March 2012

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  1. A Bit of Progress: Diamonds Shatter Quantum Information Storage Record: Scientific American
  2. Study of ribosome evolution challenges 'RNA World' hypothesis
  3. BBC News - Voters prefer candidates with a deeper voice, says study
  4. New Leopard Frog Species Is Discovered in N.Y.C. -
  5. A Refined Formula to Predict Doom in Celebrity Marriages -
  6. BBC News - Activists' pressure slowing animal imports, scientists warn
  7. BBC News - 3D-nanoprinting speed record set by Vienna University
  8. Why Interacting with a Woman Can Leave Men "Cognitively Impaired": Scientific American
  9. Jawless vertebrate had world's sharpest teeth : Nature News & Comment
  10. Vultures blind to the dangers of wind farms : Nature News & Comment
  11. Is neuroscience the new ‘Freakonomics’? - Ideas@Innovations - The Washington Post
  12. BBC News - Human fossils hint at new species
  13. Where Did the Sun Come From? The Search Continues | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  14. Sharing the Wealth (of Knowledge): Cumulative Cultural Development May Be Exclusively Human: Scientific American
  15. Marine worm rewrites theory of brain evolution : Nature News & Comment
  16. Broad or Dainty, Crocodile Snouts Pack Same Chomp -
  17. Mammals’ Rise Began Before Dinosaurs’ Fall, Study Finds -
  18. Male Fruit Flies, Spurned by Females, Turn to Alcohol -
  19. Psychic ability? New study doesn't back up ESP findings -
  20. ‘Spiders Alive!’ at the Natural History Museum -
  21. ScienceShot: Grazed Grasslands Are Biodiversity Hot Spots - ScienceNOW
  22. Snowflake Growth Successfully Modeled for the First Time: Scientific American
  23. BBC Nature - Hornet-killing honeybees’ brain activity measured
  24. Monarch butterflies drop 28 percent in Mexico - Trove
  25. Critics Assail Notion That Europeans Settled Americas
  26. Can the Bulldog Be Saved? -
  27. With Chocolate at Stake, Physicists Bet on Whether the Higgs Boson Will Be Found -
  28. Profiles in Science - Steven Pinker - Human Nature’s Pathologist -
  29. Nation’s Oldest Birding Group Serves as a Collective Memory -
  30. The Certainty of Memory Has Its Day in Court -
  31. Sky Crane – how to land Curiosity on the surface of Mars | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
  32. Ladybugs Changed Color in Response to Climate Change - ScienceNOW
  33. BBC News - Exploiting neuroscience lessons to shape policy
  34. BBC News - Liquid living worms survive space
  35. New Data Fuel Dogfight Over the Origins of Man's Best Friend - ScienceNOW
  36. E-mail Reveals Your Closest Friends - ScienceNOW
  37. Ancient Tools Point to Early Human Migration Into Arabia - ScienceNOW
  38. DNA Sequencing Caught in Deluge of Data -
  39. Texas Drought Is Revealing Secrets of the Deep -
  40. BBC Nature - How animals predict earthquakes
  41. Polluting the Ogallala Aquifer -
  42. ScienceShot: Wasps Spot Familiar Faces - ScienceNOW
  43. Gumming Up Appetite to Treat Obesity: Scientific American
  44. Names Proposed for New Elements on Periodic Table -
  45. NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Had Planetary Protection Slip-Up: Scientific American
  46. Quantum Entanglement Lnks 2 Diamonds: Scientific American
  47. How the first plant came to be : Nature News & Comment
  48. BBC News - 'Abyss Box' to keep deep animals
  49. ScienceShot: An Atmospheric Flip-Flop - ScienceNOW
  50. Spring Arrives with Equinox Tuesday, Earliest in More Than a Century: Scientific American
  51. Vikings Spread the Humble House Mouse During Ancient Conquests | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  52. In Search for Alien Life, Researchers Enlist Human Minds -
  53. Mystery of slick Martian slopes gets less slippery : Nature News & Comment
  54. Holy Flying Plankton! - ScienceNOW
