June 2011

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I post a sampling of the links I like best
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TED Talks - always worth your time
Hans Rosling, an amazing guy
His software on your personal machine...watch the video if you install it
Google public data explorer is very cool with lots of data to explore

Marc Breedlove, where I get many of my neuroscience-related links


  1. Robert W. Fogel Investigates Human Evolution - NYTimes.com
  2. Taste buds are just one reason why we love some foods and hate others - The Washington Post
  3. Mouse Study Suggests Why Addictions Are Hard to Forget: Scientific American
  4. Brainy Birds Live the High Life in Cities : Discovery News
  5. Most Neandertals Were Right-handers - Science News
  6. Female Dogs Aren't Easily Fooled - ScienceNOW
  7. Surreptitious sleep states uncovered : Nature News
  8. Could a Leaking Ocean Current Keep Europe Toasty? - NYTimes.com
  9. News In Brief: Body & Brain - Science News
  10. Snakehead Fish Are a Chinatown Delicacy, and a Threat - NYTimes.com
  11. Looking to Small Radar Devices to Weather Forecasting - NYTimes.com
  12. BBC - Earth News - Pigs have 'evolved to love mud'
  13. David Eagleman and Mysteries of the Brain : The New Yorker
  14. A Hard-Working Tongue Tool Helps Hummingbirds Drink - NYTimes.com
  15. Language Study Casts New Light on Japanese Origins - NYTimes.com
  16. BBC News - Bin Laden compound location suggested by 2008 study
  17. Blame Brain Cells For Lack Of Focus - Science News
  18. Chimps Are Self Aware : Discovery News
  19. BBC News - Gravity Probe B confirms Einstein effects
  20. San Francisco Bay Water Levels Are Expected to Rise - NYTimes.com
  21. BBC - Earth News - Chimpanzees' 66 gestures revealed
  22. How Obesity Spreads in Social Networks: Scientific American
  23. Box jellyfish stable-eyes vision to hunt prey : Neurophilosophy
  24. BBC - Earth News - Spotted bowerbirds mimic alarm calls when stressed
  25. Ancient marsupials played possum in packs : Nature News
  26. Stephen Hawking Speaks - NYTimes.com
  27. In a Changing Antarctica, Some Penguins Thrive and Others Suffer - NYTimes.com
  28. T. Bataar Skeleton Is Found in the Gobi Desert - NYTimes.com
  29. CultureLab: Exploring animals' emotional experiences
  30.  Fear dulls our awareness of the nuances of sound - life - 09 May 2011 - New Scientist
  31. Europeans never had Neanderthal neighbours : Nature News
  32. Black Bear Study Upends Some Popular Perceptions - NYTimes.com
  33. Is That Fish Worth Chasing? A Seal's Whiskers Know - ScienceNOW
  34. Intelligent people have thicker 'insulation' on the brain's wires, according to scientists | Mail Online
  35. Cosmic Log - Humans wired for grammar at birth
  36. Is Rejection Painful? Actually, It Is - Studied - NYTimes.com
  37. Born to Run | Natural History Magazine
  38. A New Gauge Helps to See What’s Beyond Happiness - NYTimes.com
  39. Babies enlisted in brain research - Boston.com
  40. Atheists Do It Better: Why Leaving Religion Leads to Better Sex | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet
  41. Neuroscience: My brain made me do it : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
  42. BBC News - Glasgow University researchers 'decode' brainwaves
