' on carbon emissions
  12. Dressing Up Power Lines Comes With Limits in Denmark -
  13. Windows Phone Is Back, Full of Great Tricks - State of the Art -
  14. Cashing In on Your Hit YouTube Video -
  15. Online - Big Retail Plans for Hipcycle -
  16. Breaking News: Archeology Groups Oppose Proposed Arizona Land Swap - ScienceInsider
  17. A Camera Narcissus Could Love -
  18. Dropbox Aims to Solidify Its Place With Businesses -
  19. BBC News - Samsung overtakes Apple in smartphone sales
  20. GPS Shoes, For Alzheimer's Patients And Prostitutes? | Fox News
  21. BBC News - Nokia bets on Windows Phone future
  22. About to Be Hauled Off in Handcuffs? Press Send -
  23. China Unveils Supercomputer Based on Its Own Chips -
  24. BBC News - Apple and Microsoft file patents for touchless controls
  25. Happy 125th Birthday, Statue of Liberty!: Scientific American Gallery
  26. World's Largest Wind Power Storage System Charges Ahead: Scientific American
  27. How Ready Are We for Bioterrorism? -
  28. BBC News - Minecraft awarded GameCity videogame arts prize
  29. Caffeinated jerky and Zapplesauce: Adding kick to the military’s tough-to-swallow MRE - The Washington Post
  30. Recharge and Roll: Electric Car-Makers Plan to Cut the Cord: Scientific American
  31. Lights Out! Uh-Huh! Flash! Flash! Flash! -
  32. BBC News - Chinese Shenzhou craft launches on key space mission
  33. BBC News - 'Hackers' threaten Mexican drug cartel in YouTube film
  34. BBC News - Man jailed for posting sex images of ex-partner online
  35. BBC News - Google Maps to charge for usage
  36. Dr. Livingstone’s diary on 19th-century Africa, now uncensored - The Washington Post
  37. China unveils clean energy lab : Nature News
  38. BBC News - Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors
  39. Venetian Acoustics Rediscovered - ScienceNOW
  40. Using Gmail's Canned Responses -
  41. Rock Like Clapton on 4 AA Batteries - State of the Art -
  42. All the Text Messages, Without All the Costs -
  43. A Site for Data Scientists to Prove Their Skills and Make Money -
  44. Amazon Lights the Fire With Free Books -
  45. Google Changes Search Algorithm, Trying to Make Results More Timely -
  46. China’s Space Program Bolstered by First Docking -
  47. Nanoparticle solar cells make light work : Nature News
  48. When Your Phone Humors You - Noticed -
  49. Apple Woos Educators With Trips to Silicon Valley -
  50. The Shale Gas Revolution -
  51. Simple Innovation Is Often the Most Successful - Prototype -
  52. DNA Exonerations Continue, but Not for One Texas Inmate -
  53. PlayLater Offers an Online Answer to the DVR -
  54. BBC News - Field margins 'help control weed dispersal'
  55. Are Apps Making Cookbooks Obsolete? -
  56. Supreme Court Casts a Wary Eye on Tracking by GPS -
  57. Coffee and Power Site Aims to Get Jobs Done, Bit by Bit -
  58. Bracelet Tries to Nudge You Closer to Good Health - State of the Art -
  59. U.S. Indicts 7 in Online Ad Fraud Scheme -
  60. Adobe to Kill Mobile Flash, Focus on HTML5 -
  61. Another Service Interruption for BlackBerrys -
  62. BBC News - World of Warcraft suffers subscriber slump
  63. Do You Use GPS? Say “Thanks” to Norman Ramsey (1915–2011) | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  64. With Flixster, Studios Bet Consumers Will Buy Movies Again -
  65. Pennsylvania Hunting and Fracking Vie for State Lands -
  66. Report Details Chaos at Fukushima Daiichi After Quake -
  67. Turning Up the Pressure to Keep Gas in the Game -
  68. Regulators Examine Electric Car Batteries After Fire -
  69. At Google X, a Top-Secret Lab Dreaming Up the Future -
  70. Face Recognition Moves From Sci-Fi to Social Media -
  71. The Fire Aside, Amazon’s Lower-Priced Kindles Also Shine -
  72. Google Takes Central Park’s Picture for Online Strolling -
  73. BBC News - Scientists boost battery strength with small holes
  74. Re-election Strategy Is Tied to a Shift on Smog -
  75. For the Thanksgiving Cook, a Recipe Manager to Celebrate - App Smart -
  76. BBC News - Intel shows off its Knights Corner one teraflops chip
  77. Nook's Specs Are Exaggerated, Again -
  78. Direct Current Technology Gets Another Look -
  79. BBC News - Scientists at MIT replicate brain activity with chip
  80. BBC News - China's unmanned Shenzhou 8 capsule returns to Earth
  81. Fish and rice flourish together in paddies : Nature News & Comment
  82. Mobile Deals Aimed at Black Friday Shoppers Stuck in Line -
  83. BBC News - World's 'lightest material' unveiled by US engineers
  84. Quietly, Google Puts History Online -
  85. Disruptions: For Teenagers, a Car or a Smartphone? -
  86. With iPad Boost, Apple Set to Become Top PC Vendor -
  87. BBC News - Bionic contact lens 'to project emails before eyes'
  88. BBC News - Hackers 'hit' US water treatment systems
  89. Textbooks Finally Take a Big Leap to Digital -
  90. 20-Year Term for Text Messages Against Thai King Bhumibol -
  91. 3 Small Cameras Come Up Big in Photo Quality -
  92. Five Tips for Photographing Fall Foliage -
  93. Jeffrey Kahane Conducts New York Philharmonic Using iPad -
  94. The Machine That Makes You Musical -
  95. BBC News - Google kills off seven more products including Wave
  96. Video: A Robot Jellyfish, New and Improved - ScienceNOW
  97. Voice Messaging Services Aimed at the Masses -
  98. Google Urges Mobile, Ala., to Go Mobile -
  99. BBC News - Cyborg search-and-rescue insects' power source unveiled
  100. The Mind’s Ear -
  101. A Look at Apple's Spot-the-Shopper Technology -
  102. Don’t Know How? Well, Find Someone Who Does -