  55. How Many Facebook Friends Do You Have? Study Links Narcissism and Facebook Activity | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo! News
  56. Paul Allen Adding $300 Million for Brain Research -
  57. Quiz: The Diaper-Changing Index -
  58. Honeybee Colonies Benefit From Queen’s Promiscuity -
  59. BBC News - Mercury poles give up hints of water ice
  60. BBC News - Researchers solve Darwin's copycat evolution puzzle
  61. ScienceShot: Garden Gnome Tests Earth's Gravity - ScienceNOW
  62. Endre Szemerédi Wins Math's Biggest Prize - ScienceNOW
  63. Opioid receptors revealed : Nature News & Comment
  64. Ferns Have a Two-Pace Catapult System for Spores -
  65. BBC News - Higher birthweight 'linked to grandmother gene'
  66. Antievolution Measure Advances in Tennessee - ScienceInsider
  67. Researchers Reawaken Old Memories in Mice - ScienceNOW
  68. A Little Gorilla in Us All - ScienceNOW
  69. To Boldly Go Where No Bee Has Gone - ScienceNOW
  70. One Thing Is Certain: Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Is Not Dead: Scientific American
  71. BBC News - Venus and Jupiter to pass in the night sky
  72. BBC News - 'Humans killed off Australia's giant beasts'
  73. BBC News - Giant asteroid Vesta 'resembles planet'
  74. Backyard Birders Spy Something New - ScienceNOW
  75. ScienceShot: Baby Rabbits Band Together - ScienceNOW
  76. Report from Former U.S. Marine Hints at Whereabouts of Long-Lost Peking Man Fossils | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  77. Rare Sighting Of Dashing, Two-Legged Hairy Sprinting Crab? : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
  78. Findings Cast Doubt on Moon Origins - ScienceNOW
  79. DNA Sequencing, Without the Fuss - ScienceNOW

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acid Levels Linked to Brain Performance -
  2. Flu Shots for Expectant Mothers Add to Babies’ Birth Weight -
  3. Diet Soft Drinks Linked to Risk of Heart Disease -
  4. Hepatitis C Deaths Creep Past AIDS, Study Finds -
  5. BBC News - Sleeping pills 'linked to increased death risk'
  6. Parkinson’s Disease Drug May Help Brain Injuries, Report Says -
  7. BBC News - Chronic fatigue syndrome: Web therapy 'can help'
  8. Treating schizophrenia: Game on : Nature News & Comment
  9. Birth Control Coverage Measure Defeated in Senate -
  10. Airport Scanner Radiation Risks Are Minimal, Government Report Says -
  11. Phys Ed: How Staying Active Keeps Us Healthy -
  12. BBC News - Smear tests 'boost cure chances'
  13. Beyond Antibodies - ScienceNOW
  14. In New Jersey, a Battle Over Fluoridation, and the Facts -
  15. BBC News - Vitamin E 'may be bad for bones'
  16. BBC News - Sun-dried tomatoes linked to hepatitis A outbreak
  17. BBC News - 'Child behaviour link' to snoring
  18. A Heart Helper May Come at a Price for the Brain -
  19. For Doctors, Luck Can Explain What They Themselves Cannot -
  20. Jane Brody on Narcolepsy -
  21. Possible Link Between Statin Use and Lower Depression Risk -
  22. Study Finds Twins Can Easily Be Misclassified -
  23. BBC News - Cancer fear and denial 'is killing thousands'
  24. Melanoma Leads Idaho to Consider Limit on Tanning Salons -
  25. AARP Study Says Price of Popular Drugs Rose 26% -
  26. BBC News - Fewer premature births after smoking ban in Scotland
  27. Knee Replacements on Shaky Scientific Ground | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  28. A trip to the gym alters DNA : Nature News & Comment
  29. Cost of Gene Sequencing Falls, Raising Hopes for Medical Advances -
  30. For Veterans With Post-Traumatic Stress, Pain Killers Carry Risks -
  31. Getting Fat but Staying Fit? -
  32. BBC News - Stem cells beat kidney rejection
  33. BBC News - Alzheimer's patients 'should stay on drugs for longer'
  34. BBC News - Human stem cells 'help blind rats'
  35. The Mystery of 18 Twitching Teenagers in Le Roy -
  36. Party Workouts Are Growing in Popularity -
  37. BBC News - LSD 'helps alcoholics to give up drinking'