  43. The Brain Is Made of Its Own Architects | Mind & Brain | DISCOVER Magazine
  44. Billions of Planets Drift Alone, Far From Parent Stars - NYTimes.com
  45. Fossil Sheds Light on the Lizard-Snake Divide - NYTimes.com
  46. Light on Earth Distracts Arizona’s Stargazers - NYTimes.com
  47. Eyes Take Gossip To Heart - Science News
  48. The Alchemical Revolution
  49. Record Snowpacks Could Threaten Western States - NYTimes.com
  50. Atom-Smasher Retires - Lab Makes Career Switch - NYTimes.com
  51. Brains on Jazz Feel the Music - ScienceNOW
  52. Bering in Mind: Sex, Sleep and the Law: When Nocturnal Genitals Pose a Moral Dilemma
  53. NASA to Abandon Mars Spirit Rover - NYTimes.com
  54. Looking Back at the Apollo Mission, 50 Years Later - NYTimes.com
  55. Learning Geometry Without a Protractor - NYTimes.com
  56. BBC News - Nasa picks deep-space astronaut ship
  57. Short Sharp Science: Moody men are more attractive than happy men
  58. Blind people echolocate with visual part of brain - Technology & Science - CBC News
  59. The Learning Brain Gets Bigger--Then Smaller: Scientific American
  60. Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind? - NYTimes.com
  61. BBC News - Tests show Arctic reindeer 'see in UV'
  62. Daniel Kish uses echolocation to overcome his blindness. That's nothing new. - By Daniel Engber - Slate Magazine
  63. Debate over arsenic-based life enters a new chapter - The Washington Post
  64. BBC News - Skin cells 'turned into neurons' by US scientists
  65. Teeth of Australopithecines Hold Clues to Social Structure - NYTimes.com
  66. Religious Experiences Shrink Part of the Brain: Scientific American
  67. BBC News - Scientists to create computer simulation of human brain
  68. World Science Festival, the Intersection of Science and Art - NYTimes.com
  69. Treasure Is Found Deep in a Gold Mine - A New Worm - NYTimes.com
  70. In Emperor Penguin Huddle, Researchers Find a Wave of Warmth - NYTimes.com
  71. Love May Not Conquer All, But It Might Help Beat Addiction - - TIME Healthland
  72. A Year Adds Up To Big Changes In Brain - Science News
  73. Californian dolphin gang caught killing porpoises - environment - 02 June 2011 - New Scientist
  74. BBC News - Smelly chemicals confuse mosquitoes
  75. BBC News - Moons like Earth's could be more common than we thought
  76. BBC News - Quantum mechanics rule 'bent' in classic experiment
  77. Food Supply Under Strain on a Warming Planet - NYTimes.com
  78. Scientists of All Ages Explore Governors Island - NYTimes.com
  79. BBC News - Antimatter atoms are corralled even longer
  80. CultureLab: Going ape: Ultraviolence and our primate cousins
  81. Stressed Show Horses May Spread Equine Herpes : Discovery News
  82. Brain Calisthenics Help Break Down Abstract Ideas, Researchers Say - NYTimes.com
  83. Much More to Jellyfish Than Plasma and Poison - NYTimes.com
  84. Could Liquid Nitrogen Help Build Tastier Burgers? - NYTimes.com
  85. Yangtze Rains Bring Drought Relief, and Floods - NYTimes.com
  86. Ancient Assyrian Dictionary Completed by University of Chicago Scholars - NYTimes.com
  87. The Periodic Table Expands Once Again - NYTimes.com
  88. BBC News - Spitting and urinating chimps 'replay Aesop's fable'

 Top, ScienceMedicineTechnology

