March 2010

What's News This Month
Science, Medicine and Technology
(a monthly brownbag series)

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  1. Allergy risk 'may be set in womb
  2. The Brain Observatory - In Memory of H.M.
  3. How our brains learned to read - CultureLab
  4. Rejection of Anthrax Study Kicks Up a Dust Storm in Oklahoma
  5. Plans for London 'Cathedral Of Science' Unveiled
  6. Centuries-Old Planetary Mystery Solved With Cassini Data
  7. Bones Show Early Divergence of Dinosaur Lineage
  8. Underwater Data Back Up Theory of Hawaii’s Origin
  9. Federal Officials Unveil Blueprint for Great Lakes 
  10. NASA’s Room With a View
  11. Biology Rappers Return 
  12. Research Finds Brain Link for Words, Music Ability 
  13. Nap refreshes brain's learning
  14. Older Adults’ Brains Boosted By More, Not Better, Sleep
  15. Athletes in red may seem to go faster
  16. Some Fish Use UV Patterns to Recognize Species
  17. Yeast Produces Heat in Plants, Researchers Find
  18. Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ
  19. Human Culture Plays a Role in Natural Selection
  20. Snowball Earth Has Melted Back To a Profound Wintry Mix
  21. Questionable Calcium
  22. Two Years Later, New Rumblings Over Origins of Sichuan Quake
  23. Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets
  24. Study Says Undersea Release of Methane Is Under Way
  25. Shifting Soil Is Threat to a House’s Foundation
  26. For a long life, smile like you mean it
  27. BBC News - Did the discovery of cooking make us human?
  28. Observatory - A Vitamin Boost for Greens Under the Supermarket’s Glow
  29. No Endangered Status for the Greater Sage Grouse
  30. Alcohol Distills Aggression In Large Men
  31. Why we cry is an emotional topic
  32. Gene Linked To Pain Perception
  33. For Pregnant Mice, Eating Matters More for Their Sons
  34. Exposure to letters A or F can affect test performance
  35. Stomach’s Sweet Tooth
  36. NIH Director Ruffles Feathers Again With New Religion Book
  37. Children Can Inherit Mom's Abuse-Altered Brain
  38. Psychopaths Keep Their Eyes on the Prize 
  39. 'Wasabi' gene gives snakes night vision
  40. Keeping Love Alive: Scientific American Does Its Part
  41. In Teen Music Choices, Anxiety Rules
  42. Babies are born to boogie, study shows
  43. Seabird evolved head feathers as sensory device
  44. Male pipefish abort embryos of ugly mothers
  45. 'Hobbit' island's deeper history
  46. Octopuses excited by high definition television (HDTV)
  47. Playing Fair Came Late 
  48. Three-Dimensional Invisibility Cloak at Optical Wavelengths
  49. The Best Refrigerator Magnet Ever?
  50. Bumblebees Have the Fastest Color Vision Around
  51. Why teenagers find learning a drag
  52. How to Erase Fear -- in Humans
  53. Translating a Dog's Growl
  54. An Avalanche of Dark Asteroids
  55. Murder or an Accident? The Brain Knows
  56. ScienceSHOT: How Bats Deal With Clutter
  57. Bumblebees Have Supersonic Color Vision : Discovery News
  58. On Global Warming, Scientists and TV Weathercasters Are at Odds
  59. Minor Variations in one Gene may be associated with Endurance running
  60. Scientists image brain at point when vocal learning begins
  61. Does Insomnia Shrink Your Brain?
  62. A Sexy New Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury?
  63. Placebos Have A Biological Effect on the Body
  64. Gene mutation in mice sheds light on Autism
  65. Pregnancy: Some depression relief, without drugs
  66. Blacks Less Likely to Know They Have Heart Condition or to Use  Treatment for It, Study Suggests
  67. Brain hears sound of silence
  68. Why the Body Isn't Thirsty At Night
  69. Ritalin boosts learning speed
  70. Brain mechanism may explain alcohol cravings that drive relapse
  71. Potential for Using Algae to Produce Human Therapeutic Proteins Shown
  72. Prenatal meth exposure worse than prenatal alcohol exposure
  73. A gene that could help explain why some non-smokers develop lung cancer has been pinpointed by US researchers
  74. Sex on the brain: gene key to fruit fly gender
  75. How to erase fear- in humans
  76. An increase in certain receptors in the hippocampus during adolescence may be responsible for teenage learning defecits
  77. GABAARs facilitate the induction of a presynaptic form of LTP
  1. Addicted to Fat: Overeating May Alter the Brain as Much as Hard Drugs
  2. Nonsurgical ways to remove body fat gaining popularity in US
  3. Well - New Health Care Landscape - Questions and Answers
  4. Health Law Does Little to Curb Overuse of Care
  5. Health Law Cuts the Cost of Being a Woman
  6. How the Health Care Overhaul Could Affect You
  7. Hormone offers new hope in autism research
  8. 'Malaria and weak bones' may have killed Tutankhamun
  9.  Acupuncture could help period pain, researchers say
  10. Target Cancer - A Roller Coaster Chase for a Cure 
  11. Early Disruption Of Schizophrenia Gene Causes Problems Later
  12. Talk Therapy: Off the Couch and into the Lab: Scientific American
  13. Beyond the sugar pill: Are doctors misusing the placebo effect?
  14. Stroke victims aided in motor function recovery by playing home video games
  15. Study Finds Stents as Effective as Surgery to Prevent Strokes 
  16. Depression’s Upside
  17. Doctors Struggle to Treat Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections
  18. Stand Up While You Read This! - Opinionator Blog
  19. Female stroke victims do worse than men without drug
  20. Mental Illness Multiplied in Children
  21. Growth Hormone Test Finally Nabs First Doper 
  22. Anything But Child's Play
  23. European Food Watchdog Slashes Dubious Health Claims
  24. Scientists Find New Form of Prion Disease that Damages Brain Arteries Study in Mice May Offer Clues for Treating Alzheimer's Disease
  25. Brain 'wash out' may help premature babies
  26. Protein Suspected in Alzheimer’s May Be Needed to Fight Infection
  27. For the Afflicted, a Little Black Box to Jog Failing Memory
  28. Freezing Breast Cancer
  29. Acne drug prevents HIV breakout
  30. Infection defense may spur Alzheimer's
  31. Dangerous custodians: immune cells as nerve killers in Alzheimer's 
  32. when memory related neurons fire in sync with certain brain waves, memories last
  33. Older adults remember the good times well