  38. BBC News - Coke and Pepsi alter recipe to avoid cancer warning
  39. Drug brings HIV out of hiding : Nature News & Comment
  40. Debate Grows Over How to Protect Young Pitching Arms -
  41. What Is the Best Option in a Free-Falling Elevator? -
  42. With Small-Picture Approach, A.C.O.’s Gain in Health Care -
  43. Jane Brody on Vitamin D -
  44. Red Meat Eating Increases Risk of Early Death | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  45. BBC News - Metal-on-metal hip replacements 'high failure rate'
  46. ‘Blue Water, White Water’ Review - Sleepless and in Pain, a Patient Watched -
  47. BBC News - Diet 'linked' to low sperm counts
  48. 9-Year-Old Boy's Shrinking Brain Disorder Baffles Doctors: Scientific American
  49. BBC News - Eyesight 'clue' to mental decline
  50. BBC News - Study links womb environment to childhood obesity
  51. HIV Treatment Fends Off Malaria - ScienceNOW
  52. The split brain: A tale of two halves : Nature News & Comment
  53. Going to Extreme Lengths to Purge Household Toxins -
  54. Easing Eye Strain With the Right Lenses -
  55. The Cognitive Roots of Binge Eating: Scientific American
  56. New guidelines discourage annual Pap tests -
  57. Mammals put embryo development on hold : Nature News & Comment
  58. Your Teen’s Brain: Driving without the Brakes | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network
  59. Low Doses of Hormone-like Chemicals May Have Big Effects: Scientific American
  60. BBC News - Oral cancer cases on the increase - Cancer Research UK
  61. How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy - Magazine - The Atlantic
  62. Examining His Own Body, Stanford Geneticist Stops Diabetes in Its Tracks - ScienceNOW
  63. For Ex-N.H.L. Linesman Dapuzzo, Recovery Doesn’t Stop When Injuries Heal -
  64. BBC News - Obesity gene's role revealed in mice study
  65. Bone Marrow Transplants Alleviate Symptoms of Rett Syndrome in Mice - ScienceNOW
  66. CDC: Too few women get tested for chlamydia - The Checkup - The Washington Post
  67. Mice guide human drug trial : Nature News & Comment
  68. Gut Infections Are Growing Much More Lethal -
  69. Viruses Are Recruited and Flipped as Cancer Killers -
  70. Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Linked to Heart Disease -
  71. BBC News - Call for hairdressers to get skin cancer training
  72. Advances Suggest Possible Cures for Ebola and Marburg Virus -
  73. Generic Drugs Prove Resistant to Damage Claims -
  74. Studies Link Aspirin Daily Use to Reduced Cancer Risk -
  75. Cheap Drug, Tranexamic Acid, Is Found To Staunch Bleeding -
  76. Making the Case for Running Shoes -
  77. BBC News - Israel passes law banning use of underweight models
  78. BBC News - Arm blood pressure differences 'predict death risk'
  79. Generic Drugs Prove Resistant to Damage Claims -
  80. Studies Link Aspirin Daily Use to Reduced Cancer Risk -
  81. Myshkin Ingawale: A blood test without bleeding | Video on
  82. Noel Bairey Merz: The single biggest health threat women face | Video on
  83. BBC News - Clue to male baldness discovered
  84. BBC News - Obesity harms 'later brain skill'
  85. You should rub honey on your everywhere | Disease Prone, Scientific American Blog Network
  86. Early exposure to germs has lasting benefits : Nature News & Comment
  87. An Order to Ban Antibiotics for Livestock -
  88. Microbiome sequencing offers hope for diagnostics : Nature News & Comment

  1. Power Plants: Could a Rechargeable Battery Be Made from Paper and Pulp By-Products?: Scientific American
  2. Edison's Revenge: Will Direct Current Make a Comeback in the U.S.?: Scientific American
  3. The Disruptive Power of iMessage -
  4. NetZero, Clearwire and Other Ways to Get a Hot Spot to Go - State of the Art -
  5. How to see around corners : Nature News & Comment
  6. Photonic chips made easier : Nature News & Comment
  7. BBC News - Vibrating tattoo alerts patent filed by Nokia in US