  1. Better Hand-Washing Through Technology - NYTimes.com
  2. Study ranks food pathogens by cost to society - The Washington Post
  3. Is Ginger a Cure for Morning Sickness? - NYTimes.com
  4. No Need to Panic About X-Rays and Thyroid Cancer - NYTimes.com
  5. BBC News - Anorexia nervosa 'link to spring birth'
  6. Phys Ed: Does Exercise Really Boost Your Mood? - NYTimes.com
  7. BBC News - Plants found in ancient pills offer medicinal insight
  8. BBC News - Heart attacks 'are worse' if they happen in the morning
  9. BBC News - Memory cells to fight cancer
  10. BBC News - US tobacco firms win Missouri hospitals case
  11. BBC News - New EU regulations on herbal medicines come into force
  12. Liposuction Study Finds That Lost Fat Returns - NYTimes.com
  13. BBC News - Who, What, Why: How long is the ideal nap?
  14. Life in Limbo for Japanese Near Damaged Nuclear Plant - NYTimes.com
  15. Certain Foods Can Aid Weight Loss - NYTimes.com
  16. Rare Dementia, Primary Progressive Aphasia, Attacks Brain’s Language Center - NYTimes.com
  17. Does Having Your Tonsils Removed Cause Weight Gain? - NYTimes.com
  18. Serotonin, Our Utility Hormone, Still Surprises - NYTimes.com
  19. Moderate levels of secondhand smoke deliver nicotine to the brain, May 2, 2011 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  20. Antibiotics that reduce gut bacteria linked to obesity - Science, News - The Independent
  21. BBC News - Being overweight 'linked to dementia'
  22. Brain Damage Found in NFL Veteran Who Took Own Life - ScienceInsider
  23. BBC News - Waist fat 'increases heart risk'
  24. Hormone Gel Is Said to Reduce Risk of Premature Birth - NYTimes.com
  25. Study Finds Low-Salt Diet Ineffective but Draws Criticism From C.D.C. - NYTimes.com
  26. Can Exercise Help Straighten a Curved Spine? - NYTimes.com
  27. BBC News - FluPhone app 'helps track spread of infectious diseases'
  28. Latisse, Not Just for Eyelashes Anymore - Skin Deep - NYTimes.com
  29. Body-Weight Exercises to Keep Fit on the Road - NYTimes.com
  30. Going Under - Science News
  31. Chemo Fog May Last 5 Years or More - NYTimes.com
  32. BBC News - Scientists turn 'bad fat' into 'good fat'
  33. BBC News - Prolonged bottle-feeding 'increases obesity risk'
  34. BBC News - 'White glow' in babies' eyes a possible cancer warning
  35. South Korean Study Uncovers Higher Rate of Autism - NYTimes.com
  36. Brain Trauma in N.F.L. - Next Step Is to Not Find It - NYTimes.com
  37. BBC News - Face transplant: Dallas Wiens hails regained smell
  38. Depression May Be Foretold in How We Remember - NYTimes.com
  39. Antipsychotic Drugs Called Hazardous for the Elderly - NYTimes.com
  40. Screen Fixation and A.D.H.D. - NYTimes.com
  41. Neurons with double DNA implicated in Alzheimer's - health - 11 May 2011 - New Scientist
  42. 'Bonding Hormone' Linked To Post-baby Blues - Science News
  43. Early H.I.V. Therapy Sharply Curbs Transmission - NYTimes.com
  44. Great Day to Be Outdoors in New York, if Not for Allergies - NYTimes.com
  45. Getting to the Root of Chronic Sinusitis - NYTimes.com
  46. Jenny Craig diet earns top rating from Consumer Reports - The Washington Post
  47. Bedbugs may play role in spread of drug-resistant bacteria MRSA, study finds - The Washington Post
  48. 3-D printers may someday allow labs to create replacment human organs - The Washington Post