  1. Next Front In Chip Wars Pits ARM and Rivals Against Intel
  2. Will Windows 7 Phone Be Better Than The iPhone For Enterprise?

  3. Google Gets The Right To Buy and Sell Energy

  4. China Hacking Inquiry Puts Jiotong University in New Light

  5. Networks Wary of Apple’s Push to Cut Show Prices on iTunes
  6. iPad

  7. Text Messaging Overtakes Instant Messaging Among Teens

  8. Twitter Phishing Attack in Progress

  9. Apple Bans 5,000 Apps for Sexual Content. Here Are The New Rules

  10. Converting Body Movements Into Electricity

  11. For Pennies, a Disposable Toilet That Could Help Grow Crops

  12. Apple iPad to Arrive In Stores April 3

  13. Wide Web of Diversions Gets Laptops Evicted From Lecture Halls

  14. Nintendo To Make 3D Version Of Its DS Handheld Game

  15. Opera Mini Browser Coming To An iPhone Near You

  16. Courting Google, City Fathers Turn To Silliness

  17. Toward Liquid-Cooled Computers
  18. Engineers Create First Motion-Powered Nanodevice
  19. Analysts Ask if the iPad Can Live Up to Its Hype
  20. State of the Art - Line2 Allows iPhone Users to Sidestep AT and T
  21. Canesta Has Survived to Beam Up Your Gestures
  22. On TripAdvisor, Reviews Mixed for Schrute Farms
  23. Observatory - Taming the Inner Turbulence of Pipelines
  24. Researchers reconstruct 3-D hand movement from brain signals
  25. MRI neuromarketing
  26. Science: Interactive body