  8. BBC News - Angry Birds-themed activity parks launch worldwide
  9. BBC News - Illegal logging makes billions for gangs, report says
  10. BBC News - Robotic jellyfish fuelled by hydrogen invented
  11. Louis C. K. and Others Take Stand-Up to the Web -
  12. The Snails of War, and Other Robotics Experiments -
  13. Use of ‘Conflict Minerals’ Gets More Scrutiny -
  14. U.S. accelerating cyberweapon research - The Washington Post
  15. BBC News - UK is the ‘most internet-based major economy’
  16. Massive Energy Storage, Courtesy of West Ireland - ScienceNOW
  17. BBC - Future - Technology - Charging tomorrow’s smartphones
  18. How Big a Battery Would It Take to Power All of the U.S.?: Scientific American
  19. I.B.M. Inch Closer on Quantum Computer -
  20. The First Google Maps War -
  21. Microsoft Ponders Future of Kinect, Tech -
  22. Impatient Web Users Flee Slow-Loading Sites -
  23. Virtual-Closet Web Sites Revise Online Fashion Shopping -
  24. Digital Skills Can Be Quickly Acquired -
  25. BBC News - 'Twisted' waves could boost capacity of wi-fi and TV
  26. BBC News - US researchers build 'waste water generator'
  27. For iRobot, the Future Is Getting Closer -
  28. New Apps Seek to Help Phone Users Track Data Use -
  29. At Angie’s List, the Reviews Are Real (So Is Angie) -
  30. Daylight at Last for Study of Diesel Lung Cancer Risks - ScienceInsider
  31. Proposed Cloaking Device for Water Waves Could Protect Ships at Sea - ScienceNOW
  32. BBC News - New potato-spotting AI built with off-the-shelf tech
  33. I.B.M. Takes ‘Smarter Cities’ Concept to Rio de Janeiro -
  34. MOOCs, Large Courses Open to All, Topple Campus Walls -
  35. A Voice App Unapologetically Unlike Siri -
  36. BBC News - Spider silk spun into violin strings
  37. As New iPad Debut Nears, Some See Decline of PCs -
  38. BBC News - Thumb-stretching controller pitched to console makers
  39. After Ratings Drop, Ford Reworks Touch Screens -
  40. Polester, Striiv and Other Promising Gadgets - State of the Art -
  41. Net-Zero Energy Buildings Take Hold in U.S.: Scientific American
  42. New Apps Connect to Friends Nearby -
  43. Google Remixes Four Classic Campaigns - Advertising -
  44. The New iPad: It's in the Apps -
  45. BBC - Newsbeat - Angry Birds teams up with Nasa for latest game, Space
  46. Slicing Silicon Thinner to Cut the Price of Solar Cells -
  47. Homeless as Wi-Fi Transmitters Creates a Stir in Austin -
  48. Cyborg snails power up : Nature News & Comment
  49. Mysterious Hog Farm Explosions Stump Scientists | Wired Science |
  50. BBC News - Pentagon considers on-demand disposable satellites
  51. BBC - Future - Science & Environment - LED bulbs: The end of the lightbulb as we know it?
  52. BBC News - Local Motion's electric cars target Silicon Valley HQs
  53. Electric Industry Runs Transformer Replacement Test -
  54. A Turing Award for Helping Make Computers Smarter -
  55. New Apps for Distance Workouts -
  56. Finally, Fake Chicken Worth Eating -
  57. Laser-Engraved Graphene Could Power New Kinds of Electronics | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
  58. Draw Something, a New Twist on Pictionary, Charms Mobile Gamers -
  59. Computer Matching Wits With Humans in Crossword Tournament -
  60. BBC News - Portal 2 wins best game at the Bafta Video Game Awards
  61. Seeking Ways to Make Computer Passwords Unnecessary -
  62. Space Station Crew Scrambles as Debris Passes Nearby -
  63. Companies Pick Up Used Packaging, and Recycling’s Cost -
  64. BBC News - Fingerprint-checking smartphone patent filed by Sony
  65. BBC News - Foreign spies 'penetrate' US military networks
  66.  Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy | Video on
  67. Microsoft Raids Tackle Online Crime -
  68. Female dummy makes her mark on male-dominated crash tests - The Washington Post
  69. Factual’s Gil Elbaz Wants to Gather the Data Universe -