  49. Gravely Damaged Brains Have 'bottleneck' - Science News
  50. Test measures spark of consciousness : Nature News
  51. Solving kids' sleep problems - Daily Dose - Boston.com
  52. Victrelis, a Hepatitis C Drug From Merck, Is Approved - NYTimes.com
  53. Using Biomechanics to Improve Surgical Instruments - NYTimes.com
  54. Transplant Recipients of Julio Garcia’s Organs Gather in Thanks - NYTimes.com
  55. Taking Measure of Weight-Loss Plans, and the Studies of Them - NYTimes.com
  56. Does Late-Night Eating Cause Weight Gain? - NYTimes.com
  57. Coffee may protect men from prostate cancer - Health - Cancer - msnbc.com
  58. New Genetics Work Challenges Basic Ideas about Mental Illness: Scientific American
  59. No Pain, Healthier Brain - Science News
  60. In Women, Hernias May Be Hidden Agony - NYTimes.com
  61. A Blood Test That Offers Clues to One’s Longevity - NYTimes.com
  62. Paralyzed Man Stands, Aided by Electrodes - NYTimes.com
  63. Allergic to Peanuts, Even in Transfused Blood - NYTimes.com
  64. Psychiatric Insights, and Ethics, Blurred From Afar - NYTimes.com
  65. Nanoparticles Enlisted to Impede Alzheimer's-Inducing Brain Plaque: Scientific American
  66. What Determines the Rate of Nail Growth? - NYTimes.com
  67. Does Playing a Wind Instrument Cause Respiratory Infection? - NYTimes.com
  68. Airlines Rely on Traveling Doctors to Answer Emergency Calls - NYTimes.com
  69. Abortions Aimed at Girls Rise in India, Study Says - NYTimes.com
  70. Dental Care at Discount Rates - NYTimes.com
  71. BBC News - Swiss vote to continue assisted suicide
  72. Clues To Autism's Roots From Brain Study - Science News
  73. Tricking the Brain Into Taking Its Medicine - ScienceNOW
  74. Phys Ed: Exercise as a Memory Booster - NYTimes.com
  75. Experts Talk About Sinusitis Treatment - NYTimes.com
  76. The Bikini as a Badge of Fitness - NYTimes.com
  77. Smuggled Suboxone Bedevils Prison Authorities - NYTimes.com
  78. Niacin Drugs Don’t Reduce Heart Attack Risk, Study Says - NYTimes.com
  79. Groups sue FDA to stop addition of antibiotics in livestock feed - The Washington Post
  80. For Diabetes, Older Drugs Are Often the Best - NYTimes.com
  81. Doctors Soften Their Stance on Obama’s Health Overhaul - NYTimes.com
  82. The Bilingual Advantage - NYTimes.com
  83. BBC News - E. coli cucumber scare: Cases 'likely to increase'
  84. Type 1 personalities - Boston.com
  85. Book Review - ‘Shadows Bright as Glass’ - Brain Trauma, Art and Family Life - NYTimes.com
  86. An Addict’s Father Is a Source of Strength in Recovery - NYTimes.com
  87. Brain Injuries That Evade M.R.I. Are Seen in New Scans of Veterans - NYTimes.com
  88. Spotting Newborns At Risk Of Hearing Loss - Science News
  89. Back pain relief linked to anatomical changes in brain - The Washington Post
  90. Cellphones aren't a cancer threat. Why do people always freak out about it? - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine
  91. U.S. Questions Europe’s Using Antibiotics Against E. Coli - NYTimes.com
  92. Can Fish Oil Supplements Help Ease Joint Pain? - NYTimes.com
  93. Protein-Rich Diet Helps Gorillas Keep Lean - NYTimes.com
  94. E. Coli Outbreak May Prompt Tighter Food Safety Rules in U.S. - NYTimes.com
  95. Autism blurs distinctions between brain regions, June 2, 2011 - National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  96. What Is Foreign Accent Syndrome? : Discovery News
  97. BBC News - New strain of MRSA superbug found in cows
  98. BBC News - Signs that E. coli cases are stabilising, say doctors
  99. BBC News - SPF15 sun cream 'not strong enough'
  100. BBC News - Heart attack fear 'may worsen outcome', study suggests
  101. BBC News - Hopes raised of blocking return of leukaemia
  102. Wielding Genomes in the Fight Against Cancer - NYTimes.com
  103. Study Finds Drug Offers Option in Preventing Breast Cancer - NYTimes.com
  104. App helps diagnose concussions in youth sports - The Washington Post
  105. Bruce Aylward: How we'll stop polio for good | Video on TED.com
  106. Studies Find Two New Drugs Effective Against Advanced Melanoma - NYTimes.com
  107. Deadly E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Sprouts From a German Farm - NYTimes.com
  108. BBC News - Why bean sprouts?
  109. BBC News - Drug firms cut vaccine prices to the developing world
  110. Bad behavior may be less likely with longer breast-feeding - The Washington Post
  111. Vouchercare Is Not Medicare - NYTimes.com
  112. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative - NYTimes.com
  113. In California, Efforts to Ban Circumcision Gain Momentum - NYTimes.com
  114. Circumcision - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  115. Sprouts So Far Innocent of E. coli Outbreak; Bacterium Strikes Brain Oddly - ScienceInsider
  116. Consumer Reports Insights: Strokes are common, but you can help prevent them - The Washington Post
  117. Piercing a Tongue, in the Name of Mobility - NYTimes.com
  118. Updating a Debate on Sperm Counts, Data Show No Decline - NYTimes.com
  119. Q&A About Cellphones and Cancer - NYTimes.com
  120. Santa Monica Circumcision Foe Abandons Her Efforts - NYTimes.com
  121. Phys Ed: The Science of Barefoot Running - NYTimes.com
  122. Law on End-of-Life Care Rankles Doctors - NYTimes.com
  123. Can Cranberry Juice Cure Ulcers? - NYTimes.com
  124. Germany Faces Criticism Over Its Handling of Deadly E. Coli Outbreak - NYTimes.com
  125. Number of Rare E. Coli Cases in U.S. Rose Last Year - NYTimes.com
  126. The Roots of the E. Coli Problem - NYTimes.com
  127. Genetics Offers More Hints About Autism - Science News
  128. Are chemicals contributing to autism rise? - Boston.com
  129. Surprise discovery allows scientists to block Alzheimer's - Science, News - The Independent
  130. Drug-loaded brain electrode could prevent seizures - health - 08 June 2011 - New Scientist
  131. Bipolar kids: Victims of the 'madness industry'? - health - 08 June 2011 - New Scientist

TechnologyConsumer Reports Insights: Strokes are common, but you can help prevent them - The Washington Post

  1. In New Jersey’s Solar Panels, Some See an Eyesore on Every Pole - NYTimes.com
  2. A Second Life for the Electric Car Battery - NYTimes.com
  3. IPhone Apps to Take You Beyond Snapshots - State of the Art - NYTimes.com
  4. Sales of Xbox and Kinect Help Lift Microsoft Earnings - NYTimes.com
  5. A Man, His Sons and the Fight for Angry Birds - NYTimes.com
  6. Lenovo Aims a Campaign at the Apple Crowd - NYTimes.com
  7. Wrapping Up the Apple Location Brouhaha - NYTimes.com
  8. U.S. Seeks Stricter Limits on Food Ads Aimed at Children - NYTimes.com
  9. Facebook and Your Doctor - NYTimes.com
  10. 16 Shortcuts to Take iPhone Use to Next Level - NYTimes.com
  11. Electronic Devices Redefine Quality Family Time - NYTimes.com
  12. Here Comes Your Starbucks Latte - There Goes Your Laptop - NYTimes.com
  13. Military Tests Apps and Other Digital Training Tools - NYTimes.com
  14. For More Students, Working on Wikis Is Part of Making the Grade - NYTimes.com
  15. Sites That Send Shoppers What They Might Like - NYTimes.com
  16. BBC News - Space companies bullish on future
  17. Nissan Minivan Chosen as New York City’s Next Taxi - NYTimes.com
  18. Car Service Available by Phone App - NYTimes.com
  19. BBC News - Helmet cam technology enables live frontline video
  20. When 'Fresh' Fish is Really Frozen - NYTimes.com
  21. Who’s the Dog Hero of the Raid on Bin Laden? - NYTimes.com
  22. Seinfeld Starts Web Site of His Stand-Up Routines - NYTimes.com
  23. Smartphone Video-Posting Made Simple - NYTimes.com
  24. Energy Department Revises Hydraulic Fracturing Standards - NYTimes.com
  25. Microsoft in Talks to Acquire Skype for $8.5 Billion - NYTimes.com
  26. BBC News - Shale gas drilling 'contaminates drinking water'
  27. Google Lobbies Nevada To Allow Self-Driving Cars - NYTimes.com
  28. For Microsoft, Skype Opens Vast New Market in Telecom - NYTimes.com
  29. Visa Advances Toward a Digital Wallet - NYTimes.com
  30. Blu Develops a Social Networking Device for Smokers - NYTimes.com
  31. French Lean Toward Ban of a Controversial Gas Extraction Technique - NYTimes.com
  32. Turn Your Android Phone Into a Remote Control for Your Home - NYTimes.com
  33. The Future of Skype - NYTimes.com
  34. Students Speak Up in Class, Silently, via Social Media - NYTimes.com
  35. White House Wants Tougher Penalties for Computer Breaches - NYTimes.com
  36. A Spooky Reminder to Obey the Speed Limit - NYTimes.com
  37. The Scoop iPhone App – An Inside Guide to New York From The New York Times
  38. MakerBot Is a New 3-D Printer - NYTimes.com
  39. Seven Tech Trade-Offs Worth Making - NYTimes.com
  40. Darkspore From Electronic Arts - Review - NYTimes.com
  41. Mobile phones could be charged by the power of speech - Telegraph
  42. LED bulbs hit 100 watts as federal ban looms - Yahoo! News
  43. U.S. Was Warned on Vents Before Failure at Japan’s Plant - NYTimes.com
  44. Susan Orlean Writes ‘Animalish’ as an E-Book - NYTimes.com
  45. Basic Technology Made Easier, Volume One - _ State of the Art - NYTimes.com
  46. China Admits Problems With Three Gorges Dam - NYTimes.com
  47. Pressure to Improve Water Quality in Chicago River - NYTimes.com
  48. Focus on Aging: Engineering Safer Drivers - Science Careers - Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Faculty, Postdoc jobs on Science Careers
  49. Artificial Leaves Might Help Power the World - NYTimes.com
  50. Competitions Offer Big Prizes to Innovators - NYTimes.com
  51. Innovation in the Air Can Begin on the Water - NYTimes.com
  52. Cloud Girlfriend - Fake Web Dating Profiles - NYTimes.com
  53. Spent Reactor Fuel Risk Greater in U.S. Than in Japan, Study Says - NYTimes.com
  54. Wild Silk Is Focus of New Chemical Technique - NYTimes.com
  55. Google Is Said to Have a Wireless Payment System - NYTimes.com
  56. What Microsoft's 'Mango' Says About Its Phone Strategy - NYTimes.com
  57. Media Decoder: A New Nook - NYTimes.com
  58. Jawbone, an App for Those Who Don't Want to Talk - NYTimes.com
  59. Square Tries to Make Wallets Obsolete - NYTimes.com
  60. All Radio, All the Time, and Free (for Now) - State of the Art - NYTimes.com
  61. Illusions to send shivers down a gamer's spine - tech - 25 May 2011 - New Scientist
  62. For Some, Blogs Also Pay the Bills - NYTimes.com
  63. Cooper-Hewitt Award for a Typeface Designer - Currents - NYTimes.com
  64. BookExpo America Underlines Industry Shifts - NYTimes.com
  65. Post on iPad Offers New View of Fashion Magazines - Front Row - NYTimes.com
  66. Duckface Photos on Facebook Draw Backlash - NYTimes.com
  67. Oil in Shale Sets Off a Boom in Texas - NYTimes.com
  68. Giving to Charity by Managing Your E-Mail - NYTimes.com
  69. U.S. Declines to Grant Endangered Status to Bluefin Tuna - NYTimes.com
  70. Bloomberg and Clinton Team Up to Fight Climate Change - NYTimes.com
  71. U.S. Runs Short of Gas Used in Detecting Nuclear Material - NYTimes.com
  72. Christie Pulls N.J. From Greenhouse Gas Coalition - NYTimes.com
  73. Groupon Counts on Writers and Editors to Build Its Audience - NYTimes.com
  74. Gripe Harnesses Social Media for Consumer Complaints - NYTimes.com
  75. Why it's harder to make money on Android than on Apple's iOS - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
  76. Nvidia Takes Aim at Android Mobile Devices - NYTimes.com
  77. Tablet Apps Offer a Catalog Feel - NYTimes.com
  78. At YouTube Boot Camp, Future Stars Polish Their Acts - NYTimes.com
  79. Groundwater Depletion Is Detected by Grace Satellites - NYTimes.com
  80. Despite Advances, Tornado Forecasts Show Limits - NYTimes.com
  81. BBC News - Blackpool Shale Gas drilling suspended after quake
  82. BBC News - Global carbon emissions reach record, says IEA
  83. BBC News - Nuclear phase-out can make Germany trailblazer - Merkel
  84. Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War - NYTimes.com
  85. New York Sues to Slow Rules for New Gas Drilling - NYTimes.com
  86. Sharing Photos Wirelessly, From Nearly Any Camera - NYTimes.com
  87. States Along the Mississippi Battle Over Farm Runoff - NYTimes.com
  88. Solar-Power Incentives Get Results but Are Rare - NYTimes.com
  89. A Toxic River Improves, but Still Has Far to Go - NYTimes.com
  90. NASA Removes Parts From Retiring Shuttles - NYTimes.com
  91. Phone Apps Put a Bargaining Chip in the Car Buyer’s Hand - NYTimes.com
  92. Bulb In, Bulb Out - NYTimes.com
  93. Instagram Rises as Social Web Embraces Photo Sharing - NYTimes.com
  94. Lockheed Says Hacker Used Stolen SecurID Data - NYTimes.com
  95. Batteries That Can Multitask - NYTimes.com
  96. Nanjing Fights to Save Its London Plane ‘Supertrees’ - NYTimes.com
  97. Damaging the Earth to Feed Its People - NYTimes.com
  98. U.S. Orders Transcanada to Shut Pipeline - NYTimes.com
  99. Grubwithus Organizes Dinners - Social, Minus Media - NYTimes.com
  100. Wal-Mart, environment: Wal-Mart says going green saves it money - latimes.com
  101. Apple Patents Way to Prevent Concert Piracy - NYTimes.com
  102. Instagram Rises as Social Web Embraces Photo Sharing - NYTimes.com
  103. LightSquared wireless Internet plan concerns officials pushing GPS for aviation - The Washington Post
  104. BBC News - Climate to wreak havoc on food supply, predicts report
  105. Rainy Day Photography Tips - NYTimes.com
  106. Google's New Chromebook Explained - NYTimes.com
  107. Gapminder Desktop - Gapminder.org
  108. Online Video Start-Ups Seek Niche Beside YouTube - NYTimes.com
  109. Right Tools Can Unleash iPad’s Creativity - NYTimes.com
  110. Projects Use Phone Data to Track Public Services - NYTimes.com
  111. Meebo Rolls Out Web Site Check-Ins - Advertising - NYTimes.com
  112. BBC News - Australia breakthrough on recovering old fingerprints
  113. Apple Unveils a ‘Cloud’ Music and Storage Service - NYTimes.com
  114. Apple iCloud May Not Be a Threat to File-Sharing Services - NYTimes.com
  115. Nintendo Introduces a New, Touch-Screen Wii - NYTimes.com
  116. Financial Times Introduces Web App in Effort to Bypass Apple - NYTimes.com
  117. The Cost of Renewable Energy Sources - NYTimes.com
  118. Digital Retooling of Voice of America Faces Political Hurdles - NYTimes.com
  119. Facebook Changes Privacy Settings to Enable Facial Recognition - NYTimes.com
  120. BBC News - Majestic shuttle in unique station image
  121. U.S. Said to Be Falling Behind in ‘Green’ Technologies - NYTimes.com
  122. New Russian A.T.M.’s Are Built to Detect Lies - NYTimes.com
  123. Kobo and Barnes & Noble Offer New E-Readers - NYTimes.com
  124. Hi-Fi at Low Cost on a Converted Computer - NYTimes.com
  125. Apps to Help You Order Sushi Like a Native - NYTimes.com
  126. Personal Tech Special - The New York Times
  127. Toys for the Father Who’s Not Too Grown Up - NYTimes.com
  128. Digital Textbooks Slow to Catch On - NYTimes.com
  129. Intel's Museum of Me Is About It - NYTimes.com

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